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  1. L2-Nights is going live this Saturday Grand Opening Date: 13th of April, 17:00 GMT +1. Site: https://l2nights.com Forum: https://www.l2nights.com/forum/index.php Get familiar with the server's features: https://l2nights.com/features.html Important Changes and New Features added During Beta Starting level is 85. Slightly easier and more rewarding Farm Zones. Auto Soulshot and SpiritShot System (including pets and summons) Bows and Crossbows no longer require arrows Non-repeatable quests now require only some PvP kills. Tablet of Vision NPC with detailed quest information Global Fortress Siege Announcements -When a clan registers. -Time left until the siege starts. -At the start of fortress siege. Special Killing Spree system during Fortress Siege and Solo PvP Zone Event System Message Log to track damage done by Damage Over Time skills. Re-added and customized judicator to be a proper fighter/semi-support class. Arcana Lord and Hell Knight received new servitors: All the changes made during beta can be viewed at the forum.
  2. Open Beta is coming this weekend ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: Tomorrow Evening - 2019.03.09 - 18:00 GMT+1. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Patch will be uploaded on the website and forum on Saturday morning, so those who are interested can download it in advance.
  3. One of the reasons for all those "custom shits" is to create a better balance between classes and provide the oppurtunity to be able to choose more than one type of build for your class. Naturally, damage, defense, attribute and other formulas have been re-written accordingly, and the majority of skills have also been adjusted. Now, I'm not saying that " I have re-invented the wheel", and certainly there will be some things that will need to be ironed out along the way. But the general idea is to make every single class fully playable and enjoyable in both PvP and PvE, (slightly similar to wow, where no matter what class you choose you do have a chance to stand your ground in any aspect of the game based on the items/talents of your choosing.) Personally, I've been playing this game since the american C1 Open Beta and while I love it a lot, I've hardly seen a more unbalanced gameplay than official or retial like servers regardless of what chronicle we're talking about. Especially if we are talking about full-buff/ high level PvP. Or how each chronicle had their extremly overpowerd classes, like daggers in C2, necros in C4, kamaels in Kamael/hellbound, or Tanks in gracia and so on. My aim is to give each class a chance to be efficient instead of being forgotten or having only the role of a "buff bot".
  4. There is no ETA yet. Most likely it will start near the end of the next week.
  5. Introducing Cloaks, Belts and Tattoos Belts, Cloaks and Tattoos provide some additional bonuses which allow you to further customize your character in anyway you'd like to. There are also a few unique Belts and Cloaks with special stats or even with an extra unique skill. These items can be obtained from Raid Bosses. Belts Tattoos Cloaks A small showcase of some custom cloaks:
  6. I'm happy to see that it piqued your interest.
  7. Event Rewards By participating in events, you can gather Event Gift Boxes, which can be exchanged at the Event Store for various goods. -Talismans with minor stat bonuses -Special +5/-3 Henna Dyes -Agathions that provide small additional bonuses And here's a small preview of the new summons:
  8. A small showcase of armor sets and accessories: Customized Armor Sets Armor sets vary from the old school beginner items to the custom added armor sets in order to create a more immersive gameplay experience. Each armor set has modified defense, where D-Grade Newbie armors have equal P.Def to retial S-Grade armors. Sets provide custom stat bonuses that increase with every Grade/Tier. ____________________________Newbie____________________________ ____________________________D-Grade____________________________ ____________________________C-Grade____________________________ ____________________________B-Grade____________________________ ____________________________A-Grade____________________________ ____________________________S-Grade____________________________ Accessories Similiar to L2-Pride, accessories provide stat bonuses that allow you to further customize your character. Hair Face Hair+Face End Game Accessories
  9. Here's is another small promo about the customized and new instances.
  10. Here's small teaser about some of the new level 84 and 85 custom skills.
  11. My bad and thank you for correcting it.
  12. Introduction L2 Nights is a heavily modfied High Five custom PvP/PvE server. As several other custom servers before, the goal is to create a unique gameplay environment by modifying, expanding and further refining character classes, item builds, and various gameplay mechanics. Without further ado, let me introduce its core features. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General Information Starting Level: 80. Maximum Level: 85. Rates: custom. Maximum Subclasses: 3. All subclasses (including kamaels) are available to other classes. PvP Name Color and Skill system. No class-based Dye restriction. Custom enchant rates are displayed during enchanting. Penalty for failure: -1 enchant level. No soulshot, arrow, healing/mana potion consumption. Olympiad Games with disabled chat, hidden names, clan crests and random race templates. Available Fortress siege every 8 hours with custom rewards and fortress skills. Castle Siege at every weekend with custom rewards and castle skills. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Custom Community Board Event Information Detailed Character Stats Top PvP/Pk/Level/Fame list Raid Boss List with Tracking option Useful Commands Clan List ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Classes and Skills Every single class has been customized/balanced to some extent without exceptions. Support, summoner, tank, dwarven classes have been heavily modfied. There are no weak classes in either PvP or PvE. You can learn much more about all the major class changes on the server's site. Most skills, including 1st/2nd class skills, have been modfied / balanced and worth using. There are no more useless skills. Working buffs/debuffs with proper client-side descriptions of their modfied durations and effects. Slightly improved clan skills. Two new class-specific skills for every class at level 84 and 85. 7 new servitors for summoner classes. Reworked Certification System There are 25 new passive certification skills to further customize your character. Subclasses can learn certification skills as well. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Items and Equipment There are six tiers of Armor sets, jewels and Weapons. Numerous rare and epic World Drop, PvP and Olympiad exclusive items. More than 70 accessories with stat bonuses. Custom tattoos, belts, cloaks and agathions with various bonuses. Talismans with modified stats that do not expire. Increased augmentation passive bonuses. Working active/trigger augmentation skills. Items have accurate client-side descriptions, including augmentations. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Farm Zones & Instances Six farm zones with great variety of monsters ranging from relatively easy and solo mobs to extremly challenging party monsters and raid bosses. Two basic farm zones: School of Dark Arts, Elven Village Four advanced farm zones that require higher level equipment: Dark Elven Village, Elven Fortress, Fortress of the Dead, Nornil's Garden. Four fully customized and two brand new instances. More than 50 customized and challenging raids, including 8 slightly scripted Epic Bosses. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Quests More than 20 customized quests in order to make the gameplay a bit more immersive. Quests have modfied rewards and XP bonuses. Accurate client-side description/reward/tracking info. ,____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Events TeamVsTeam Deathmatch Deathmatch Newbie (limited items and levels) Capture The Flag Battleground Zombies ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For more information, visit: Website:l2nights.com Forum:Forum Grand Opening - 13th of April, 17:00 GMT+1.