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  1. You should be able to run database installers if you have the proper jdk. Also check by right clicking on the installer if you can open with java runtime or try to set java runtime as default. Well, you can torrent most navicat versions anyway and they might be a bit more user friendly for beginners. But different strokes for different folks.
  2. The latest revision uses openjdk 12. Previous revisons use jdk 10 if im not mistaken.
  3. Yea, thank you for your input. I realized that a while later. Took me like 5 client downloads to find a single one with clean system that i could run properly instead of running it with an extra .bat/ini. Topic can be closed.
  4. Based on the time i was able to endure in the beta, I'd say the complete opposite. Basic gracia pride pack with little to no fixes, even the "eye candy" client-side features are hardly noticable, which ofc serve no purpose at all. Servers like crabbed, veherion or what and some other more decent pride copies (decent as far as these download/compile/change 2 things in DB and add a few shiny new wep/armor textures servers go) were miles ahead of this project. But most pride plebs flock to these servers the moment the see they "Pride name and features
  5. With 50x rates? Forget it. Even with 5x rates u can max out things in 2-3 weeks.
  6. I've downloaded classic server client and compiled it, only to realize that changing the ip address to in the L2.ini has no effect whatsoever and i can't connect to my server. Can anybody explain how can i change the server address or what file should I edit in order to redirect my game client to be able log in my server?
  7. So I looked around and... Why even bother opening a server if its full of bugs and exploits? Don't waste your and the players' time if you're not willing to put time and effort into your project...
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but what he wants is to be able to see correct drop info of mobs on a server where this feature isn't originally included in the system files. Thus, even if he has these files, they'll show incorrect info on any server that has different rates or edited drops.
  9. You won't be able to see the droplist of monsters by simply editing your client inferface and dat files only. This needs server side editing as well.
  10. You can't deceive the almighty L2NEt haha:D
  11. Well, that sounds very professional indeed... I also read discord a bit when they were doing beta, and oh boy... I usually try to give a chance to these pride and other custom servers, but when i see that people report bugs that are impossible not to notice if you spend a few hours on your server and test things a little... I could scream in agony. Also based on the website and those discord convos, I wouldn't be surprised if this is just a downloaded pre-compiled pack with some html changes...Feels like that this is also one of those "i don't even know how to change a
  12. Putting the number of online players at G.O aside, it is absolutely pointless to limit beta LOL. Wouldn't the point be to have as many ppl as possible to test stuff , find bugs and so on? OR is this supposed to be some sort of countermeasure to avoid "bad press" in case the server bad?
  13. https://www.l2nights.com It's not pride-copy, but seems very similar to pride. Custom classes, skills, accessories, items along with many other pride-style features and more.
  14. They look great, especially titan and sps skills. GL.
  15. Seems like something fresh compared to those copy-paste IL servers that popup every now and then, GL.