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  1. I am selling my server with the following java developments and ingame informations. Most java codes is from Kara. This server has not shared codes (except dressme + 2 commands and is changed a lot). Ingame is already ready from me. Server was openned and i took possitive reviews from players. Balance skills is perfect for this pvp server. For sure i have forgot some extra java but when i remember something i will edit the post. More info and photos add me discord : JeiBlue(thodoris)#8990. Because Kara and I worked hard the price is : 299euro Available ✅ ---Java Developments
  2. episis epeidi polu eimaste kainourgoi ston xoro den voithaei h idea pou dineis na mpei ena ristriction to gnwrizw oti thes na voithiseis alla tha protimousa na pou peis ti na grapsw sto soulshot.java. Ennoeitai pws kserw oti kati prepei na prosthesw to thema einai to ti.
  3. I have autopots in my server when you join olympiad you can use autopots (only if they are enabled before you join) if its close you cant use it. I want to auto-close autopots when you join in arena. Thank you a lot if you can help
  4. Problem Solved the java file was HealPercent.java and not Heal.java
  5. I have add this in heal.java but you can heal raidboss and grandboss where is my mistake ? please help rev382
  6. i want maximum 34 buffs +4 but this +4 its already in acis 382 or i must put it in java? for example if i am max buffs 34 and put 4 class buff( example rapid shot ) player will lose buffs ? but balances its not okay i am nerfing the classes from passive skills etc, for example duelist +16 no custom items hit on mage 3.5k dmg sonic triple shash on 6k life mage. Balances are very bad.
  7. how can i nerf magic critical power no magic critical rate ?
  8. Could somebody help me or suggest me the best way to balance classes ? I have 382rev no custom project max +20. JeiBlue(thodoris)#8990
  9. 14500 skills you can change it one by one if i want to take the chance of level78 how can i put it at every level 76 77 78 79 80
  10. Could somebody help me with that : how can i change skill enchant success rate and max skill enchant ? If the file is skilltrees enchant skills tell me what i must change for here ; <enchantSkill id="115" lvl="108" exp="4020000" sp="402000" rate76="10" rate77="30" rate78="80" rate79="80" rate80="83"/>
  11. Hello mxc i have vote reward system when you press vote you take message (you have not vote yet ) how can i put my ip at topzone for example to get reward when you vote. JeiBlue(thodoris)#8990
  12. Could somebody help me please? i Have sometimes this error to console. Acis382 Discord : JeiBlue(thodoris)#8990 java.lang.NullPointerException
  13. thank you a lot 🙂 could you tell me also how can i revome the exclamation mark over their heads?
  14. Guys when i want to change sub class from other grand master i cant .. i must go to the real master to change this sub, i know this is the normal but could you tell me how can i change all classes at all grand masters? ex: when i go tyrant at orc grand master i cant change sub class with orc master to make sagitarius.