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  1. to me says cant connect database.. wo i dont know what happens.
  2. ALLO GUYS i sell 4 account at 4 different servers L2Damage L2Miracle L2Blaze L2Neo 2 first servers are high rate 2 last server its midrate craft pm for deteails normal prices all account toghedher normal price only serius offers No trade only $$$ Name : Alaloulou BaseFree
  3. active players to all server Add ta facebook Alaloulou Basefree for details
  4. sry bro. not your day..
  5. Hello guuuys. I Believe its the big time to start the advertisment of my lovely server i will open soon.. What kind of features will have?? you will get the answer to this topic... Grand Opening: 20-02-2015 20:00 GMT+2 Features Rates exp:x1000 sp:x1000 adena:x1000 party exp:x500 drop rate:x10 Enchant Rates Safe:+4 Max:+16 (with normal and blessed) Crystal Max:+18 Normal Scroll Rate:75% Blessed Scroll Rate:90% Crystal Scroll Rate:50% More Features Custom Commands(.menu, .farm1) Derby Custom Armor. Icarus Custom Weapons Custom PvP Area Custom Farm Areas Custom LvL Up Area Mid-Semi Hard Farm Balanced Server Anti Heavy System Retail Olympiad (hero every 2 weeks) Site: Forum: We are waiting hopzone/topzone Approve. PS:Patch will be at download's when server will open. ps2:Have a nice stay to our server. a normal pvp server.
  6. love you ayami.. <3 if you dont know about him dont talk for him ;) . its just a opinion. everyone have a opinion. so calm your tits.. with love.
  7. i have do it but nothing... its facked up and i dont know why.. :/
  8. the server is running ok. i cant believe that :P . ahhahaha now i will lost everything. omg :P