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  1. ahaha i am not a female but hell yea i am pervert :D my dream is to participate in a glory hole lol
  2. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ close this thread/ban this scammer
  3. add me on skype ayami-l2ewpvp i want to test
  4. The first original features i read in 2015 gj lets see
  5. HOLA YOU CLOSED TIME 1 TALES TIME 2 AND CONFLCT? LOVECON <-21415211@#%@#%@^ MXC >> ? ME KNOW YOU GOOD HACKIDOR THUMBS UP for a real Lineage 2 server
  6. well Lineage2 should be as the classic about critical its nice to be simple but not too much simple
  7. well from the 99% of majority that still plays lineage 2 wont even read your comment, i am the 1% that agree with you.. But as an administrator and even creator of an x project, plus if i would open something now, i would prefer to go with the stupid java trash logic and fuck formulas/criticals/kittings/generally l2 so i can have players.. else i will definetely have 3 online ++++ l2 wasnt created for high rates with 4124124 buff slots and 214241 hours buffs i had in mind of a pvp server with retail buff times , slots and exclude divine inspiration from auto learn + nobless que
  8. yes true but when mages hit for 300 dmg since ressists are op , i guess its fair enough
  9. high rate on aCis. a true challenge, i see more balanced class than any shit out there.. If they land you guys cry if they dont again you cry when it has 50% then for you its bugged well eat shit and go play stalonka
  10. you are blind or idiot :P i have +7 death bow and it is equal to almost +20 db rofl