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  1. Open Beta Test successfully launched! Grand Opening - 31 th OCTOBER! L2TALES - THE FINAL - BRATVA x15 https://l2tales.com/ JOIN THE OBT OF THE FINAL TALES, BRATVA X15
  2. L2 Tales Bratva - High Five x15 Facebook Event & Win 30 donation Pounds for FREE! Facebook Event Website
  3. Introducing the new unique dress me system, 7 days left for the open beta so you can test it. BETA opening: 25th October Registrations opened at https://forum.l2tales.com
  4. The Final Tales - BRATVA x15 official announcement has been published in our forums. Grand Opening: 30th October Beta Opening: 25th October https://l2tales.com
  5. UNIQUE Dress me system with unlimited suits, weapons, cloaks, shields & accessories! GRAND Opening: 30th October BETA Opening: 25th October https://l2tales.com
  6. The Final Tales High Five - BRATVA x15 Grand Opening: 30th October BETA Opening: 25th October Some of our NEW features you will find in this project: UNIQUE! Farm Assistant similar to Lineage II Classic. Farm Assistant feature allows you to kill monsters automatically, like on newest game versions. UNIQUE! Wardrobe system that saves every purchase. You can buy it once on every item and changes as many looks as you like. A lot of upgrades & improvements to our UNIQUE Bidding and Auction market Improvement
  7. The Black Mambas x50 coming up Today. Server is turning to PvP Mode, with easier farm and equipment catchup for everyone. Update Details: http://bit.ly/blackmambasx50 Update Date: 12 August - 19:00.
  8. Tuesday 25 July - 1st Valakas Carnage.(20:30 CEST) A Good vs Evil Massacre for the Necklace of the Red Dragon! L2Era Players - Treasure Bundle II. Promo Code: "froml2era2" Bundle details: http://bit.ly/froml2era2
  9. L2Era Players Welcome Bonuses 72H Limited. From Friday 14 July to Monday 17 July! Promo Code: froml2era - use it in www.l2tales.com (ingame this Friday) 2500+ REAL ONLINE, NO DONATIONS SERVER with FULL Antibot Protection!
  10. Today 12 July from 20:00 to 22:00 Double Rates Event for 2 hours! www.l2tales.com 2500+ REAL ONLINE, NO DONATIONS SERVER with FULL Antibot Protection!
  11. If you log now, you should have premium.If not open a petition
  12. After our last update we decreased all the prices for no grade till s grade equipment.Also we added Dynasty Equipment on GM Shop for Adena.so it is pretty easy for every new player.
  13. The Newbie Helper's Update is ready! All the new players on the server, they may now enjoy their bonuses and better prices on the GM Shop, as well as the Dynasty armors for adena. NO DONATIONS SERVER with FULL Antibot Protection! www.l2tales.com
  14. This Sunday 20:00 Aden Castle Capture Siege Event 1500 DP for winning Aden Castle! 20 Fa for all participants. All rest sieges will take place at 17:00. Good luck!
  15. 2 vs 2 Tournament Today at 19:00 server time! Prepare your team and a-grade equip for event. Registration opened! Good luck to Everyone! Register on: http://lineage2tales.com/forum/index.php?topic=1085.0