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  1. Hello guys , i m wonder if some1 can know why the facking shitty skill dont land always while my target dont have any dodge , its not moving or something else .. i m using l2jmobius , i m not java dev , i know few .. You use Tribunal Damage message bla bla You use tribunal You use tribunal Damage message bla bla any idea ?
  2. try to find a similar confing and understand how it works
  3. I m not dev I have the basic knowledge to open a server but not fix java bugs like monster stuck So you have fix that? About skill fail .. the chance is ultra low Anyway
  4. major bugs ? bro l2jmobius monsters stucks and dont move u attack them and monster dont move , i used alt + g move button and then that monster was at different position .. and then attack me its huge bug and mobius is unskilled to fix it , many users report it skills many times fail whithout messages of fail or something you can pass walls or doors with shit geodata 3 critical bugs on mobius .. i m lost on this classic world i will try to create post here and not at mobius forum , i dont like him .
  5. I m using l2jmobius grand crusade for long time and I m bored to fix their bugs.. can u say me your opinion about l2jscripts? And maybe I will move to kamael classic