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  1. The light source = too strong, messed up the focal point, work on colors, they're too saturated, could be more vibrant. The flow is also messed up somehow, can be a good outcome. :)
  2. On this it would fit a realistic render, the anime type doesn't fit with C4D, because of the quality, C4D are made into a realistic type of quality, while anime/drawn renders fit with smudge, some other type of effects. My opinion.
  3. Website is not ready, i'm not adding a copyright on a image that i've shared, duh...Once it's ready everyone's getting theirs copyrights, don't fasten your judgments, please.
  4. As far as I'm concerned and informed, I've never said I made the menu bar, it's shared for free use, i'm working on the rest, I liked the menu so I'm using it, nobody said IT cannot be used, so uhm, I do not get your point?
  5. 11 Online? Was about to test it, but meh.
  6. Detected: Jealousy. Or am I wrong?
  7. This isnt spam section, please do not spam topics with random comments, unless they are strictly related to the topic's main purpose. Reported to mod to clean the topic.
  8. Please put a starting price in your topics and tone if it is negotiable or not New: Every member creating a topic into Marketplace's section is requested to include pictures of his account in the topic.The reason we request that is to avoid scammers who try selling accounts with fake stats. P.S. Don't try posting fake images.If your topic's found with such images, it will be deleted and you will be warned. Good luck with your sales!
  9. I meant to say "You can loose a game in a few seconds.", too much ouzo right now...that's why I got those nonsense sentances. Hah :P
  10. Is it reliable? Has anyone used it? Also 10 minutes are too long, sometimes you can use a game for a few seconds, you can never know.
  11. How could this be useful? I mean LoL as origin has a lot to offer, I doubt that anyone could build something that LoL doesn't offer, but still, thanks for sharing this. :)
  12. Gotta love Kalista, has those great movement mechanix, altho they are hard to master, I suck with her ;(
  13. Excuse me, but I cannot really understand what is this all about?