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  1. Open env.int with file editor then find this [EnchantEffect] CubeTexName=LineageEffectsTextures.Etc.Enchant_Aura001_Shader01 HeroWeaponTex=LineageEffectsTextures.Hero.Hero_Aura001_Shader01 HeroAuraTex=LineageEffectsTextures.Hero.Hero_Aura000_Shader00 HeroAuraMesh=LineageWeapons.rangesample and replace with this [EnchantEffect] CubeTexName=LineageEffectsTextures.Etc.Enchant_Aura001_Shader01 HeroWeaponTex=LineageEffectsTextures.Hero.Hero_Aura001_Shader01 HeroAuraTex=LineageWeapons.rangesample HeroAuraMesh=LineageWeapons.rangesample
  2. Make sure that you downloading from the same chronicle. You can download custom things from maxcheaters, l2jbrasil, forummaxi or l2rr ucoz ru
  3. For the armor is the same like weapon change the chest, boots, gloves. For lindvior/antahras/valakas you need to download them. Then place the animations and textures and replace the lines and done.
  4. I agree with you. But I guess he need to reduce the hero aura.
  5. What icon is this? Hero aura > http://www.mediafire.com/file/4axa48rx3hwhalw/env.int/file try and say how is it.
  6. Hi, I'm new here but if you want to use my service's I will be very happy! Banners (Animated and not animated) Loading Screens Lineage 2 (Icons, Buttons, Logos) Website Logos FB Covers & Avatars Intro Videos ( will be available after 2 weeks from now ) Any other designs - PM ME. Here some previews of my past works Animated buttons for lineage 2