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  1. I had heard the same for strix guard the same a year ago anyway I had use s guard at 2017 and the main problem was the problem of connection since anti viruses delete their files.. losing like 5% of ppl for sure
  2. So even active anti cheat don't block adrenaline? If bot protections are as u say guys .. imagine how money they get for no reason ... I saw a server with strix guard and the most retarded program could work .. We spend our money :/
  3. i think they used active anti cheat that cost 300 and +30 /month Sguard so if we pay 200e every month u will block everything ? price is redicilus since there are few servers that could pay such amount of money plus we cant belevie that u can block it anyway sorry for been negative
  4. Καταρχήν είναι δύσκολος καιρός για λ2 .. αν δεν έχεις γνώσεις πάνω στο στήσιμο αν έχεις το μυαλό σου ότι πληρώνω και φτιάχνω θα χάσεις πάνω 2 χιλιάρικα και δεν θα κάνεις τίποτα Μάθε μόνος σου και μετά πληρώνεις.. αν δεν μπορείς μόνος να κάνεις τα βασικά ναζι με αλλα όσα και να δώσεις θα πάνε χαμένα.. καλή συνέχεια .
  5. Ποτε μην δώσεις χρήματα πριν την δουλειά. Αν το κάνεις έτσι όπως σε βλέπω θα τα κλάψεις
  6. plus all bots like strix guard smart guard and this one create problems to log in for players anti virus delete their files and they cant log in , many players have 0 IQ to fix such problems... i hope our replys dont delete , use such protections in your owo risk
  7. Well MODS in this forum keep helping Kara to scam money they delete post for no reason while we was wondering if this guy was Kara What a trash @Maxtor
  8. U can edit skills in any client ?
  9. If u have l2j Scripts then QQ PLUS NEVER OPEN A SERVER WITHOUT SOURCES now he can ask u any amount of money that he wanna Give us name of files
  10. If your dev is greek ( not all of them .. only one .. is scammer ) take care .. Plus no1 will ask u low prices these days Plus frozen is stable
  11. Pay players to play is the most retarded I ever see in l2
  12. Best answer I ever read here from 2007
  13. I hope finish this.. all l2 player will return !! We will see in the end