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  1. Thank for your support @Contessina*, The problems is from handler target from my core server. thank you again :D
  2. Dear @Zake, i think it's not from pathnode, because :( if i click the skill, it's will be found the way to the target. Dear @Contessina*, I checked the way you give me, but failed. Is it in the L2Character.java ?
  3. Dear All, Sorry for my bad english, i'm facing issue with the attack action, if the target or member in party after the wall, you click the attack action to follow or go to hit target. The player can not find the way to target. But with skill or servitor attack it's can be. I try to find some solution but....failed. please help me or give me some clue :( . I'm using the l2jserver source Many thanks
  4. :/ i saw this feature on the package, but i still not try it :D. Just pm him to get the answer! this is picture from my server. It'll be live next week.
  5. I just have some changed with source code and their team helped me do it on my idea. Their support is very well and funny although my time zone is different 11 h from their country.
  6. This is really good pack for me: - Full Quest working . - Many many worked features . - Good support. Trusted seller.