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  1. I personally do not understand why you constantly post things while you do not support them many times I have seen your customers ask you something and they are ignored What is your purpose to be here.
  2. it seems to me a trustworthy man a man who writes a text that he does this without mentioning his work and showing his work You can not trust him..
  3. Unfortunately to bad experiences in the past, you're about to go first with the payment. After I received the money you'll get the download link for your graphic. that you had bad experiences in the past this does not make you an honest person we will think the same for you how can someone pay you and then see the job and if this job and if this job is never delivered and you get the money or or this job you have done It can be very bad and the customer doesn't like it So there are many things that someone may not trust you and please if you do this job put a price list.
  4. I have the impression that you are not uploading this code to do us the favor of getting to know us, you just want to improve your password in the audience... I don't have you for such a good person Because what you have donated here is all in your interest
  5. looking for partners. So I have a server which is without problems and is hi5 pack this service is often online and most problems are fixed I even have a website to achieve a service today it takes a lot of effort, knowledge, time and a good team if you think you have any of this send me a message
  6. Καλησπέρα Θα ήθελα ένα σοβαρό τύπο το οποίο θα μπορούμε να χτίσουμε ένα server μαζί και να μοιράσουμε και τα έξοδα όποιος συμφωνεί με αυτό στείλτε μου ένα μήνυμα
  7. Hello all Maxcheaters Members.. i would like to rebuild a server hi5 x50 .. i want to let you know that i have a pack which i have been working on for 3 years and have uploaded it online it is a clean pack No problems with many fixes. All we can do is simply meet the needs that we can and what the world is asking for. you'll be able to find me on Skype here L2HERO JONI
  8. Σας σε όλους. Ψάχνω ένα συνεργάτη το οποίο θα κτίσουμε ένα server ΗΙ5 με έτοιμο Pack και δουλεμένο εδώ και τρία χρόνια online όποιος θέλει θα μπορούσε να μου στείλει ένα μήνυμα Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες στείλτε μήνυμα εδώ
  9. You do not have to be too smart or understand this code is easy if you read here in this forum you will see that everything is easy you have to give meaning to yourself and Do not let some manage your computer Why so you will never learn And as far Kara`his one is concerned, I can now send tons but I know a lot of cases where people have lost their money which With his false promises took a lot of money and are written here in this forum
  10. you know very well that many have accused you here that you stole them That can not be denied by anyone because we have read all your comments to learn to say the truth
  11. I do not mean that I mean the rest of the clients who fool them and took them money is written all over here on this forum and whoever wants to read your background yourself tell you Good evening
  12. you do not deserve the importance of people here in Not to give you money
  13. in this Kara`you do not even give up your Skip because he's a thief I know he's been selling services for a long time without doing anything and server copying from others..copying a few codes from other servers and selling them as their own has nothing to do in his life rather than stealing people who do not know line-in or have a desire to open a server..HTMLS is an easy case says as a little time and you see videos you'll learn easily Do not let the thieves manage your computer it's the tip you decide
  14. Grand Opening Date : 21.7.2018 Exp Rate: 500x Sp Rate: 500x Adena Rate: 2500x Drop Rate: 65x Spoil Rate: 10x Raid Boss Drop Rate: 100x. Epic Boss Drop Rate: 100x. Max Subclass: 3 Buff time: 1h Max Buffs: 20+4. Max Dances: 13 Client: 5 SERVER FEATURES GM-SHOP up to S Grade ALT + B Buffer Auction System Auto Events every 1 Hour Drop/Spoil Database search RB Respawn List Ranking System Buff Store Premium Account Wedding: Enabled Bot Protection: Enabled Secondary Password: Enabled ENCHANT RATES Normal Enchant Rate: 55%. Blessed Enchant Rate: 65%. Safe Enchant (Weapon/Armors/Jewels): +4. Max Enchant (Weapon/Armors/Jewels): +16. AUGMENTATION SYSTEM NG Lifestone Rate: 20%. Mid Grade Lifestone Rate: 30%. High Grade Lifestone Rate: 50%. Top Grade Lifestone Rate: 70%. ATTRIBUTE RATES Element Stone: 50%. Element Crystal: 40%. CUSTOM FEATURES Auto Potions CP/HP/MP Attributes with one Click Dress Me Find Party system Improved Vote Reward system www.l2Mydream.eu will organize an event that will be done once a week is a contest that will show that experienced and good players will be earning this event is made in a way to try to make money try to join and sign up for the event you must have received 2 € donation the event will be 1 vs 1.. and the winner who will win this event will receive a prize money for the players with their participation I will give you an example to understand what I mean we have 30 players participating in the event 30x2=60 € the winner will be paid directly with PayPal I think it's a good opportunity to make money Do not miss it I'm waiting for you all sign up for event www.l2mydream.eu
  15. όταν λέω συνεργάτη και άτομα που μπορούν να κάνουν το GM να γνωρίζουν καλά το L2 και να μπορούν να εργάζονται κάθε μέρα Στο σέρβερ το οποίο θα αφιερώσουν ένα χρόνο