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  1. Problem Solved the java file was HealPercent.java and not Heal.java
  2. I have add this in heal.java but you can heal raidboss and grandboss where is my mistake ? please help rev382
  3. i want maximum 34 buffs +4 but this +4 its already in acis 382 or i must put it in java? for example if i am max buffs 34 and put 4 class buff( example rapid shot ) player will lose buffs ? but balances its not okay i am nerfing the classes from passive skills etc, for example duelist +16 no custom items hit on mage 3.5k dmg sonic triple shash on 6k life mage. Balances are very bad.
  4. how can i nerf magic critical power no magic critical rate ?
  5. Could somebody help me or suggest me the best way to balance classes ? I have 382rev no custom project max +20. JeiBlue(thodoris)#8990
  6. 14500 skills you can change it one by one if i want to take the chance of level78 how can i put it at every level 76 77 78 79 80
  7. Could somebody help me with that : how can i change skill enchant success rate and max skill enchant ? If the file is skilltrees enchant skills tell me what i must change for here ; <enchantSkill id="115" lvl="108" exp="4020000" sp="402000" rate76="10" rate77="30" rate78="80" rate79="80" rate80="83"/>
  8. Hello mxc i have vote reward system when you press vote you take message (you have not vote yet ) how can i put my ip at topzone for example to get reward when you vote. JeiBlue(thodoris)#8990
  9. Could somebody help me please? i Have sometimes this error to console. Acis382 Discord : JeiBlue(thodoris)#8990 java.lang.NullPointerException
  10. thank you a lot 🙂 could you tell me also how can i revome the exclamation mark over their heads?
  11. Guys when i want to change sub class from other grand master i cant .. i must go to the real master to change this sub, i know this is the normal but could you tell me how can i change all classes at all grand masters? ex: when i go tyrant at orc grand master i cant change sub class with orc master to make sagitarius.
  12. i want to make serivce npc with clan level 8 + clan skills augments act pass etc. but i am new at java so its hard for me
  13. I installed this clan manager for level 8 clan and skills but in html has not the npc that this service will work on. Could you help me ?
  14. Weapon glow is on client file : Env.int
  15. Hello mxc i want to change this dressme to take appearence only from myself and not from other players. Now if you target another player stealing appearence. i have this dressme on my server rev382 acis. https://ibb.co/VVs2jd8 https://www.l2jbrasil.com/topic/119189-dressme-interlude-acis-l2jfrozen/ add me discord for help please : JeiBlue(thodoris)#8990