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  1. hello guys , i m wonder where is the check when you use BOW the skill ICON look enabled and when you wear SWORD look deactivated Client : Seven Sings , Classic , l2jmobius i checked skillgrp & i try with conditions into xml ... and nothing changed .. like images
  2. this 15e ? oh man .. try to do something better and then try to sell it...
  3. to much work for a bad community :/ gl man
  4. Good dev , very cheap ... and he can do anything .. He fix my shit bug of physical skills ... and now is working official like ... If he start fixing something.. he will fix it for sure... And 100% trusted...
  5. OVH gameservers dont have already DDos protection ? why some1 should buy yours?
  6. Well , the server that i will build won't be affected so much from mobius trash bugs xd
  7. Well it's nice guy , I won't kick him away if he cant solve 1 issue ..