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  1. First hellraiser had ~1,2-5k on start, Tarantula even more :)
  2. Sadly, but this name is not bcs Joey :D
  3. It seems it will open mid November, or a bit earlier
  4. NEW SEASON L2 Dragon-Network Hellraiser x25 Hellbound Stacksub class ==>OPENING THIS AUTUMN<== Website: Forum: SERVER INFORMATION Rates Exp: x25 Sp: x25 Party Exp: Retail Adena: x25 Adena Droprate: 70% Drop: x12 Spoil: x12 Quest: x10 Fishing: x5 Manor: x5 Game Play Npc buffer Stack subclass Mutants Events: TvT, CTF Icarus farmable on full Hellbound Ranked PvP matches & E-SPORTS Twitch streaming rewarded Server 100% L2OFF Based Hellbound Retail Files Custom Antibot (Black Watch) Uniqe Stacksub system Active Support Staff more information to follow
  5. Funny how ppl try to discredit this server now, only when opening of 2 more Classic servers is comming soon :D
  6. Btw, as it seems you all are focused on some other things...just to mention today is first day of open beta with live rates, so maybe you all could log in and look for yourseves what it really looks like.
  7. Everything is gooood! Server is stable,online 700+... Btw we need to be moved to live page :D
  8. Ill gone pew pew with ya all in my Plated Leather set+6 :D 2 arrows=sps down