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  1. Nomercy multiskill x20 y x100 http://www.l2nomercymultiskill.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/538538579652852/?fref=nf
  2. Multiskill x100 Rates: XP x100 - SP x1 Drop x1 - Adena x30 Spoil x10 - party x2 Enchant: Safe 3 - Max 20 Armor - Max 25 Weapons FULL PVP http://nomercy.servegame.com/
  3. Server Nomercy chronicle: Undergroun sp: x50 xp: 50 drop: x5 adena: x8 spoil: x10 Facil farm PvP & PvE http://nomercy.servegame.com/
  4. the server is automatic account, down the system and enter https://mega.nz/#!TAdmkDaC!aNU19_8sXkCi4jFX0zbK2OiA6z3Xe0R7d5zOCx8Gpy4
  5. until level 40 only kills mobs(need all buff in comunnity alt+b), Lv40 + weapons armors items in reward
  6. Server ON- Infinite Odyssey-Ultima actualizacion xp x50 sp x50 adena x8 drop x5 spoi x10 lv maximo 107 se esta trabajando en la cuarta profecion bonus por lv en items y armas Community:Gatekkiper-solo ciudades,Buffer-skills goodes,Shop-hasta grado s84 con adena http://nomercy.servegame.com/ http://nomercy.servegame.com/
  7. 31/01/2016 server Nomercy Underground rates: sp x50 xp x50 drop x5 adena x8 spoil x10 http://nomercy.servegame.com/
  8. esta es la coneccion que da error def CLASS_NAME(case): val = "Unknow Class" try: val = CharTemplateTable.getInstance().getClassNameById(int(case)) except: val = "Unknow Class" return val aca el npc import sys from java.sql import Connection from java.sql import ResultSet from java.sql import SQLException from java.sql import Statement from java.util import HashMap from java.util import Map from java.util.logging import Level from java.util.logging import Logger from java.lang import StringBuilder from java.lang import Object from java.lang import Class from java.lang im