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  1. Hey Awesome cheaters im stuck again now im working on Auction in the CB i found a code and trying to adapt its i Stuck on this two things pack Acis dont have the "createDummyItem" what can replace it and createItem now is just Create but its giving me and error all the time Thank you ItemInstance itemBuy = ItemInstance.createItem("auction buy", ih.getItemId(), 1, player, player); ItemInstance item = ItemTable.getInstance().createDummyItem(holder.getItemId());
  2. UPDATE No error but when i trying to open the community Board noting happening When i delete The CustomIndex.htm an try to open the CB its giving me and error i tried to change the CustomIndex code to the regular code and still nothing happen
  3. ****UPDATE**** completed all the mistakes but the CommunityBoard still don't work im feeling the its with the TopBBS manager if somebody know what wrong here please let me know Thanks again 4 ur time public void parseCmd(String command, Player player) { String fileName = ""; StringTokenizer st; String ip; String content; if (Config.ENABLE_COMMUNITY_BOARD) { if (command.equals("_bbstop") || command.equals("_bbshome")) { fileName = "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/CustomIndex.htm"; } if (command.star
  4. Thank You m8 L2Teleportloction and TeleportLocationTable changed the name right ? can you please tell me Thank private static void doTeleport(Player player, int val) { TeleportLocation list = TeleportLocationData.getInstance().getTemplate(val); if (list != null) { player.teleToLocation(list.getX(), list.getY(), list.getZ(), true); } else { System.out.println("No teleport destination with id:" + val); } player.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); } public static TeleBBSManager getInstance() { return
  5. Hello beautiful im new here have some problems with adapting Community Board (BlesseNtumble) one of the many thing that making its very hard to adapt somebody know what is it (_L0) Thank u 4 ur time if(con == null) goto _L0; else goto _L0