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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I've started restoring C1 server 2 years ago, 11.2016. Now a lot of has been done, and I'm publishing C1 services and some tools 1. L2AuthD 2. L2LogD 3. CacheD 4. L2NPC, is fully compatible with C1 L2Server 5. NASC • Actually, the first known C1 AI Script compiler. Previous was C0 + binary patches (by kvoxi and others). Just works, has some fixes, which C0 doesn't •pass --extmode to use some extra AIS variables (which are used in SINA PP scripts) 6. QuestCompiler (known from C0 as QuestDataChecker.exe) • Actually, the first known C1 AI Quest Compiler • Original bug, which didn't allow to write huge quests (like Coins of Magic) is fixed 7. PetitionD • This one is still from C0. I haven't ported it to C1 yet 8. L2Server To be done in September 2019 9. LCC (Lineage Compiler Collection) - one tool to compile all *pch Can compile itemdata.txt, skilldata.txt, npcdata.txt and category.txt to pch files 10. MacroCompiler Is fully restored now and works like original one from C0. 11. L2DataPack Script pack is added. 12. PathMaker is ready Feel free to test it, I will try to fix all bugs (both, origin and my one). C1 installer, + patched system (multi-window + Win7 support) I would like to say help for other contributors: @smeli for helping with porting AuthD to support C1-C4, C6 client protocols with extenders (based on C1, like SINA) @lordofdest for porting numerous of CacheD packeet handlers @Renege for porting all admin packets, BBS packets @Pulentolento for support on CacheD admin packet handlers @MimisK for testing L2NPC and CacheD @zconll for extensive testing of NASC, L2NPC and CacheD and reporting all possible bugs
  2. Hello, I've finally completed L2OFF C1 Script Data pack. It contains original CHN C1 script files, splitted by entities, plus build system, which allows to integrate it to any IDE, which supports CMake files. Files are kept in UTF-8 encoding, which allows to have nice history view in git. This IDE gives you: File fuzzy search Syntax hightlighting Code block folding UTF8 to UTF16 encoding AI merging + compilation File merging PCH compilation Next steps Syntax hightlighting for all scripts, not AI only Extracting quests from AI scritps into separate questdata More precise file separation (e.g. separating weapons and armors by types, spell-boocks by chants/books/blueprints, etc) C4+ support This script pack is fully compaible with my L2OFF C1 Server pack
  3. Hi, As you know, there is no separate "Admin" socket for GM. But iv you send packet 00 (Version) with negative values, it will dump some information: import socket import struct port = 7777 # client accepting port host = '' # game server IP clientsocket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) clientsocket.connect((host, port)) # Preparing request my_bytes = bytearray() # size my_bytes.append(7) my_bytes.append(0) # packetId my_bytes.append(0) # -3 my_bytes.append(253) my_bytes.append(255) my_bytes.append(255) my_bytes.append(255) clientsocket.sendall(my_bytes) # Response unpacker = struct.Struct('h') size = unpacker.unpack(clientsocket.recv(unpacker.size))[0] - 2 #print "got packet with payload's size: %s" % size data = clientsocket.recv(size) #print('Received', repr(data)) # format: cdddddS unpacker = struct.Struct('<bIIIII') # c i i i i i msgId, npcConnected, maxUsers, usersConnected, usersPlaying, privateStores = unpacker.unpack(data[0:unpacker.size]) str_unpacker = struct.Struct('%ss' % (size - unpacker.size)) stats = str_unpacker.unpack(data[unpacker.size:])[0].decode('utf-16') print('msgId: %s, npcStatus (2 - Off, 1 - On): %s, maxUsers: %s, usersConnected: %s, usersPlaying: %s, privateStores: %s, stats (free memory, allocated objects, free pool slots, server Up time minutes): %s') % (msgId, npcConnected, maxUsers, usersConnected, usersPlaying, privateStores, stats) And results: This doesn't work for C4, they changed format a bit. But if you have IDA, you can check yourself
  4. Hello, As a part of C1 decompilation project, together with NASC compiler, I publish QuestCompiler 1.1.3. It's C0-based original compiler with few fixes. Suitable for C1 as well. Fell free to check it and report bugs if any. I compared results from QuestDataChecker from C0 with my quest compiler. Except of few changes (fixes), everything is 100% identical. QuestData.txt from SINA C1 has been used for tests.
  5. Good evening, in the community. LineageII - Chronicle I - QuestData I want to share with the community an effort I made to "organize" the Quest of Chronicle I. Macros have been created, in a quest that they did not have. Αlso have several bug fixes in htm files. You can see the progress of the project here: QuestData. If someone would like to help, they can send me a message. Many Quests still need testing. Many thanks to Smeli & Master Toma.
  6. Hi, As in title, I've dumped Prelude .. Interlude installers
  7. I spread the C1 and C2 servers, C1 completely the original, there is Pak of the Chinese HTML, geodata. C2 Ext C1, in Pak is the system folder, programs and of course geodata. C1 C2
  8. L2Classic Europe - Episode 1 x4 BETA STARTED! GET INGAME, REPORT BUGS AND GET REWARDS! Motivated by NcSoft's stubbornness to not release their official L2 Classic to Europe but also by our passion for the game we all grew up with and loved, we are bringing the ultimate L2Classic experience to Europe. Who are we? Highly experienced developers but also players who would really make a dream for all of you come true. Please join L2Classic Eu BETA stage where we are aiming to fix as many possible bugs and wrong values as possible. Our files are JAVA based and we are not hiding this as many other competitors do. We wear it like a crown. We are proud to bring such a high quality java emulator for everyone to play. The reason we went for java is because everything is easier. You can fix bugs earlier, you can add more features easier and everything in general makes sure that the player gets the best quality possible. You can actually get rewarded for participating in our BETA stage and helping us fix as many bugs and problems as possible. For every bug that you report and we fix during the BETA stage we will be awarding you with 10 Mystical Crystals ingame. Mystical Crystals are items that you can get only by donating or in rare cases by playing the game a lot. The more you help us the more we help you. RATES XP: x4 SP: x4 Adena: x5 Drop chance: x3 Spoil chance: x2 Quests: x2 Raid drops: x1 BOTTING AND MULTI-BOXING is ALLOWED as long as you don't interfere to the farming experience of the other players. Website: Forum:
  9. Classic 1.0 - Talking Island x3 Official Website My own invitation to server: Invitation Thank You for click! The first international Classic 1.0 private server; Talking Island x3 will be free to play and will run on L2OFF platform not L2J. On 15.05.2015 at 20:00 GMT+1 we invite you to witness the true form of Lineage 2 together with thousands of other players from all around the world! Talking Island Classic 1.0 XP: x3 SP: x3 ADENA: x3 (amount) DROP: x3 (chance) SPOIL: x2 (chance) QUEST: x2 (xp / adena) Bonus Start Talking Island Everyone can access the bonus start by creating a game account before 15.05.2015. Ring of Heir - HP regeneration + 5%, Accuracy +1, 5000 the weight limit. Agathion Uthanka - Bracelet that summons an Agathion - Uthanka Adventurer Hat - Adventurer hat commemorating the 1st character creation. Uses 2 hair accessory slots. FAQ Frequently asked question Q: Can we play on Talking Island for free? A: Yes, everyone can join us in-game for free on 15.05.2015 at 20:00 GMT+1. Q: Will there be donation stop? A: No, we will not have a donation shop. Q: Is this the Korean/Russian new Classic 1.0 client? A: Yes, Talking Island will run on the latest Lineage 2 client. Q: Will you continue the development to Classic 2.0...? A: Yes, if that is what our community wants. Q: Will we be able to dual box? A: No dual boxing, only for premium account. Q: How will you prevent bots? A: Custom bot protection, report bot button and 24/7 active staff. Best regards, Classic Team
  10. We are an EU based Clan who will be playing Lineage 2 Classic on this server - Lineage 2 Classic Classic is a Prelude-c4 themed Lineage with a 2015 Client (Official Classic servers in Russia and Korea) You can follow the link to learn more, download files, sign up to their forum and make a game account! We will strive to work together, steadily grow and carve out our place on this server. Our emblem and names will be recognised, we'll be known serverwide; like minded players will then be attracted to us and we'll grow: let's see where it takes us. Please refer to our website for full details - Home And our Application form - Apply Here! Looking forward to reading your application, Googleboon.
  11. For nostalgic reasons I was trying to add some old weapon looks into my H5 client. C1 dark legions edge (or damascus), c1 dragon slayer and c1 gods blade. In order to do so I used the LineageWeapon.ukx file from Chronicle 1 but these weapons are 90 degrees off when you wield them. Same goes for when you drop them. Instead of vertical they're horizontal and vice versa. Screenshot: As you can see I also tried it with a katana to verify if idd the .ukx file was to blame. And it was because the katana that I linked to the c1 meshes was also wielded vertical while the "normal" katana looked fine. Is there anybody that knows how to adjust an .ukx file in a way that the weapons rotate 90 degrees? It would be much appreciated :) Also, I'd try it with C2 meshes to see if that would fix it but I can't find those files anywhere.
  12. Anyone know any server + datapack of the first Chronicles c1
  13. Dear All, I'm try to using L2net for C1 client, and it not work. I'm figure out, L2NET just only support Interlude and higher. So, how can i using L2net for C1 Client? or any 3rd party bot program for C1 client? This's my server info: ip: port: 7776 / 2506 I'm very appreciate your help! Thanks,