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  1. NevesOma helped me with some client modifications. He did great job, I didn't expect so much. You rock dude! Thank you very much!
  2. When I minimize the game and then maximize it again it freeze. Nothing can be done, the whole game is like frozen. You can only close it by Task Manager or Alt+F4. Is there someone who can fix it? This is the error: https://screenshot.net/kz957tx
  3. Come guys test the server, 4 days until the open beta ends.
  4. The new server is Custom x75. All classes are with extra added skills. Its something very interesting and fun. The Open Beta started today 14.02.2014. It will end on 21.02.2014 when will be wiped and will start officially. Here are some of the features: Custom rates: XP/SP x75 Adena x75 Drop/RB drop x1 QuestDrop x10 QuestReward x1 Enchant Rates: Enchant rate W/A/J: 60% Safe enchant +6 ; Max enchant +12 Above +6 if enchanting fail the item go down to +6 not 0. Others: Auto-loot is enabled. Doesn`t apply for Bosses. Character Password is enabled, for additional security. Vip Menu item in every char`s inventory. Contain: GM shop, Buffer, GK, Castle Manager and some useful options. GM shop up to S grade. Free B grade. Buff time for buffs/dance/song/prophecy is 2 hours. Other buffs with some exceptions are retail. All new chars are born level 80, no need to level-up. When adding a sub-class, its already level 80. Global GK with all important teleport locations. Castle Sieges every week. Olympiad every day for 2 hours, start 11PM by site clock. Olympiad period ends in Sunday every week. 3 Farm Zones Easy, Normal(flag) and Clan(flag), all with special items for drop. Academy system is not in use. Instead you can get Academy Points from PvP in Clan Zone. Epic RBs(all 80 lvl) have respawn 3 days, Jewels drop rate 30%. Epic Jewels Craft on AQ, Zaken, Baium, Antharas and Valakas jewels. PvP System with levels and rewards. Come and join the Open Beta test! http://l2indigo.com
  5. Maybe you updated with old system folder in your game directory. Delete your system and update the game with our updater.
  6. 4 hours before the Official Start...
  7. Less than 1 day before the Official Start!
  8. 3 days left before the grand opening!
  9. It's true what lame69 said. You can't see insane stuff here. And buff/skill choice affect your gameplay. You can't use everything and that's what makes the game more interesting.
  10. All armor masteries cost a lot of SP, also you can learn skills only on your lvl. For example: you can't learn skill for 40lvl if you are 30lvl. So you may "hit like a dog" at the end game, when you are 76++, but not before that. :) Not to mention, that all skills from other classes and races are also more expensive. No one will be one-man-army on 50,60,70 lvl, and not even on 80 lvl, although it will be very powerful then.
  11. Then sorry to dissapoint you, but you have no idea what kind of server we made. You judge by previous experience. Which is understandable and most people do just like you. In our server however you can't run with maximum buffs, also skills are with retail time and in order to use more skills you must sacrifice buff slots. It's not the next-attack-spam server. However, we can talk here all the time, but if a player doesn't join and see for himself, he won't be able to understand the server only from the info. I repeat, it's not just another multiskill server.
  12. Yes it is Interlude Multiskill x7. We have another server Mid-rate x30, but unfortunately there is almost no one playing in it. Although we manage both of them, when all players left the Mid-rate we will close it. Multiskill server on other hand is in open beta until 01.11. Once the beta is over we will start officially after wipe. What's important to know about the multiskill is that we made it to be like old school servers. Spoil, craft and etc. No GM Shop and most quests must be made, although there are some qi in one special shop. But generally no weapons, armors, jewels and etc for sale. Everything must be handmade. No autoloot. So if you like what you read, come and play!