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  1. You do not have to be too smart or understand this code is easy if you read here in this forum you will see that everything is easy you have to give meaning to yourself and Do not let some manage your computer Why so you will never learn And as far Kara`his one is concerned, I can now send tons but I know a lot of cases where people have lost their money which With his false promises took a lot of money and are written here in this forum
  2. you know very well that many have accused you here that you stole them That can not be denied by anyone because we have read all your comments to learn to say the truth
  3. I do not mean that I mean the rest of the clients who fool them and took them money is written all over here on this forum and whoever wants to read your background yourself tell you Good evening
  4. you do not deserve the importance of people here in Not to give you money
  5. in this Kara`you do not even give up your Skip because he's a thief I know he's been selling services for a long time without doing anything and server copying from others..copying a few codes from other servers and selling them as their own has nothing to do in his life rather than stealing people who do not know line-in or have a desire to open a server..HTMLS is an easy case says as a little time and you see videos you'll learn easily Do not let the thieves manage your computer it's the tip you decide