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  1. <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_multisell InsertNumberHere">Exchange AA</a> Something like this?
  2. Edit char templates also. You need to define the level and exp above 99
  3. Ever considered moving up from all the shitty free packs of Interlude of High 5? Those 2 clients were good at their respective time, anything else past that is just an abuse of decency which we all know, that's gone too. Nowadays it's just a e-war of who can get the most cash in a month before they wipe/close the server regardless of player base. Stop playing the same old & outdated crap that every 15yo can do now with all the existing packs and shares all over the forum. And the thing that bothers the most is that they think they are "developers". As I said in a previous post regarding t
  4. "Combact Expiriance" - HAHAHAHAHA this made my day! The monkey has no clue about shit...5k euro project my 2 shaved balls.... Features literally anyone can make in a few hours....crappy html website...if you can call it so... Just another money maker for 1 month or maybe 2-3 weeks... And then you wonder why L2 has gone to shit...
  5. Black Desert & Blade and Soul NA/EU will be the top 2 new MMO's at the end of 2015 and start of 2016.
  6. About fucking time! I knew Na'Vi had plans for a LoL team since 3 years ago.
  7. Uhm...that's something we also thought about and we're planning to make some changes to allow the I.O Client connect too. It will be a relief for the players that already have it and don't want to download the Ertheia Client.
  8. 603+ is Ertheia protocol and as he said he's using Mobius. Try checking their forum, Mobi has a connection guide there.