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  1. I dont care price, but this guy is rly 24/day:D. All time real support, he alweys try help if u have problem
  2. Hello, For sell I have acount, on, with: 6xDestro for Freya Hard EQ: -Vesper Slasher+4, 300fire -Dyna H set essence 2, 3x60 -Vesper Jawell. -Zaken Cloak Cardinal: EQ: -Vorpal Robe set+6 3x120, <PVP> -Dynasty Mace+acu+4[Earth], Augu:+1con,+25m.def, <PVP>(Found give ~500hp, pvp give some c.speed when atacked) -Hero Cloak White(best Cloak on server, custom) -Olf t-Shirt+5(+1con,+1man,+7speed), +6 give only int/str so... -Top Grade Magic Ornament Mithril Belt PVP defence+4 -Dynasty Sigil Found(+2m.def, some resist dark), vesper/moiri found(shield/sigil) give only m.def -Zaken Earring+5 -Blessed Freya Neck+6 -Elegia Ring+4 -Vorpal Ring+6, augu resist wind -Vesper Earring+4, resist sleep Skills: Activ: -Greater Battle Heal+15 Power -Mana Burn+15 Power -Mana Storm+15 Cost -Major Heal+15 Cost -Prayer+15 Cost -Divine Protection+10 Cost -Mass Block Wind Walk+15chance(max) -Mass Block Shield+15Chance(max) -Trance+15chance -Magical BackFire+15chance -Stigma+20Time -Arcane Wisdom+10 Passiv: -Robe Mastery+30p.def(max) -Anti Magic+30Power(max) -Boost Mana+15Power -Fast Spell Casting+30Power(max) -Fast Mana Recovery+15Power -Wisdom+15Mental(max) -Divine Lore+15Power(max) Bag: -12.5kkk adena -Vesper Neck+9 -Vesper Ring+8 -Vesper Nagan 220dark -Vesper Slasher-Galer -2x Red16 -2149Gem S -Vesper Noble L set+4 -Vesper H boots+8 -Vesper Helmet+6 -Vesper Gauntlet+6 -Vesper Brestplate+6 -Noble Stones 2424, so just buy gaiters+6 to make VNHS -11Donate Pound -317GC -~400stones element(245fire, most expensive stone) -120Large Dragon Bones(destros didnt make 7rb q) -Few houngred LS(normal, mid, high, accesory) -AM+acu with activ Clarity -On WH many important on oly/pvp amulets(max clarity, Divine Protection, Alcarity, Life Force) -Some Shits like few gem c/b, few Mask etc. Price to discuss, pm me here or skype:MowMiBoze