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  1. 12 Day's left for BETA - OPENING Stay Tuned!
  2. BETA - OPENING: 22 AUGUST at 18:00 GMT+3 GRAND - OPENING: 05 SEPTEMBER at 18:00 GMT+3 RAtes, Enchantment & Augmentation. x5000, each Monster increases your level by 1. Safe enchantment: +4 Max enchantment: +16 (+20 with crystal) Normal scroll chance: 60% Blessed scroll chance: 90% (failure: back to +4) Crystal scroll chance: 70% (failure: back to +16) High Grade Lifestone: 10% Top Grade Lifestone: 15% Max Augmentations: 1 active & 1 passive Custom Items Dynasty Armors Icarus Weapons Custom Accessories General Information.. Auto loot for monsters, dropped loot for bosses. Cancellation returns canceled buffs after 7 seconds. Available buff slots: 48 (only buffer's buffs count) Subclasses per character: 3 If you are hero, you have only Heroic Valor on sub classes. Automatic potions (HP, MP, CP) by pressing right click & retail usage by pressing left click. Pressing shift & click on monsters or raids, you can see their droplist. Anti heavy system All accessories increase character's speed by 17%. Project Valorant (1v1 Battlegrounds) - Project Valorant is a PvP tournament for players. - Duration of Project Valorant is 30 minutes. - Schedule of Project Valorant is held at 13:00 | 17:30 | 00:00 GMT+2. - Project Valorant matches are 1 vs 1 - Sieges - Available castles for the moment: Giran, Aden,Innadrill and SOON at Rune. - Sieges are scheduled every Sunday at 17:00 (GMT+2). Clan Ranking - We've developed a new engine which counts your clan's efficiency based on actions. - You can increase your clan's ranking in the ladder by hunting bosses, conquering castles & killing war enemies. - Every Sunday, the top 3 clans of the ladder win a big prize. Grand Olympiad - The Grand Olympiad Games start at 18:00 and finish at 00:00 (GMT+2). - New heroes every sunday at 12:00 PM (GMT+2). - Your enchant counts as +4 while in olympiad game (enchantment doesn't change, only stats). - Hero weapons are now enchantable & playable. - Nobless Gate Pass has been replaced with L2Omerta Tokens for every olympiad fight victory. Character Menu - By typing .menu you have access to many features related to your character. - You can control your party invitations, trade requests, incoming buffs and personal messages. - Also, you can check server's popularity and basic information & rates. Real Time Balance - We are using a unique balancing system which helps us readjust balance in real time. - Please, don't complain about balance while developing your character. - Balance is adjusted based on end-game. Global Event Engine - Automatic event engine with 5 global events: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Raid in the middle, Last man standing, Ultra rapid fire. - Running every 1 hour with vote poll. - Including portable functions by typing .events (to register -> .register). - You can increase your pvp count & take pvp reward like playing normal pvp. Real Party Zone - The party zone is chaotic, that means a lot of PvP action. - The drops of Chaotic Monsters are individual for each party member (more members, higher multiplier). - All party members have to do a specific amount of damage to get drops. - Bishops get drops too, based on their healing value. Raid Battlegrounds - A unique battleground zone with 5 raid bosses at the same place. - The battleground zone is chaotic, that means a lot of PvP action. - Respawn time for each battleground boss is 3 hours. - Exclusive drop of this zone: Epic Jewel Box (rewards you with a random Epic Jewel). Dungeons - An underground chaotic zone with 5 chaotic arenas. - In every arena there is a raid boss. - Respawn time for each dungeon boss is 6 hours. - Exclusive drop of this zone: Epic Jewel Box (rewards you with a random Epic Jewel). Dynamic PvP Zone - Changes automatically every 1 hour. - Top 3 players based on PvP kills are getting rewarded. - Bishops are not allowed to enter this zone. - There is 20% chance for 'Blessed' version of the zone. Special rewards inside when the zone is 'Blessed'. - Blessed version rewards: x2 PvP Kills, x2 PvP Reward, 10% chance to get L2Omerta Token and 1% chance to get an exclusive reward. Vote Engine - AutoReward WITH 7 TOP VOTES SITE'S And Vote Manager With 5 TOP VOTES SITES - Global vote reward for all online players. - Weekly Voter Event, the player with the most votes at the end of the week wins... L2OMERTA - WEBSITE L2OMERTA - FORUM L2OMERTA - FACEBOOK PAGE