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  1. I miss the good old days..... where is everybodu>?
  2. Did you canseled the project?
  3. I'm surprised,Pharos is back!!!Nice too see you again,too much positive memories))) i wish you good luck with your project and I hope you will make the difference as you did in the past.
  4. I don't know where was Etiam but I understand Russian language and also I can read at English and Etiam shout 5 times at global chat that gm give points to micutzu.why he should do that if gm give him points to be hero?
  5. I'm not defending any1 but it's more than 500,log by yourself and check it if you want,all areas is full of people,even catacombs 20-30 have many people,from the other side I log at tales yesterday, I liked the server but,server is empty,sad but true.as history shows us,people don't care if the project is good or corrupted or bugged,the only thing that matter is the online number and Era won this time
  6. Well...we(all l2 players) played a lot of servers in the past that was unbalanced/corrupted etc but we are still here and hope for something decent(at 2017 lol).i remember when I meet you for the 1st time with my dagger at oly with my +8 vorpal set and I received 6k (without FS) from you.I didn't say that averia is the perfect server but at least this time without customs staffs maybe it will be better and we can have some fun
  7. With or without girls doesn't matter,they have good online and there is a lot of fun(at least from the start of server)and now without this customs sh.ts it will be awesome.Good luck and cya in game
  8. You're wrong,L2 is a perfect game and there is still a lot of fun.The only problem is the EU community,they definitely kill that game at Europe
  9. Sure...he is also second at the Forbes list
  10. and i was wondering why no1 make a topic about this server,finally the last day before G.O you make one :D
  11. there isn't any super pvp class at L2, in some sh1t servers ofcourse there is advantage at some classes but most things depends of your hands and brain
  12. absolutely true,if the server is "too easy" they play for 2-3 weeks and leave,if the server is too hard they play for 1 month maybe 2 and leave again.