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Found 15 results

  1. L2 Shrine Gracia Epilogue L2off lowrate NO donate, NO buffer, NO GM shop 4x EXP/SP, 2.5x drop/spoil, 3x adena Retail settings Offline trade, expon/expoff Planned continuous update to Freya More info on our website: https://l2shrine.com/en/
  2. Meet the last summer days in the warmth and care of our girls! August low-rate server x7 by Averia.ws project! We are guarantee high starting online, successful start and stable work of the project!​ ShadowsBad, enemydown, Irreale - this is only a small part of the clans that will go on Averia х7 We have really big advertising campaign, because its not a secret that we are investing heavily in an advertising campaign not only on Russian but also on international markets, collecting the best and huge online! Today we will begin active branding of resources, email newsletters, contextual advertising in Google and Yandex, you will not escape Facebook and announcements of new servers. Closer to the start will begin SMS-sending for the audience from all over the world! A little bit about the concept of the future servers: Summer x7 will be a fit for everyone! A simplified exping let you not worry about lost % during PVP, it will create on the server the continuous battles and the fun in any location at any level.However, extraction of resource, enchant scrolls, attributes, epic jewelry and equipment generally is more complicated and close to the low-rate concept. The absence of the buffer in Alt+b will further update bards and supports! Game client Updater Grand opening is on 4th August 2017 at 7:00 PM (GMT+3) General rates: Exp: x7 SP: x7 Adena: x6 Drop: х6 Spoil: х5 Quest Reward: x2 Quest Items: x3 Epaulettes: x4 RaidBoss: х3 Olympic battles on the Averia!​ This time we won't give bonuses for Olympiad on OBT, but we will give very good reward for all heroes on live server!!!​ Olympic battles on Averia! For the hero that received on 15th August - 2000 WMR to each hero For the hero that received on 1st September - 3000 WMR to each hero + golden statue in Aden (in the future, when we will merge servers, will be making heroes' gallery, where these statues will be moved, indicating on which server and when they were received) For the hero that received on 15th September- 2500 WMR to each hero For the hero that received on 1st October октября - 2500 WMR to each hero ​ We will do everything possible, To ensure a good advertising campaign, a steady influx of new players, in this case, the action will be held on the server x7 regular, every 1 and 15 days of the month. ​ Some rules:​ If you took hero for 2 characters - you will get reward only for 1. On olympiad we will be checking on HWID / IP If you think that someone grow his status using twinks - we can't help. Monitor your competitors. Everybody are in absolutely equal conditions. You can get your reward in WMZ / QIWI or in Avers with 50% bonus Prizes will be given within 3 days after the end of the next period, if you did not PMed to Betty on the forum, to get your reward, then your bonus goes to the fund of hungry zebras of Africa. ​ In game commands: .gift - daily reward; .reward - bonuses for the owners of Premium account; .claninfo - clan management service; .clanblock NICK 0-240 - block the clan chat for a specified player for 0-240 minutes (only for clan leaders); .buff - using a saved buff scheme; .target - list nearby of NPC; .clanblock NICK 0-240 - block the clan chat for a specified player for 0-240 minutes (only for clan leaders); .auto - automatic СР / HР / МР potion use (you can set % ingame); .7rb - shows what kind of Bosses you have killed; .hellbound - shows the current level of Hellbound .arena - teleportation on PvP-arena, you're able to earn Avers and Fame for PvP wins; .talisman - combine all same talismans into one talisman; .ncrelog - for clean your game cache, without leaving a group/instance/game it self; .attribute - automatic attribution (made for lazy player); .bot - target the suspected player, and write .bot voice command, this player will be checked by our bot hunter team, that works most of the day; .augment - automatic augmentation for Jewels & Weapons; .cfg - character menu, able to change language/chat filter/buff animations on-off/offline buff store/shop and more functions; .premium - check premium status of your current group (this way you can check if anyone from your group is not an premium member); most likely PA will not be on X50 .whoami - detailed information about your character; .offline - Offline trade (Free); .clan - delegate Clan warehouse privilegs to another clan member; .skill - earn skills without being next to NPC, autolearning can be enabled/disabled in .cfg and you can use thic command to learn skills;
  3. GRAND OPENING TODAY! Dear player, we are glad to see you! We are pleased to present to you a short description of our server. Our server was tested many times and worked out to bring the maximum balance as for low level game, as well as for high level. We know that Lineage 2 - High FIve is not a new chronicle anymore and many of you already know everything about them, but we tried to make the game as fun as possible and still keep some difficulty in the game, so you could feel every aspect of it. ~ Server Description: Rate XP/SP: x10. Rate Adena: x7. Drop: x7 (Chance: Increased or decreased drop amount depending on item chance. Aka Asofe, Animal Bone...). Quest Reward/XP/SP: x5 (Many quests have amount of drops increased). Buff Time: Retail Like, according to official data. Class and Subclass: ​1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Transfer: ​1st Class: 250.000 Adenas (250k). 2nd Class: 1.300.000 Adenas (1.3kk). 3rd Class: Retail Like or by Euphoria Coin. Sublass: Retail Like. Noblesse Quest: Retail Like. ~ World Features: Newbie Helper: Retail like. Cursed Weapons: A bit of drop chance is increased. Grand Olympiad: Start on April, 01. Seven Signs: Start on April, 01. Number per Client HWID/IP: 04 Skill Learn: Retail Like. Loot: Olny Adena are Auto Loot. Offline System: Create your store and type .store command. Duration: 30 days; Price: 1.500 Adenas; Minimum Level: 10. First Sieges: Without definition from now on. Party System: Increase XP/SP depending of amount of players in party. (More details ASAP). Raid Boss and Epic Boss Spawn: Retail Like. ~ Game Commands: Turn on/off XP/SP: .expmod Set Offline Shop: .store Repair your another char: .repair Trade Refusal: .traderefusal Block Soulhost/BSShot Anime: .blockshotsanime ~ Server Interface: Classic Bag: Classic Experience Bar and Commands: ~ Protection (Client and Serverside): The grand opening is scheduled for the next day April 1 at 16:00 GMT GMT-3 SITE: http://lineage2euphoria.com/ FaceBook fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/euphoriahi5/
  4. (EN) We would like to inform the opening of a non-profit end server, where we cherish is only a good match for your enjoyment and quality of services offered. In order to guarantee a great gameplay, we decided to leave the retail server and to try to make consistent with the current reality of the players we chose the following configuration: 1-NPC Free Buffer, lasting 2 hours in all cities, avoiding the creation of various media just to get buffs. 2 Auto Learn Skills, as will upando level you will gain the skills automatically. 3 Herbs, fall on the ground to help in some potions moments hp / mp / buffs. 4 Penalty, to die you will not receive penalty for death. 5 Quests are given to all participants, not just the one who gives the last hit of the party. 6 PC Bang Point, online time with points earned can be redeemed for items in the game. BENEFITS TO BE ACQUIRED USING GAME IN TICKET DONATOR 01. VIP 30 & 60 Days 02. 1, 2 & 3 Job. 03. Title Color 04. Rename character 05. Changing sex of the character 06. Subclass 07. Noblesse 08. Rename Clan 09. Level Clan 10. Accessories 11. Potions CP / HP / MP 12. Adena We will not have jewelry, armor or weapons to exchange for tickets. Currently the creation of server system of accounts and download is not available, being released along with the launch of the BETA server on 04/11/2016. The Lineage 2 Roien BETA is ONLINE on 4/11/2016, staying for 10 days and being closed on 14/11/2016. The official Roien launch will take place on 19.11.2016, join your friends and come join this adventure. (PT-BR) Gostaríamos de informar a abertura de um servidor sem fim lucrativos, onde o que prezamos é apenas um bom jogo para a sua diversão e qualidade nos serviços oferecidos. Afim de garantir uma ótima jogabilidade, resolvemos deixar o servidor retail e para tentar deixar coerente com a realidade atual dos jogadores optamos pela seguinte configuração: 1-NPC Buffer Free, com duração de 2 horas em todas as cidades, evitando a criação de vários suportes apenas para conseguirem buffs. 2- Auto Learn Skills, conforme vai upando level você ganhará as skills automaticamente. 3- Herbs, cairão no chão para ajudar em alguns momentos potions de hp/mp/buffs. 4- Penalidade, ao morrer você não receberá penalidade por morte. 5- Quests, são entregues a todos os participantes e não apenas aquele que der o último hit da party. 6- PC Bang Point, pontos ganhos com tempo online podem ser trocados por item dentro do jogo. BENEFÍCIOS QUE PODEM SER ADQUIRIDOS DENTRO DO JOGO UTILIZANDO TICKET DONATOR 01. VIP 30 & 60 Dias 02. 1, 2 & 3 Job. 03. Cor do Título 04. Renomear personagem 05. Mudar sexo do personagem 06. Subclass 07. Nobless 08. Renomear Clã 09. Level Clã 10. Acessórios 11. Potions CP/HP/MP 12. Adena Não teremos joias, armor ou weapons para troca em tickets. Atualmente a criação de contas e download da system do servidor não esta disponível, sendo liberado junto com o lançamento do servidor BETA no dia 04/11/2016. O Lineage 2 Roien BETA estará ONLINE no dia 04/11/2016, permanecendo por 10 dias e sendo encerrado no dia 14/11/2016. O lançamento Roien oficial, será no dia 19/11/2016, junte seus amigos e venha participar desta aventura.
  5. http://www.lineage2anima.com/ Server Rate: Xp/Sp: 5x Drop: 5x Spoil: 5x Adena: 5x Quest drop: 3x Server Info : Enchant : Safe +3 / Max +16 Attribute stone 60% Attribute Crystal 45% Dualbox enable Dedicated ts3 server PvP-tournament Npc No Gmshop / No Npc Buffer Custom Visual Weapon/armor Open Beta up Server start 19/05 21:00 gmt +2
  6. Website / Forum Grand Opening: 15.2.2015 SERVER * Chronicle: Interlude c6 [L2off] * International Community * Retail time for buffs * Dedicated 24 slots for Buff Skills * Dedicated 12 slots for Dance/Song Skills * Dedicated 12 slots for Debuff Skills * Autopickup on/off mode. * Full and retail augmentation system * Working shadow weapon system to help you in start * Manor / fishing / sieges / clan halls / pets etc... * Every single raid boss, including Frintezza, Ice Fairy Sirra, Benom, Sailren, Uruka... * Every single Interlude quest, including clan quest, dinosaurs, Frintezza, Sirra etc... * Every single skill, including fusion ones * Offline shops (offline ticket) * Combo buffs with retail time * Skill Certification System * Olimpiad (fully 100% retail) * IL clan system * the most complete geodata ever seen * Self-cleaning drops after certain time * Custom offline shop mod * 99% of new up to IL quests * And many, many other... Anti-bot: * Full protection against every bot type, including IG/OOG walker, net, swift etc. * Dualbox customization * Excellent optimalization system * Anti-Debugger Api * Protection against hlapex, l2phx and any other memory invader soft * Blocked execution in Virtual Machines * External Files CRC checks * And much more... Hardware * Intel Core i7 * 36 GB Raptor 15k RPM HDD 16MB Cache (OS Drive) * 72 GB Raptor 15k RPM HDD 16MB Cache (Auth, Server, NPCs) * 250 GB SATAII 7200 RPM 16MB Cache (Backup Drive) * 24 GB DDR3 Database Server: * Intel Dual Core Xeon 5150 * 36 GB Raptor 15k RPM HDD 16MB Cache (OS Drive + CacheD) * 64 GB Raptor 15k RPM HDD 16MB Cache (SQL Drive) * 300 GB SATAII 7200 RPM 16MB Cache (Backup Drive) * 12 GB DDR3 *Server is prepared for hold about 3-4k players.
  7. We are an EU based Clan who will be playing Lineage 2 Classic on this server - Lineage 2 Classic Classic is a Prelude-c4 themed Lineage with a 2015 Client (Official Classic servers in Russia and Korea) You can follow the link to learn more, download files, sign up to their forum and make a game account! We will strive to work together, steadily grow and carve out our place on this server. Our emblem and names will be recognised, we'll be known serverwide; like minded players will then be attracted to us and we'll grow: let's see where it takes us. Please refer to our website for full details - Home And our Application form - Apply Here! Looking forward to reading your application, Googleboon.
  8. Lineage 2 Sorellanza Server Rates: Rate Experiencia: 10x Rate partyexp: 1.2x Rate Skill points: 10x Rate Drop Adena: 10x Rate Drop Spoil: 7x Rate Drop Item: 1x Rate Quest Drop: 2x Caracteristicas: Class Master: 1kk / 3kk / 10kk GK Global Teleport. (Solo se podran viajar a todas las ciudades y cata/necro) Npc Buffer (Solo por evento) Buff amount 24+4 Auto Pick Up (No Raid Boss) Skills auto aprendibles. (No Divine Inspiration) Olimpiadas cada 30 dias. Vote system. Trade/Craft Champion System. Dual box permitido (2 ventanas maximo) Offline Shop (Sentarse a vender y cerrar el juego) Offline Craft Merchant of Mammon Blacksmith of Mammon Gold Bar System Restart automaticos todos los dias a las 12:00hs Anti-Bot System Para mas informacion visita nuestra pagina web: L2 Sorellanza No olvides darnos LINKE en Facebook :
  9. November the first will be the opening date for our new complex of servers Lineagera.com!​ Our first server will be High Five with 9x rates.Said server will be based upon legit retail files and no custom-made defectiveness. That means that you will have access to every High Five feature there is. We have already started a huge advertising campaign targeting both Russian and international Lineage 2 top lists. You can find additional information about our advertising campaign here. Open beta test is coming soon! Open beta will take place on the 11th of October at 20:00 (GMT +3). Additional information about it can be found here. Platform We’re using retail L2OFF High Five chronicle files with all known bugs fixed and with all features working as they should. Our Lineage 2 server platform version is stated as final release – it has been used in live-state global servers in Korea and Russia with thousands players online. We also have very good protection system against 3rd party software (anti-bot) – if you’ll try to use any forbidden software during the game, make sure that you won’t start crying, because you’ll get instant PC ban. Protection system is based on your unique PC/laptop hardware ID, so changing your IP address won’t help to bypass the security system. We took care and about very strong protection against DDoS attacks (Stormwall.pro + DDoS Guard). All our network channels are fully proxied and they have very fast inbound and outbound network speed. So you can be sure that you’re playing in the best protected and bug-free Lineage 2 international server! Features • Totally classic and retail gameplay. • Constant events and real-life prizes! • Very strong anti-DDoS ant anti-bot systems. • Offline trade function – to save your computer’s health over the night clear.png • Minimal donation possibilities: (Read more) Rates High Five server rates base is 9x. But some of other server rates have been adjusted to match the best gameplay and they are: • Adena/EXP/SP: amount 9х • Seal stones: amount 9x • Adena, Seal stones: chance 70% • Drop: chance 3x, amount 1x • Spoil: chance 3x, amount 1x • Quest items: amount 2x (not for all quests – read below) • Raidboss drop: chance 2x, amount 1x, Adena 3x • Epic drop: chance 1x, amount 1x, Adena 1x • Knight Epaulette 2x • Manor 2x • Fishing 2x Increased drop amount for vital quests (2x): – Alliance with Ketra Orcs – Alliance with Varka Silenos – An Ice Merchant’s Dream – A Powerful Primeval Creature – Clean up the Swamp of Screams – Coins of magic – Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/Part 2 – For Sleepless Deadmen – Gather the flames – In Search of Fragments of Dimension – Illegitimate Child of A Goddess – Legacy of Insolence – Supplier of Regeants – The Finest Food – The Finest Ingredients – Part 1 – War with Ketra Orcs – War with Varka Silenos – Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/Part 2 – Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe – Relics of the old empire – Yoke of the Past Buffs NPC Buffer, 30 min Buff-time (PP, SE, EE, Songs and Dances). Buffs only first and second occupations inclusive. Valid time for effects available from NPC buffers and players. • Max Buffs: 28 + 4 • Max Dances/Songs: 12 Enchants • Enchant safe : +3 • Enchant chance : retail-like Other • MP potions (balanced for 9x rates price and reuse time 60 sec) (?) • Autoloot system enabled (?) • Offline trade enabled • Subclass - full quest • Noblesse - full quest Donations • Donation system that does not affect the in-game balance • All donations are to maintain the optimal structure of the server. The rewards available to donors are the same as any player can get without giving. Our server does not have any intent to benefit donors with unusual advantages, this is totally against the principles of ethics of our server. (View full list of donations here)
  10. Server: http://lineage-destiny.net/ x3 INTERLUDE I sell adena there. Contact: Private message on forum. Skype: theone22401
  11. Do you play on Interlude/C5 server? Do you need adena/items there? Just leave me message, I will help you ;) contact: private message here on forum email: theone2240@gmail.com
  12. We would like to announce start of Tellus project. This project will run as Interlude in low-middle rates. As we have many suggestion about server rates we decided to let the rates question on players. So right now you can vote for 1 of 3 server options. The variants are as follow: 7x rates - no buffer, no gm shop, no mp pots - retail like 15x rates - npc buffer with basic buffs, gm shop till B - midrate like 30x rates - npc buffer full except resists, gm shop till B - fast midrate like What can you expect from this project? Last time on test server we had over 800 online players and rising. Our server is NOT based on usually used "downloaded" java files. We are using our own core that was in development for mony months and that can provide you absolutelly fluet gameplay without any delays and problems. We focused on retail like gaming and improved by pvp aspects so players will be able to enjoy gameplay as it is possible. Our staff can provide you 24/7 support (ingame, email, skype) and kindly solve any kind of problem, suggestion you can imagine. Server also has comercial Geodats in various types, so in case of any problems we can swtich them to better one in few minutes. We use dedicated server machine with 1Gbp/s connection and unlimited Ddos traffic protection, that guarantee no attackers and fluent gameplay for you. Server Beta mode starts on Monday - Tuesday (18-19. 8). Please vote for 1 of 3 options of server Rates and settings - Here. www.l2tellus.eu Exp / SP= 7x/15x/30x Adena = 7x/20x/35x Drop = 7x/10x/15x Spoil = 7x/10x/15x Quest = 7x/10x/10x PartyXp = 1.5 Manor = 1x Rb drop = 5x Grandboss drop = 1x NPC GM Shop* - N grade to B grade - (A/S grade is craftable) - Mats / Recipes shop - Crafter in shop (more expensive then usualy crafters) NPC Buffer + VIP Buffer* Scheme buffer - Bufftime 2 Hrs (pet buffs 5mins) - 24+4 Buffslots - autolearn (not divine inspiration) - spellbooks drop - deleted* - low grade keys deleted * NPC Delevel (blocks skills that are not propriete for current level) NPC Password Changer NPC Wedding manager NPC Nickname+title color manager NPC Auction Item Manager NPC Clan reputation manager NPC CastleManager - all castles registrations in one Olympiad challenge system - looser gets recommends, horoes can buy donate coins Special Doubled Bot protection (more info on Forum) 15 Automatic Events - CFG, TVT, DM, Quiz + Gm events (rullete, dice championship...) Special NOTrade zones - noone is able to trade near GK Special Unique AI RB - similiar to Epic boss Special Community Board Champions system Buffsell system Weight limit Increased* 3 Transformation items - just to look different (out of oly, pvp...protected) Subclass - Free* - without quest Nobless* - Caradine letter lvl 65 (adena + MSS) - you have to kill the barakiel Enchants: Safe +3 (fullparts +4) Max +16 Chance normal 55% Chance blessed 60% Quests: - Zero hour reward 2x - Toi Quest rates - increased drop - Giants Cave quest - increased drop Voting system: - Every 5 votes = 5 Special Reward Chest (random reward) - Vote manager - you can get vote reward just for you without waiting - Champion Medals can be traded for Special Reward Chests. Lifestones - Dropable from Tyrannos - 1+1 augments (1active + 1passive / 1 chance) - Nuker augements - 3 sec Reuse - Chances: No grade: 3 %, Mid grade: 5 %, High grade: 10 %, Top grade stone: 15 % Raid Bosses: - Classic Raidbosses respawn - 20-24 hrs - Barakiel respawn - 5-6Hrs (75lvl) Retail like - no more bugging Baium, Zaken, QA, no java like bugs Core 20+1 Queen Ant 22+2 (Characters 49+ lvl cant across the river) Orfen 26+2 Zaken 40+4 Frintezza 48+6 Baium 72+3 Antharas 96+3 Valakas 108+3 .menu - improved character settings .buffmenu - you can disable unwanted active buffs .blockbuff - turn on buff protection shield. .droplist - you can check npc droplist (or shift +target) .reportbot - you can report bot in to GMs*(more info in Forum) Around 50 commands *NOTE: features marked with * symbol, will be just on 15x/30x rate. Features will be adapted to choosen rates.
  13. Your dream server come true Gracia Final 7x Proffessional Staff and gameplay Events and Rewards Active, Skilled and Loyal Staff Join us You won't regret a moment. Rates Exp : x7 Sp: x7 Party Exp: x1.5 Party Sp: x1.5 Adena Drop: x5 Consumables Drop: x5 Drop Items: x5 Raid Drop Items: x1 /adena x5 Spoil Drop: x7 Quest Drop: x5 Quest Rewards: x2 Seal Stones: x5 Epaulettes: x2 Safe Enchant: +3 | Max Enchant: Unlimited Enchant rate for weapons 58% Enchant Rate for Armors: 60% Buff slots and Duration Buffs: 20+4 Divine Inspiration Normal Buffs: 19 min Dances & Songs: 2min Cov, prophecies: 5 min Cat, unicorn: 2 min 6 Debuff slots (Retail) Other Features Epic Quests Retail Systems Pretty good balance between classes Bugless & Lagless gameplay Fully working clan system, sieges Retail gameplay without custom items Seven Signs Festival Four Sepulchers Dimension Rift Wedding System Lottery Fishing Tournament Flood Protection Delevel Karma Protection Crafting Community Board Antibot Protection Geodata & Pathnodes Retail Olympiad System (Classed: 5 / Non-Classed: 9. From 6pm to 10pm GMT+2) Nobless Retail Quest Subclass Retail Quest Class Upgrade Retail Quest Olympiad Period: 2 Weeks Grand Bosses Retail Allowed Boxes per PC: 2 Fully working Gracia Final skills Fully retail like skills Fully working clan system Fully working Territory war system Fully working instances system PvP points counts normally in siege territories same for Fortresses too. The hours of sieges will not be the same as olympiads. Example:Oly time 6-10pm/Siege time 10-12pm. Olympiad will be only 4 hours in order to have more challenge and prevent feeding issues. WEBSITE: http://goryfeast.com/ FORUM: http://forums.goryfeast.com/
  14. Hello players! L2Indigo Interlude MultiSkill! Rates: XP x7 SP x7 Spoil x7 Drop x7 Adena x7 QuestRate x5 QuestReward x1 Seal Stones x7 ManorSeed x3 ManorExchange x1 Enchant Rates: Safe enchant +3 (fullbody +4); Max enchant +16 Normal enchant rate: Dynamic Blessed enchant rate: Dynamic Others: Buffs with command, no npc. Buff time for buff/dance/song/prophecy is 30 min. Summons retail. No GM shop in the server, retail like. Special Shop NPC with some necessary items. Global GK only 7S and PI. Normal GK exist in each town. Ocupations: First - 10k, Second - 200k, Third with quest. Sub-class with quest!(Some quest items are in Special Shop) Nobless with quest, retail. Barakiel retail respawn. Inventory and Warehouse slots are increased for all classes. Olympiad every day for 2 hours, start 9PM GMT+3. Olympiad period 1 month. Sieges on every 2 weeks. Epic RBs - retail, Drop x1. Craft of Epic boss jewels. You can craft Valakas necklace, Antharas and Zaken earings, Baium and AQ rings. The craft is very expensive! No Blue Mobs spoil and drop. Vip Menu item in all newborn chars. That's it! We keep working and updating it in order to make it better. Come and play! Website: http://l2indigo.com I would like to ask you, not to advertise our server in other servers or their forums. There is no honour in that and it doesn't speak good for our server. Thank you in advance! See you around!
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