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  1. Hello dear Max Cheaters... Recently i have started playing on a low rate (x5) high five server. The problem is that after all those years i really cant remember where the adena and the big buys come from... Despite the classic "play the market" tip anyone would have any suggestions for a fighter cp / Warlord with full party behind him ? (current gear lvl s84). And from your experience on low rate servers that have been up for two months, which items are the easiest/most efficient to sell/buy daily ? Never really "played the market" my self so if anyone could give deeper thoughts on that would appreciate it ! :) :) Finally recommendations about efficient farming spots for warlord are welcome :D Thanks in advance.
  2. Dear friends! We are happy to announce that server Kain x5 on the classic 1.5 chronicle is about to open very soon! As for now the server is on end stage of Closed Beta. All important tests and adjustments are nearly finished. Now we are almost ready to Open Beta test! The exact time will be announced soon, so stay in touch with us. http://www.l2red.net Everyone who would like to help us with Closed Beta tests, as a testers, are asked to submit a request, which you can find here: - make a request FULL CLIENT DOWNLOAD VIA TORRENT : http://www.megafileupload.com/268lf/CLIENT_CLASS_1_5_L2Red_EU.zip.torrent Main Settings: EXP: x5 SP: x5 ADENA: x3 (amount) DROP: x2 (chance) SPOIL: x2 (chance) x1 (amount) QUEST: x2 (xp/adena) Drop from Raid Bosses: x1 (chance) Our Special Shop offers only premium status, scrolls (such as buff scrolls or xp scrolls, NOT echant scrolls) and some accessories. Premium status: -50% cheaper teleports +50% more SP from monsters -50% less XP when you die (it will be -5% insted of -10%) The features will be supplemented in the course of preparation of the server. Follow the news! our discord chat : https://discord.gg/87paNwH full client : http://l2red.net/file Patch for beta http://files.l2red.net/system-eu.rar amd users : just put graphics profile on balanced for bug reports please use : http://forum.l2red.net/support-tickets/ classic patchnotes : http://forum.l2red.net/threads/lineage-ii-classic-age-of-splendor-preliminary-patchnotes-of-the-release-version.8/
  3. We welcome you to TheGame Epilogue Private Server . After 12 years experience singe c1 we are back for you with an beautiful epilogue server in the level or retail . All the best players from Greece will join TheGame because they know its not just a server , its a movement . SERVER RATES »Experience (EXP) : 5x »Skill Points (SP) : 5x »Adena : 10x »Items Drop : 5x »Quest Experience (EXP) : 1x »Quest Skill Points (SP) : 1x »Quest Adena : 1x »Quest Drop Items : 1x »Spoil : 5x »Weight Limit : 1x ENCHANTS »Safe Enchant : 3 »Max. Enchant : 16 »Normal Scroll chance : 60% »Blessed Scroll chance : 65% »Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 »Elemental Stone chance : 40% »Elemental Crystal chance : 30% BASIC CONFIGURATIONS »Server, and Forum Time : GMT+2 »Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : Retail »Buff Slots : Retail »Dance and Songs Slots : Retail »NPC Buffer Basic Buffs (without the 3rd class) , Duration: 1 Hour »Auto Learn Skills »Auto Learn Loot SERVER DOORS OPEN 21/10/2017 20:00 GMT+2 Website : https://l2thegame.gr DOWNLOADS : https://l2thegame.gr/download/ WINTER IS HERE AND THIS WINTER YOU PLAY !
  4. www.l2hog.com Grand Opening: 17th of June 2017 Hour: 15:00 GMT-3 Informations - Lineage 2 . Launch date: May 27 2017 Server time: GMT -3 Rates: Exp: 150x / Sp: 150x / Adena: 200x Auto loot (except raid drops) Olimpiadas: 15 days Siege: 14 days Server Economy Equis [C] sold for adena Equips [A] sold for custom crafts Raid bosses special drops Buffs AIOx System NPC buffer Buff slots: 20 + 4 slots (Divine Inspiration) Buff time: 1 hour Buff shop system (/buffshop) Enchants Safe: +3 Max Weapon Enchant: +18 Max Armor Enchant: +18 Max Jewels Enchant: +18 Modifications Custom farmzones Chaotic zone at Raid Bosses areas (pvp zone) Spawn Protection. 10 Automatic events every hour New characters level 40 All Injection Protections DDoS protection Informations - Lineage 2 . Launch date: May 27 2017 Server time: GMT -3 Rates: Exp: 150x / Sp: 150x / Adena: 200x Auto loot (except raid drops) Olimpiadas: 15 days Siege: 14 days Server Economy Equis [C] sold for adena Equips [A] sold for custom crafts Raid bosses special drops Buffs AIOx System NPC buffer Buff slots: 20 + 4 slots (Divine Inspiration) Buff time: 1 hour Buff shop system (/buffshop) Enchants Safe: +3 Max Weapon Enchant: +18 Max Armor Enchant: +18 Max Jewels Enchant: +18 Modifications Custom farmzones Chaotic zone at Raid Bosses areas (pvp zone) Spawn Protection. 10 Automatic events every hour New characters level 40 All Injection Protections DDoS protection
  5. Grand Opening 26 May, 2017 • 21:00 (UTC 0) https://www.l2way.com L2Way - L2Off PTS - Low Rate Chronicle: Interlude Opening date: May 26, 2017 Server Time: UTC Time Zone (GMT 0) Server main language (Chat): English Protections: Smartguard Anti-bot + Custom Anti-Bot protection system + Anti-Hack + DDoS protection Class Balance: Official (Retail Like) L2Server PTS Maximum allowed boxes for computer (windows of the game): 3 + (Unlimited Offline Trade Shops) Server Rates: EXP, SP, Adena 4x / Drop 1x / Spoil 1x / Quest rate 2x / Quest Adena 4x Safe Enchant: +3 / Max Enchant: 16 Enchant Rate: from +4 to +14 = 55% / from +15 above = 25% Server Hardware: Xeon processor E5-2630V3 (16 x 2,40 GHz), 64 GB of DDR3 RAM, 4x 320GB Intel PRO RAID-10, 1x SATA 1TB Western Digital (for temporary backups), 1Gbit redundant network with protection. Olympiads: Will follow the original settings and will be initialized from June 1, 2017. PvP System: The server has protection (artificial intelligence) against PVP points feed. Also we will have a system with announces for players kills like Monsterkill, Ultrakill... Buff Slots: Interlude Original - 24 slots. Starting Items: We know the difficulty in teleporting at the beginning of the game and we will add some teleports to starting farm cities. Use them wisely, because when they are done you'll have to pay GK. L2Way Server Commands: .jailstat - shows time the left in jail in the case you are jailed .time - shows the current server time .expon - turn on experience from mobs .expoff - turn off experience from mobs .offline - start offline shop .timeleft - shows time left for any timed item you have .packadena - convert 1kkk of adena in adena pack and .unpackadena to revert Boss Respawn: Respawn / Random Barakiel 5h / 1h Cabrio 4h / 1h Hallate 6h / 1h Kernon 4h / 1h Golkonda 4h / 1h Ant Queen 36h / 2h Orfen 48h / 1h Core 60h / 1h Zaken 60h / 2h Frintezza 48h / 2h Baium 168h / 2h Antaras 264h / 2h Bosses of that dont appear here, have original respawn time. The original of most mobs is 36h respawn with 24h of random time. Staff: There are more than 10 years in management and extensive experience in the L2OFF servers. There are no other GMs or GAs available on the server in this way you can feel free of any kind of interference and/or corruption in the server since there are no GMs or GAs playing. The L2Way project (Important - Read): The server uses L2OFF PTS files and focused on being as closed as possible to the official server. The server will be low rate (4x) and buffs in original times. With extensive experience in L2Server administration, as already done by us before, approximately after 8 to 12 months (there is no fixed date) we will have update to Gracia Final and later for High Five always following the focus on being low rate and more similar with the official. Donation NPC: The server will launch without grade A and S items available in the NPC and after a few weeks the items will be released gradually in the NPC. Boss jewels will not be available via donations and are thus only available via drop. On our site, we will have a script where you can track which players have these jewels. There will not be special bonus items for people who donate, all items that will be in npc will also be available for purchase in the original forms of the game. Donation coins can be traded, so players who farm will be able access to those coins. There will also not be AIO buffers or NPC buffers. The buffs will be used in the original forms of the game! Frequently Asked Questions: Does the server intend to insert new GMs or GAs in the future to help in the support and server? No, we prefer to keep the server free from such problems. As stated above, we have extensive experience in l2servers administration and we know that GMs or GAs will bring us more problems than solutions. GMs and GAs always have friends who play on the server and this harms the future of the server as we have had past experiences. In addition, you will be sure to be playing on a server where there are no GMs or GAs playing, thus bringing greater reliability to the server. We know that to give support for everyone is a hard job, but we prefer to be bad in the support service reply period than to have great problems like the ones we had in the past. When we are going to have Gracia and High Five update players will lost items? No, players will not lose any items. The update is done directly in the database, thus, no item, level or skills will be lost. What staff will do to keep the server running with a good number of online players? Our servers are already well known and everyone knows that they are long date. The reliability and experience of previous servers guarantee you stability and fun for so many years. In addition we will be always doing events to attract new players and we will also be always maintaining a good advertisements in the servers main top lists. Is it possible that there are classes that are better than the others on the server? Yes, it is possible since the files will be kept in the original way. Even though some classes may be better than the others, as the server uses original buff times, all classes are required to make things happen on the server. Support classes should be the most valued of the server and players who generally like to play in these classes will be played between the clans of the server. What are the protections that the server uses? The server uses full protection against any kind of automatic action. We use the best softwares to keep the game clean of people who want to take some advantage. In addition to the known software, we also use some techniques developed by our Admin Thunder specially for our servers. As these techniques are not known, we can say with greater confidence that our server is totally free of bots and/or hacking programs. In addition to all the software that the server already uses, the server admins also log in sporadically to check suspicious actions and/or players that may have been reported. Anyway, we can say that using any kind of program to take advantage on our servers, has no future because the ban in your accounts will be applied. I share accounts with my friends. They login my accounts and I login his accounts. If he does something wrong, can I be banished with him? Each case is a case and we will analyze this type of punishment separately. If we realize that you got any kind of benefit because your friend was using something not allowed, your accounts will also be banned with him. We recommend not sharing your account and not logging accounts from other players to avoid any kind of problems.
  6. Dear friends! Finally, we are pleased to announce the opening of the first European free to play Lineage 2 Classic 2.0 Server. We are ready to open doors to those who want to feel the real Classic style. The world, where you have to battle with your friends. Where Lineage newcomers will always begging for your help. The world, where you will have a chance to show your courage and perseverance! Can you survive all that awaits you on this Epic Adventure? Are you trully a SAVIOR? Show Us! We believe in you! We are waiting for you in our World November 4th 2016 - 19:00 CET! Our Rates: XP: x5 SP: x5 ADENA: x5 DROP: x5 SPOIL: x5 QUEST: x5 Raid Bosses: x1 Based on official Classic 2.0 plataform with all known problems fixed up to date. We will keep updating our Server up to the current Official Server and we already begun to develop a Classic 2.2 with it's features. We are looking far into the future of this project and within the development of Classic we will provide you with only the real Features and nothing else. Classic 2.0 exclusive features at L2 Warpgate How much is Warpgate v1.0 different from Official? All Classic v1.0 Zones available All Classic v1.0 Skills available All Classic v1.0 Quests available Attendance System v1.5 Fishing System v1.5 All Classic v2.0 Spawns and Drops at all available Classic v1.0 Zones All Classic v2.0 Mobs Stats (HP, MP and others) Classic v2.0 Spawns, Drops and Stats are present for a better balance and to keep us up to date with latest Official updates Paid teleports since level 1 due to x5 adena rates (can be free based on one achievement in a near future) Two boxes allowed (Main + 1) No Premium Account! Our Warpgate NPC will give you (everyone) to our Community many Achievements for you to unlock all Classic v1.5, 2.0 and further Features! PK Scrolls are now more expensive (Can ONLY be used in Town): No-grade: 2.500 D-grade: 15.000 C-grade: 35.000 B-grade: 70.000 A-grade: 230.000 Blood Marks retail drop chances are now x2: Krator: 4.1% -> 8.2% Torfe: 9.5% -> 19% Blood Queen: 25.8% -> 51.6% Website: http://lineage2warpgate.com/ Forum: http://boards.lineage2warpgate.com/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/0qnUYuXY39Ics9tf Facebook Page: https://www.facebook...ineage2Warpgate
  7. High Five 13/3/2017 STARTED www.l2knights.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8YyARqBkgI Welcome to L2Knights, so you are a fighter? You came to the right place, here you can show us what are you made of. In L2Knights we have two heroes one is Walton who killed all the Raid Bosses and the Grand Bosses back in the old days and now all the monsters drop the Walton's Coin as a respect to him. Wait i haven't finished yet where are you going traveler? As i said we have two Heroes the second one is Uldie. Uldie she is the siste of Walton I do not have enough time to explain her story here but you will find out once you start fighting in L2Knights. Let me give you a hint. Uldie she tried to fight like Walton but she lost from something that something turned her into a zombie and now she is eating only mice. She need the Mouse Coin to be able to buy her food you can help her by shopping from her shop with those coins she hold some really nice cool stuff. L2Knights Rates Xp: x45 Dp: x45 Drop: x10 Adena x20 L2Knights Enchant Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +20 Enchant % Normal Scroll: 60% Blessed Scroll: 80% L2Knights Features Community Board (Auction, Rebirth, Rules, Rankings, RB/GB, Region, Friends, Farm Info) Announce Hero Login Announce Castle Lord Login Clan Leader name and Title Color PvP/PK Nick and Title Color Dead Player chat disable Custom Clan Halls Auto Vote Reward Manual Vote Reward Fantasy Isle Parade MC Show Class Cloak with stats (the only Custom with stat in Server) L2Knights Events Event Egine All Vs All Team Vs Team Survive Walton Event Every 3 days a dark force falls into this world a number of raid bosses gets spawned in random city's Walton he is busy selling items he is asking for your help to kill those monster you have only 30 min. Questions Event Every 1 hours an announcement will appear and it will ask you one simple question if you know give the answer by shout(!) no caps and if you are the first one who gave it you will receive an instant reward. Olympiad Heroes are chosen every week, at 15th of each month and at 1sr. HWID Protection and antifeed system helping you for fair matched, without 3 vs 3 and class based matches. Starting points are 50, and every week you gain 25. L2Knights Team(NPC) Achievement Buffer Title Color Up Level Delevel Casino Event Egine Gm Shop Medal Shop Vote Shop Forgotten Shop Bug Report Join in game if you want to find more information there is definitely more.
  8. www.L2Olympus.com High Five x8 Low Rate Project Final Open Date: 28/01/2017 - 18:00 - GMT +2 BOT IS ALLOWED Brand new server The L2Olympus with a significantly refined game mechanics. Updated Premium Stable Pack with more than 10,000 changes. Try it, and you'll love it! Server Rates: Exp: x8 Sp: x8 Party Exp: x1.3 Party Sp: x1.3 Drop Items: x6 Drop Adena: x3~x10 (base of character level) Drop Raid: x3 Spoil Drop: x6 Server Extra Details: Heroes Every 15th and 1st (2 Times per Month) Sieges Every Week (start from next week after opening) Free Subclass (no Quest for Subclass need.) Free 1st, 2th, and 3rd Class Quest. Max Subclass 80 LvL Offline Shop can be store up to 12~18 Items for Buy/Sell No Clients Limit Improved A.I. NPC - Retail Improved Raids Drops after 40 lvl (Drop FA) And many many more.... Website: www.l2olympus.com Contact E-Mail: info@l2olympus.com
  9. L2 HALLATE ​High Five x1 server GRAND OPENING: 04/02/2016 18:00 (UTC+1) WEBSITE: www.hallate.com SERVER RATES •Experience (EXP): 1x •Skill Points (SP): 1x •Adena: 1x •Drop Items: 1x •Spoil: 1x •Recs-Keys: 1x •Quest Experience (EXP): 1x •Quest Skill Points (SP): 1x •Quest Adena: 1x •Quest Drop Items: 1x •Weight Limit: 1x •Manor: 1x •Extract Fish: 1x ____________________________________________ ENCHANT RATES •Safe Enchant: 3 •Max. Enchant: 16 •Normal Scroll chance: 60% •Blessed Scroll chance: 60% •Elemental Max. Level: Level 7 •Elemental Stone chance: 40% •Elemental Crystal chance: 30% ____________________________________________ MAIN FEATURES •Sub-Class Max. Level: 80 •Off-line Shop mode •Vitality System •Unique Community Board •Drop list Search Engine •Auction System •Champions System •Wedding System ____________________________________________ EXTRA FEATURES •Buff Slots: 20+4 •Dance and Songs Slots: 12 •Max. Clients per PC: 2 •Olympiads Max. Enchant: 6 •Anti-Bot •Geodata and Pathnodes ____________________________________________ TECHNICAL SIDE •All quest and instances working •Everything inside is made in java, nothing python •Skills using official formulas •Simulate Official Kernels •Improved Geodata engine •Improved Community Board •Full Geodata •Custom Services •Custom Commands •Location: France ____________________________________________ EVENTS ENGINE •Team vs Team •Team vs Team advanced •Capture the Flag •Domination •Mass Domination •Deathmatch •Last Man Standing •Lucky Chest •Mutant •Treasure Hunt •Treasure Hunt PVP •Battlefield ____________________________________________ PROTECTION •AntiBot protection •DDoS protection
  10. Your German & English friendly Lineage 2 Server without PK and much customs. Hello guys, L2Crafting has been reopen the doors on 05.11.2016 after a closed time of more than 4 Years. We are a low rate server without PK only Duel and many custom Events and NPC's Rates: Exp : 8x SP: 8x Drop: 10x Adena: 12x [view all rates] Events: Champion Event ( to earn easier Glittering Medals ) TvT Event Smash the Pigs/Cats Event ( random every 6 hours ) Enchant & Soul Crystal Chest Event Master Yogi Event Roy and Winnie the Cat Event Hell of Freya ( will be coming soon ) Saison Events: Christmas Event - From 1st Advent Sunday till 2nd Christmas day with Surpises, Presents and Bettings. Easter Event - Start 1 week before Eastern and ends 1 week after Eastern. Halloween Event - From 24th October till 6th November every year. Custom NPC's: Shiela - Buff Manager ( saved the buffs to buff later with one click / can called out of Town with .buffer ) Street Hawker ( Free Vendor ) - can be called out of Town with .dealer to buy there consumable on the way ) Reschop - When you alone in the wilderness and has Scroll of Ressurections in your bag, you can call Reschop with .resme to revival you with a SoR Rebby - She sets you to Level 1 and the selected first class. But you will be hold all your Skills ( Passive and Active skills ). So you can have the 'Skills of 3 classes on one Character. Find the right combinations of classes for you. Enchy - He bids you a service to enchant to 100 % your stuff. Per use it cost a bit more. Lara - She will exchange much for you. Like GoldBars to Adena and TrueGold, TrueGold to GoldBars and Ancient Adena, 5 low Crystals to 1 Crystal a grade higher. And some more. Lisa - She can help you to set your level down. Mareike - She the expert for Recipes. She's gone for a long time into the wilderness to farming much materials. Now she sell it as packet for much available Recipes. The more you buy in the day, the cheaper your price will be. Street Hawker ( Town Vendor ) - Sells you all Recipes you search. Scrolly - This small man moves every 30 mins the Town and sell all Books that you need to learn some skills. Like Spellbooks. Smuggler - He's an Evil NPC. He's a trade of the black market. There you can buy Super Haste Level 1 and Level 2.But this guy "walk" ( really walk ) everytime from town to town. Hairly - This NPC is planned and follow later as Hair Stylist to change your Hair style. Accrox - This NPC is planned and follow later. It sells u more than 3 Game Accounts on your Account. Website specials: Self made WebMap. There u can Search a Monster/NPC, can see all Players, Raidbosses and Grandbosses incl. status. An Arsenal for view the Characters in web browser ( example ) A Private Arsenal, there you can look all your characters on all 3 Game Accounts. there you can press on the item for a new window to look how items have all your characters and where. And to search other Items in your inventorys and Warehouses. Many Top Lists, Event pages with Toplists and informations. Drop calculator and Spoil calculator on the Website too And one we will promise you: We work everytime hard to make more and better it for everyone. ;) :good sir: Our Team persist of peoples long older than 18 years. Dont' wait again. Come and join our friendly Lineage 2 community. Sincerely, The L2Crafting.com Team i.o. Bl4ckSkull666 [ Website | Facebook | Youtube | Launcher ]
  11. Informações L2Massivo - Lineage 2 High Five. Horário do Servidor, Site e Fórum - GMT -3 (Brasília) Duração dos Buffs - 20 minutos / 4 minutos Dances e Songs - 2 minutos Máximo Slots de Buffs - 20 + 4 (book learn) Máximo Slots de Dances e Songs - 12 Chance Mínima de Debuffs - 10% Chance Máxima de Debuffs - 90% Olympiads Max. Enchant - 20 Sub-Classe Quest - Sim Sub-Classe Level Máximo - 80 Classe Master - Não Off-line Shop mode - Sim Auto Learn Skills - Não Auto Learn Loot - Não Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - Não Vitality System - Sim Nevit System - Sim Wedding System - Sim Multibox por HWID Execução simultânea máxima - 2 Box por computador Rates Experiência (EXP) - 5x (Hard Mode) Skill Points (SP) - 5x (Hard Mode) Adena - 5x Drop Itens - 3x Quest Experiencia (EXP) - 3x Quest Skill Points (SP) - 3x Quest Adena - 1x Quest Drop Itens - 1x Spoil - 3x Manor - 1x Extract Fish - 1x Enchants Safe Enchant +3 Max. Enchant +20 Normal Scroll chance - 66% (-2% a cada +1 em qualquer item) Blessed Scroll chance 66% e não cristaliza (-2% a cada +1 em qualquer item) Ancient Scroll chance 76% e é seguro (-2% a cada +1 em qualquer item) Elemental Stone chance - 60% Elemental Crystal chance - 40% Proteções Geodata e Pathnodes Todas as proteções de injeção Proteção DDoS Todas as configurações e características que não foram informadas aqui estão Retail, ou seja, iguais ao Lineage II oficial, ou foram consideradas irrelevantes.
  12. SERVER INFORMATION PARTY [x3] Official anouncement >>> Start Date and Time 21 November 2016 17:00 UTC Chronicles Freya High Five (part5) Server rates Basic: Adena/EXP/SP: amount х3 Seal Stones: amount х3 Drop: chance х3, amount х1 Spoil: chance х3, amount х1 Quests - items drop: amount х1 Quests - rewards: EXP х3, Adena х1 RB drop: chance х3, amount х1 Epic drop: chance х1, amount х1, Adena х3 PA VIP - Additional box + Special Proxy + Inreased EXP, SP +50% (299 RUR/month). Shop Includes premium consumables (as on off servers), server items (cloaks), decorative items (hats, agathions). Vitality items will be added later as part of actions aimed at the development of newly arrived players. Cloaks enchantment bonuses: Cloack of Flame: Cloak of Greenery: Class changes 1st and 2nd class changes can be purchased in the game shop at the following prices: 1st class change - 500 000 Adena or 50 RUR 2nd class change - 3 000 000 Adena or 300 RUR Buffer No. Offline-trade Available as an item in Ingame Shop. We remind you that everyone will be able to use browser trade bot free of charge. Box limit 3 boxes at start. Additional boxes will be available for a fee through the CP on site (payment from the account). Restriction will be removed when server load is decreased. Donations befire the server start Available. Funds are credited to your account, and then may be changed for coins in game shop. Characters pre-creation No. Start of major game events SSQ - 28 November 2016. Olympiad- с 1 December 2016. Sieges – 25 December 2016. Clan Hall Auction – 19 December 2016. Items Auction – 2, 4, 6 january 2016. Basic price - х3. Autoloot No.
  13. Platform: High Five Chronicle Server, and Forum Time : CET Website: http://l2sphinx.com/ Forum: http://l2sphinx.com/community System: http://www.4shared.com/zip/HjJDroj7ba/system.html Start: 30.07.2016 16:00 CET Donation is voluntary, for the purpose of helping to maintain the server. Hardware Intel i7-4790K 4790K 4,0 GHz 32 GB of RAM DDR3 1333 MHz 2 x240GB SSD SOFT 250Mbps bandwidth Anti DDos Protection Rates: Experience (EXP): 6x Skill Points (SP): 6x Adena: 5x Drop Items: 3x Spoil: 3x Boss Drop Items: 2x Grand Boss Drop Items: 1x Weight Limit: 5x Manor: 3x Party EXP & SP: 1.2x Quest reward EXP & SP: 1.2x Quest drop items: 3x Quest rewards: Adena 1.2x, Recipe 2x, Material x4 General information Safe Enchant: +3 Max. Enchant: 16 For Weapons & Armors Normal Scroll chance: 50% Blessed Scroll chance: 60% Elemental Max. Level: 7 Elemental Stone chance: 40% Elemental Crystal chance: 30% Buffs, Dances and Songs Duration: Retail Like Buff Slots: 24 Dance and Songs Slots: 12 Max. Clients per PC: 4 Olympiads Max. Enchant: 6 - if items are enchanted over +6, in olympiad they counted as +6 Geodata and Pathnodes Features All high five zones All high five quests finished and working Territory Wars working retail like Seed of Infinity working retail like Seed of Destruction working retail like Seed of Anihilation working retail like Chamber of Delusion working retail like Seed of Destruction working retail like Seed of Infinity working retail like Kamaloka instaces working retail like Pailaka instances working retail like Crystal Caverns working retail like Tower of Naia working retail like Steel Citadel working retail like Tully's Workshop working retail like Hellbound Town working retail like Fortress/Castle working retail like All G.Rbs quests working retail like (respawn window 1hr) Configuration Auto Learn Skills Auto Loot except RB's Sub-Class without Quest Nobless with Quest Sub-Class Max. Level: 80 Class Master Customs Ranking System Achivements System Vote Reward System Champions System Wedding System Events System Offline Shop Announce Raid Boss kill NPC Achivement Manager Bug Reporter Class Master Castle Manager Grand Boss - respawn time Casino Manager - 40% chance to double bet (100k,200k,500k bets) Vote Manager Delevel Manager Protection Anti DDos Protection Core Protection System Captcha anti bot-enchant system Automated Events Team vs Team Capture the flag Domination Mass Domination DeathMatch Last man standing Advanced Team vs Team Lucky chests Battlefields Mini Events like 1vs1 and team fights Event Scheme buffer .register and .unregister commands
  14. Starting 2 May 2016. RATES Experience (EXP) 15x Skill Points (SP) 15x Adena 15x Drop for Spoil 10x General Drop 14x RaidBoss Drop 4x Manor 4x Quest Drop 2x Quest Reward 4x Fishing Drop 10x Vitality System 25x Clan Reputation Point 2x ENCHANTS Safe Enchant +4 Max. Enchant +16 Normal Scroll chance 60% Blessed Scroll chance 65% Elemental Max. Level Level 7 Elemental Stone chance 50% Elemental Crystal chance 40% CONFIGURATION Server, Site and Forum Time GMT +2 Buffs, Dances,Songs Duration 2 hours Buff Slots 28+4+12 Max. Clients per PC 3 Olympiads Max. Enchant +6 Geodata and Pathnodes Sub-Class Max. Level 85 Off-line Shop mode Auto Learn Skills Vitality System Champions System Wedding System Class Master EVENTS HOURS ( GMT +2 ) Team vs. Team Last Man Standing Treasure Hunt Korean Style Capture the Flag Lucky Creatures RAIDS RESPAWN HOURS ( GMT +2 ) Valakas 7 days Antharas 7 days Baium 48 hours Baylor 24 hours Beleth 48 hours OTHER Special Goddess of Destruction and Heroic Cloaks Maximum number of slots for Private Store: Dwarf 40, Other 24 The maximum level for subclass is up to level 85 Multiple commands with advanced options, see them in com board You can view a monster drop rate and list by using shift+click All major raids have lower respawn time and RB drop rate improved Olympiad - Heroes are formed every ~ 15 days, on 1 and 15 at 00:10 GMT +2 Advanced Community Board with lots of new features for perfect play Advanced NPC buffer with almost all skills and up to 4 schemes per character Special Quiz event every 5 hours with over 200 questions and GCM reward Take me to PvP unique PvP system, can be used every 5 minutes Custom special Raids with good drop Perfect class and skill balancing Unique features only here. http://l2supreme.com https://www.facebook.com/L2SupremeH5/
  15. Here we have it, a retail server the likes you'll probably never see. Active developers, a community that's growing fast; and a name that'll grow to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. The server is Gracia High Five platform with 100% Working Instance - Stable Geodata - Don't miss out. New Clans Reward! From today (25-02-2016) any new clan who join to our server will be rewarded with Clan LvL 8, 100k Reputation Point, 500x Festival Adena + 5 Premium Accounts for one month (100 Mouse Coin so you can use to get premium account inside game). Rules: Must have at least 5 Active Players (different ip and must be online to get reward) After success join to our server and you have 5 players online open a support ticket with the clan leader name and clan name plus the time you are online (GMT +2). OPEN 13-02-2016 18:00 GMT +2 GAME FEATURES Rates and Experience General Rates has been modified in order to make game Hard-Core. Experience and Sp has been set x5. Getting x5 mats per mob will make the craft system a Pro-Player thing (dont worry about weight limit we deal with it and change it x2!!). Spoil Rates have been set the same, x4. Adena is x5. The Quest General rates reward is x1 for experience and Adena. Some important quest have been modified in order to give 3 items instead 1, and chance has been increased. The SealStones amount has been increased x3 Skills and Classes Skills Updates All Skills are updated and Tested to latest Retail. Baium Raid Changes The Level of Baium has been increased from 75 to 80. Server Extra Details: Free Subclass (no Quest for Subclass need.) Free 1st, 2th, and 3rd Class Quest. Max Subclass 80 LvL Offline Shop zones. No Limit Client Trade/Global Chat Global after 20 lvl Command: .cfg for your Char Panel Command: .help to see all available commands in game. Command: /Unstuck 30 sec Global Trader for Players Donate Coin FA Drop from mobs also after 40 lvl. Free Bot Allowed but not in PvP Final Opening Date: 13-02-2016 16:00 GMT +2 Visit us: Main Website: http://www.l2guard.com Support Panel: http://support.l2guard.com General Information: info@l2guard.com We hope to see you all there!
  16. www.l2flakes.eu SERVER - RATES 7x Exp 10x SP 7x Drop 10x Adena 10x Spoil 3x RB Drop 1x GrandBoss Drop 3x Manor ENCHANT - RATES Safe Enchant: 3 Max. Enchant: 16 Oly Max. Enchant: 6 Normal Enchant: 60% Chance Blessed Enchant: 66% Chance ATTRIBUTE - RATES Attribute Stones: 40% Chance Attribute Crystals: 50% Chance SUBCLASSES Max SubClass: 3 Max SubClass Level: 85 BUFFS - SETTINGS - DURATION Buffs: Retail like + Retail Duration (dance increased for 5 mins) GRAND OLYMPIAD Grand Olympiad takes place each day from 18:00 - 00:00 CET / UCT+1 / GMT+1 New Heros will be nominated each 2 Weeks TERRITORY WAR and CASTLE SIEGES Territory War and Castle Sieges each 2 Weeks TW's on Saturdays: 20:00 CET / UCT+1 CS's on Sundays OFFLINE SHOPS Offline Buy / Sell Shops Offline Craft Shops Anti-Bot Unique Captcha AntiBotSystem - Be sure bots wont be able to farm They may login, but they wont farm or act VOTING Vote Reward while logged ingame
  17. Server has opened yesterday November 21 and already hit 1500 online. You most know RaidFight project from its High Five server which may be the longest lasting java server out there, without donations which affect gameplay (hats and masks) and without corruption. RaidFight also was one of the first servers with enterprise level antibot system when at the same time most servers allowed bots on purpose. We took our successful recipe and applied it over retail server files. People appreciated the result and server is running smoothly. We don't need to prove we are the best but we formed a strong community over the years. Join and enjoy how private servers should be! FEATURES Adena/ Seal Stone/ Exp/ Sp: Amount x4 Boss Adena/ Exp/ Sp: Amount x4 Boss Drop: Chance x4 Spoil/ Drop: Chance x4 Autopickup (not applied on Bosses) Offline Shop (right click on your Adena in your invetory) Custom Commands: .help – shows commands. .online – shows the amount of online players .time – shows the current server time .expon – turn exp gaining on .expoff – turn exp gaining off Antibot Protection Dualbox (2 clients per PC) Forums: http://forums.raidfight.eu/viewforum.php?f=101 Website: http://www.raidfight.eu/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaidFight Twitch: http://new.raidfight.eu/live
  18. LVL 79!! ST, Noblesse, with sub BD and summoner, GW 64 Pm for more info, or write here.
  19. OPENING 17/9/2015 http://www.l2pandora.net PANDORA [ XP: 15x SP: 15x Drop: 10x Adena: 15x Spoil: 10x ] Server Hardware: Intel Xeon 3400 6 GB RAM 120 GB SSD 100 Mbps Backbone Ddos Protected Main Features: Low rate No Donations. Retail like gameplay Auto-Loot Free 1st & 2nd Class Change Offline trading Max +16 / Safe +3 Scroll Chance 60% Free teleportation Description: Pandora is the server for the players who want to be in a donation free enviorment. Pandora is also for the type of player that wants to work hard for their levels, equipment, etc. The server is using the Classic version of Lineage 2. The main characteristics of Lineage 2 Classic are the following: C1-like Maximum Grade is B No C3+ Features Max Level 75 Giran & Oren are the Highest Towns
  20. OBT Glory Days "Valkyrie" x3 ! OBT is AVAILABLE! Join Us! Opening date: 20 december 2014 Server time: +3 GMT Server platform - 100% quality Creators: http://www.lineage.ro & http://www.lineage.ru Attention! Be sure to perform a full check of the game client. Everything you need to access the server: Registration Account database same with Nanna, Arion, Marriage, Lionna, Legacy servers! Glory Day client (zip archive) / Torrent Patch EU Updater RU / Updater EN Be sure to perform a full check of the game client! Open Beta features: First character on account will get 99 level, skill points (SP), and a large supply of Adena and Tears of Devotion. Open Beta Shop represented as NPC Mr. Cat, who are located in each town. Here you can buy / get: Professions; Available to get Sub Class; Noblesse Possibility to auto learn all skills Increasing the level of the character, to the maximum Shop with top grade equipment, consumables, ... The shop also contains increase skill points scrolls (Skill Points - SP) Increasing Clan level [*]Buffer - available through community board (alt + b). ( ONLY FOR OPEN BETA PERIOD ! ) [*]Shout and Trade chats = Global chats [*]Two-stage authentication (PIN system) [*]Hellbound Island is open and has a maximum level [*]Great Olympiad is active. Cycle 24 hours. Every day 00:10 to 24:00. You can recive hero status each day at 00:05 (gmt +3) Note: This is a test server, after Open Beta ends - will be wipe!!! (accounts remain) Glory Days "Valkyrie" x3 The official opening will take place in 20 December this year! Follow the news.
  21. Classic Server is under development and will be open for CBT soon for Europe in English ! The Website is currently under construction. This post is to get the community to support us with this Project. what do you need to do ? Simple ! Like and Share us on FB : https://www.facebook.com/L2RivalC we will update the FB Page from time to time with more info about the server Stay Tuned ! https://www.facebook.com/L2RivalC
  22. Heya Maxcheaters, I'm planning to open an IL server based on L2J ( since theres no knowlegde in l2off). All the infos will be below. Therefore some things may change from time to time . So without further or do lets begin this. ^^ *Server Rates: -RateExp:x15 -RatePartyExp:x1.5 -RateSP:x15 -DropRate:x10 -DropSpoil:x10 -AdenaDrop:x20 -QuestDrop:x3 -RaidDrop:x4 -EpicRaidDrop:x2(EpicJewelsDrop:x1) -ManorDrop:x5 *Enchant Rates: -SafeEnchant: 3 Enchant rate lowers each time you make a successfull enchant. Starting from 90% to +4 and lowers by 4% *Augment and lifestone info: -Retail rates and drop. *Subclass and nobless info: -Fully retail like subclass and nobless quest. *Buffer and shop: `Buffer: -Prophet buffs -Songs ( without renewal / champion / resists) -Dances( without siren / resists) -Buff time duration : 1h ( 59 minutes) -Buff slot: 20 +4(divine inspiration.) `Shop: -Common consumables. -Equipable items till : B grade. `Vote reward shop: -Reagent Pouch ( for moonstone shards etc. - Required for nobless , sub quest.) -Low level soul crystals -30% XP/SP runes (3h/1d) *Other info: -No Mana pots. -Offline shop. -Buff sell. -TvT-Dm Events. -Champion system -Double rates on Saturday for 3h -Double Champion rates on Sunday for 3h -Blue mobs spoil. -Auto loot. -Vote Reward -Retail Gatekeepers. -Retail Grand boss spawning time. So thats basicly it! Please take a note of this, I'm working alone in this project , so every opinion is highly acceptable . I focus on keeping things retail us much us i can. I'm not planning to create a 2 month server. Also im not focusing to create a "huge" community. So yea, thanks for reading ^^ Regards, Sanctus.
  23. Welcome on L2Aleph! Aleph is the first letter of many Alphabets, used as name it means Leader. Many will wonder “Why another Lineage II server ?” This project is born to give a new life to a game that with the advent of the latest releases has lost his attraction. When talking about Lineage II, in relation to the word fun we think that we should add terms like satisfaction and frustration. This lack of satisfaction is the reason to create a server with the original rates untouched, based on the High Five Chronicle (the latest release of this game that we think is funny), and try to have it fixed as best as we can. On this server you will have the satisfaction to create and grow up a character and the frustration of make it slowly. So here we have: fun, satisfaction and frustration; all the ingredients to have a great game experience, to be involved and find a reason to play to this game… again! Delivering players the best gaming experience is our goal, our commitment, so we want to believe in this project with you, the gamers. To let to every class to be played and with the conviction that each character, race and class in the game has an importance and a reason to exist, only one connection for computer will be allowed (Monobox) and all rates (experience gained, currency, drop, etc) will be setted to 1, to have a balanced gaming. On this server you will need to work hard to reach your goals but this will give a sense to everything you’ll make. Server features Client Supported: High Five (you’ll need our updater to play on Aleph) Game Rates: XP/ SP/ Adena/ Drop: 1x Spoil: 1x Manor Drop: 1x Epic Jewels Drop Chance: 1x Mercenary Guard Price: 1x Weight Limit: 1x Hellbound Points: 1x Quest Rates: XP/ SP/ Adena Reward: 1x Item Reward: 1x Quest Item Drop Rate: 1x Other Settings: Retail enchant success rate, safe +3 / +4 on one-part armor and max +25. Auto Loot (Auto Pickup) enabled. Raid Boss Auto Loot disabled. Gameplay Security: Full Anti-Bot/ Anti-Hack System. Box limitation currently to 1 client per PC. Custom Addons: Olympiad Anti-Feeding Protection which doesn’t affect gameplay. Offline Private Stores: Set your private store and click “Exit”. Trade zones around all NPC, where you can set private store only on certain distance from any NPC. Trade zones around all private stores, where you can set private store only on certain distance of another private store. Wedding Event. Advanced wedding with Raid Parade. Blacksmith of Mammon & Merchant of Mammon announcement. Automated low level PK protection. Shift+Click to see droplist in game. Game Server: CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 Quad Core x2 (Hyper Threating) @ 3.80 Ghz RAM: 32Gb DDR3 Connection: 1Gbps Unlimited International Content Delivery Server: CPU: Intel Core i7 920 Quad Core @ 2.80Ghz RAM: 8Gb DDR3 Connection: 1Gbps Unlimited International Server started on 15 March 2015 Website: http://www.l2aleph.com/
  24. Visit us at www.L2-Titan.com! Join us for an Open Beta weekend, this weekend from 24 - 25 January 2015. Account creation is available now. Server will be open to the public on 24 January 2015, starting at 0900 Eastern Standard Time. Server will close to the public on 25 January 2015, starting at 2359 Eastern Standard Time. Purpose: - Collect feedback from players on features/changes they would like to see - Promote the server Server Stats: Data Center located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States Intel E3-1200 v3 Haswell Xeon 3.5 GHz 24GB DDR3 2x500 GB Raid 1 1 GBPS DDOS Protection Windows Server 2003 64 Bit Features: Interlude Official - Flat world XP/SP rate: 15x | Drop/Spoil rate: 15x | Adena rate: 15x - Enhanced Leveling Zones feature 30-45x rates - GM Shop includes Non-Grade through B-Grade and a variety of consumables - A and S Grade require crafting, raids, or luck via farming - NPC Buffs (e.g., Full Prophet and Shilien Elder buffs and single Sword Singer (Hunter) and Blade Dancer (Fire)) buffs are offered in towns to make early leveling enjoyable - NPC Class Changer - Buffs cast throughout the world last one hour - Specialized buffs (e.g., COV, Prophecies) are 10 mins - During sieges, buffs last like retail (e.g., 20 mins for Warcryer, 2 minute songs/dances) - There are no mana pots for obvious reasons, but herbs are available (and sufficient) for leveling. - L2 Titan features two enhanced level zones which encourage players to cooperate and compete for their territory which is discussed below. The idea behind these zones is to bring most players into relatively centralized locations which will lead to the start of alliances and wars Enhanced Leveling Zone: Cruma Tower (CT): Levels 35 - 58 Cruma Tower has dramatically increased exp, drops, and spoils. For instance, the mobs on Cruma Tower 1 have a 30x exp rate and 30x drop rate. Enhanced Leveling Zone: Tower of Insolence (TOI): Levels 58 - 80 The sets of TOI floors (e.g. 1-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-13) have dramatically increased exp, drops, and spoils which increase with each set of floors. For instance, TOI floors 9-13 has experience rates near 40-45x. While you can level in other areas, the benefits of leveling in TOI make leveling elsewhere a poor decision. - We recommend having at least a three man group and top B grade in order to start leveling on TOI 1 at lvl 58 - TOI offers raid bosses on nearly every floor and are the easiest way to acquire A and S grade - Monsters in TOI will drop seal stones for unsealing newly acquired A and S grade Dual Boxing and Bots - Dual boxing is allowed - Botting is not allowed and it will result in a ban (there is no reason to do it with the enhanced zones so just have some fun and PVP your way to lvl 80) Notes from the Administrators: 1. You will notice that donations on this server in no way dramatically alter game play. We are not offering Baium rings or +16 S grade weapons for cash 2. No A grade and S grade in the GM shops is designed to build a long lasting server with intense competition and cooperation for the best items 3. If clans want to take castles, their rosters should be filled with classes that are necessary to take castles. Sieges will be retail like with regards to buffs and they are unlikely to be won with groups of archers and no buffs or heals. As a result, players should consider DPS and support classes and swapping roles for their 3rd class change Tentative Beta Testing Dates: 24 January - 15 February 2015 Tentative Live Date: 20 February 2015 Donations: 1. Cosmetic items 2. Noblesse 3. 3rd Class Change 4. Inconvenient Parts of 3rd Class Change (e.g., killing 700 mobs) 5. All In One (AIO) Buffer a. Note: AIO cannot be used in sieges b. Note: AIO cannot be taken outside of towns Visit us at www.L2-Titan.com!
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