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  1. hello mxc do you know how to change crystal rate for + and blessed rate for + also how to make max + with blessed 16 and with crystal 20? Files Acis 370 : interlude
  2. that you for the reply i fixed it yesterday i did backup and i compiled again the files and i put backup inside and its okay now :)
  3. Hello i have serverfiles acis 370 i had put all npc augmenter/gmshop/gatekeeper and all were working correctly yesterday night i put many mobs at farm zones npc's trees to block some doors and today when i did restart all gone all npc (only that i had spawned) all mobs (only that i had spawned) except some npc i had put first at the first day of l2 creation like roy the cut buffer augmenter wedding manager npc's already acis had. I have not wrong lines at npc because i had this npc in towns with many restarts please help me . I re-install npcs but if i restart gone again and again . Maybe because i spawned many npc and mobs gone (only that i had spawned) ? i have 1482 server memory ..please help i dont know.. i have the server on my pc and on my rooter's ip
  4. Hello mxc if somebody can help me with this problem at the next photo. I saw on the ground some boxes wit different colour (grass, rocks, etc) this is texture problem or geodata's becausei change all my client but again the same. PHOTO : https://prnt.sc/msyiax
  5. Trance thank you for the reply i did it server starts but one of my friends cant log in because my ports are offf and i did all steps to open ports . I changed l2.ini with my ip and i give it to him.
  6. Hello guys i have a problem with my ports i think its all correctly opened i am trying to share my server with my friends with no-ip my problems are ports offline - 9999ping - No connection found with login server ( my energies i have create new rule in firewall protection with my ports, i have put ports in port forward in my rooter i have create no-ip ) My Skype: thodoris868 invite if you can help or reply here. photo 1: http://prnt.sc/mrhlf0 photo 2: https://prnt.sc/mrhq7l