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  1. Hello guys! I have beed for much time offline of this forum! But now is time to do a big comeback because i need to share with you something special. Some of you maybe have hear about CryptoTab browser but no one believe to this browser. I can prove you that is a Legit browser who pays every bitcoin you get!!! And above i will show you how to activate it and start mining. So lets start the fun! First of all download the browser from here ----> CryptoTab Browser Second, do it your primary web browser.! Now do those steps...
  2. Pi isn't officially launced the cryptocurrencies yet. The Pi team believe in 2021 they will launch and the prize will be simillary with bitcoin and maybe better. We dont know. We just mine and hope Pi to get the most valuable prize :P
  3. to me says cant connect database.. wo i dont know what happens.
  4. ALLO GUYS i sell 4 account at 4 different servers L2Damage L2Miracle L2Blaze L2Neo 2 first servers are high rate 2 last server its midrate craft pm for deteails normal prices all account toghedher normal price only serius offers No trade only $$$ facebook.com/paulako0s Name : Alaloulou BaseFree
  5. active players to all server Add ta facebook Alaloulou Basefree Facebook.com/Paulako0s for details
  6. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4158080178 sry bro. not your day..
  7. Hello guuuys. I Believe its the big time to start the advertisment of my lovely server i will open soon.. What kind of features will have?? you will get the answer to this topic... Grand Opening: 20-02-2015 20:00 GMT+2 Features Rates exp:x1000 sp:x1000 adena:x1000 party exp:x500 drop rate:x10 Enchant Rates Safe:+4 Max:+16 (with normal and blessed) Crystal Max:+18 Normal Scroll Rate:75% Blessed Scroll Rate:90% Crystal Scroll Rate:50% More
  8. love you ayami.. <3 if you dont know about him dont talk for him ;) . its just a opinion. everyone have a opinion. so calm your tits.. with love.
  9. i have do it but nothing... its facked up and i dont know why.. :/
  10. the server is running ok. i cant believe that :P . ahhahaha now i will lost everything. omg :P
  11. dat englando :P hahaa ontopic. fix the sql backup files :P . do it better with backup way :P . just to say..
  12. Hello guys. i have a little problem. when i login at navicat i cant see the databases.. what i mean? i have a database l2jdb but cant see it.. how i cant fix it?? :/
  13. dn apantaw kan.. nta3ie eimai komple vrhka "developers" kai einai kai trusted.. eidika o enas!!!
  14. efxaristw polu gia afta pou les. alla epeidi sto forum exw arketo kairo kai 3erw ton kathenan ti koumasi einai 3erw poion na prosexw kai poion oxi ;) . k epeidi stin poutana poutanies dn ginontai episis kai afto to 3erw ;) . an katalaves ti ennow.. epeidi m exoun kanei pousties.. kai 3erw pote enas an8rwpos tha kanie kai pote oxi :P . dn phgan tsampa ta mathimata psuxologias pou ekana.. (mporeis na deis me ton tropo pou milaei sto chat o allos gt thelei na se proseggisei..) @devlin. polu apla dn tha asxolithw mazi sou gt milhses eirwnika kai dn vlepeis to l2 san douleia ;)
  15. otan milame gia lefta oloi ginontai sovaroi ;) . kai epishs 3erw ti dialegw. dn pairnw ton opoiodipote ;) . exw thesi arxiko bugdet gia to opoio tha 3odepso giafto to pragma.. epishs opws proeipa dn dialegw opoion kai opoion.. exw arxisei kai kanw siga siga ta vhmata pou prepei gia kati para polu megalo kai sovaro.. oso gia to shared files. ekei opoiosdipote kanei kati tetoio tha exei kai tis epiptwseis.. gt egw tha 3erw ta provlimata kai mh aftou ;) . an me pianeis ti ennow.. afta. efxaristw gia ta kala sas logia :P .
  16. 1on. dn to vlepw san paixnidi :P . 2on den to kanw gia ton xavale. 3on gia na vgaleis lefta prepei na ependuseis kiolas. egw to vlepw san ependush. 4on. lefta uparxoun :P . opote kai me tin gomenitsa mporw na vgw kai otidipote mporw na knaw ;) filika panta.. done. exeis dikio se afta pou les. apla epeidi monos m dn exw kai toso afthono xrono wste na kathomai panw apo ena pc kai na to kaiw pleon. exw douleia/gomena/filous. opote + oti tha einai san epixeirisi. epishs opws eipa kai ston allon. gia na vgaleis lefta prepei na ependuseis kiolas. den tha vgaleis lefta an dn dwseis.. k gi
  17. you dont know me i know you ;) . thats why if someone want to scam me i will protect my files ;) . if you know what i mean. and for sure you are right. because you maybe know something more.. thanks a lot bro. i will take care for all. ;) . im member here since 2008 and i know some ppls :P . im not so active the last years but i know what happens :P