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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all , I would like to know is it is there any lineage GOD / ertheia / infinite odyssey / hellios etc . multi skills servers . I searched all over google but without any luck . Dose any of you know any ?
  2. Hello, Is there any possibility of creating a tool for snatching skills from other classes to my main class? I'd try phx, but can't find any version that was said to work with IO / Helios client. What do I mean by snatching: Taking a single/few skill/s from other classes (not all - I was thinking more about passives than actives) to main / dual class. Cheers :P
  3. Multiskill x100 Rates: XP x100 - SP x1 Drop x1 - Adena x30 Spoil x10 - party x2 Enchant: Safe 3 - Max 20 Armor - Max 25 Weapons FULL PVP
  4. Looking for High Five server of these types: MultiSkill StackSub Enchant 100+
  5. Hello. I am looking for an interlude faction server that includes dusk weapons and a special (kinda multiskill) feature. That feature goes like this: when a certain requirement is met, you can choose 1 (only 1) extra skill from another class inside your race or even from other races...! Am i asking too much? ^^
  6. Hey guys. I wonder if somebody wants to come up with something new,like multiskill low rate high five,i have seen some servers like I would definately join such a server and i think many ppl would do so because they are bored of current mid rates (same thing every time),but eu not ru ☺ .
  7. Lineage 2 BYOC Server Features Rates Exp: x10 Sp: x10 Drop: x5 Spoil: x5 Quest: x3 Raid Boss: x3 Epic Boss: x1 Enchant Info Min: +4 Max: +16 Normal Rate: 69% Blessed Rate: 66% Crystal Rate: 63% Buff Info Normal: 40 min Improved: 40 min Dances: 10 min Prophecys: 10 min Slots: 24+4/14 General Info Auto Loot: ON Raid Loot: OFF Skill Learn: BYOC System Olympiad: 3 Hours (Late night) Oly Period: 15 Days Lineage 2 BYOC Class System - Multiskill New Character Create your character and start leveling, when you reach Lv 20 (1st class change) you will automatically get "1st skill scroll" in your inventory. Now go to Giran Einhasad Temple and talk to NPC BYOC. He will explain in full detail the system. He will give you your first skill scrolls and the class symbol you are in. Skill Scrolls We have High, Mid and Low Skill Scrolls. This are used to learn High, Mid and Low skills from the Class Tree that our character is. Different class trees start with different ammount of skill scrolls, in terms of balance. Class Trees Force Masters: Gladiator, Tyrants & Soulhound. Weapon Masters: Destroyer, Berserker, Warlord & Dwarves. Shield Masters: Paladin, Dark Avenger, Shillien Knight & Temple Knight. Bards: Sword Singer & Blade Dancer. Enchanters: Porphet, Overlord & Warcryer. Healers: Bishop, Elven Elder & Shillien Elder. Summoners: Warlock, Elemental Summoner & Phantom Summoner. Nukers: Sorceror, Necromancer, Spellsinger & Spellhowler. Rogues: Treasure Hunter, Plains Walker & Abyss Walker. Snipers: Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger & Trickster. 3rd Class Change By the BYOC system you will only learn skills from Lv 20 to Lv75. When you reach your 3rd class change, you will autolearn the class skills the retail way from Lv76 to Lv85. You can also get more skill scrolls to learn further skills by killing raids, doing retail quests and by achieveing hero status. BYOC skill learning for dummies: Self Explanatory Videos Beta Server Period: From March 14 to 19. (More than 500+ characters created) Live Server Opening: Saturday March 21sth 00hs Web: Facebook:
  8. Frenzy Interlude 50x – Stack Sub Web: FallenL2 community Forum: FallenL2 ? Index page Facebook: Info: StackSub (1+1, Same Race Only) (CAN make stacksub on Retail subs as well) Rates: 50x Offline Shops (24 hours) Auto Loot (Not on raids) 1st, 2nd class change in town, 3rd by quest with HIGH increase in items drop rate Alternate Retail/Noble quests (much easier) Vote Rewards Economy: No spellbooks required for skills Lux shop sells TOP C and B grade! Rest of gear is acquired by farming/raids! You will love our raids Buffs: Retail PP/SE/EE/WC/OL (20 min) 5 min Dance/Song/Prophecies Buffer @ all starting towns (Free buffs until level 60, then you exchange a vote coin for buffs) NPC Buffer has PP/SE/EE/SWS/BD buffs (Limited supply of buffs from each class) (All NPC buffs last 1 hour) Enchants: Normal enchants are ~60% chance and blessed are ~67% Safe +3 Max +20 Custom Work: Starting gear for all players (Top No-Grade & infinite shots) Dual Swords not required to Dance Ketra/Varka quests give double reward No Clan Penalty Backstab as many clans as you want before siege time! Interlude A grade weapons added to raids & Vote Shop Vote Rewards! (This is KEY, huge rewards for voting) Hell Spawns (You need to see this!) All Epic bosses drop Books of Giants Instant flag when attacking raids Queen Ant & Zaken raised to level 80 with better stats PVP Zone on all Epics (Zaken, Baium, Queen Ant, etc) Spawn Protection on teleporting All Mobs show drops/spoil under name w/stats Exp OFF command (.Menu options) Custom mana potion system (Healers can craft) Hero Status is Bi-Weekly (Every other week!) Dualbox limited to 5 clients per IP
  9. Come play the best l2 stack sub pvp c4! 30x xp NO GRIND! Free Stack sub @ lv78 All working features c4 Ingame GM events! NPC Buffers Special money shop NO DONATE! Mana potions New L2 Private server 2015! Now open! JOIN! NEW SERVER JUST OPENED!
  10. Hello players! L2Indigo Interlude MultiSkill! Rates: XP x7 SP x7 Spoil x7 Drop x7 Adena x7 QuestRate x5 QuestReward x1 Seal Stones x7 ManorSeed x3 ManorExchange x1 Enchant Rates: Safe enchant +3 (fullbody +4); Max enchant +16 Normal enchant rate: Dynamic Blessed enchant rate: Dynamic Others: Buffs with command, no npc. Buff time for buff/dance/song/prophecy is 30 min. Summons retail. No GM shop in the server, retail like. Special Shop NPC with some necessary items. Global GK only 7S and PI. Normal GK exist in each town. Ocupations: First - 10k, Second - 200k, Third with quest. Sub-class with quest!(Some quest items are in Special Shop) Nobless with quest, retail. Barakiel retail respawn. Inventory and Warehouse slots are increased for all classes. Olympiad every day for 2 hours, start 9PM GMT+3. Olympiad period 1 month. Sieges on every 2 weeks. Epic RBs - retail, Drop x1. Craft of Epic boss jewels. You can craft Valakas necklace, Antharas and Zaken earings, Baium and AQ rings. The craft is very expensive! No Blue Mobs spoil and drop. Vip Menu item in all newborn chars. That's it! We keep working and updating it in order to make it better. Come and play! Website: I would like to ask you, not to advertise our server in other servers or their forums. There is no honour in that and it doesn't speak good for our server. Thank you in advance! See you around!