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  1. You haven't even see the server, how do you know, that we don't have protections, and there is nothing new. Strange thoughts without arguments out here. ^^
  2. No, I mean I can mount whatever I want, but have only one mount. For example if u mount wolf, u can't mount strider with striders texture. Anyway if u don't sell it, I won't believe in u, whatever u show here, u just talking trash, and I'm not into it anymore, it's just wasting of time.
  3. If u change class strider textures it works, but u can't mount strider correctly. U can have only one ride mount in c6, that's what textures editor said, I'm not texture editor, but he explained everything. ^^ So that video doesn't prove anything. Why u just don't sell it if u can? Strange.
  4. Just test it yourself, whatever u write in that new script it won't work on mounting. Textures for wolf are good, but when u try to mount him it always uses lineagemonster.stride , because there are just 2 types of riding in interlude, 1-strider, 2-wyvern, it's written in engine.u and engine.dll has a mesh for mounting. So u can do whatever u want with other files it always reads lineagemonster.strider. Alwayyyys. It means u can use only 1 texture for all mountings. h5 has different system. So please try first, before saying it's easy. Textures is easy, mounting is easy if u can edit engine.u and engine.dll , that's it and try it if u just don't believe. This one works on textures, doesn't on mounting, it always uses strider for mounting. http://prnt.sc/b9emrg
  5. There isn't, so far. ^^ but website gonna have greek language too. I don't really care about nationalities, I respect all of em, also greeks usually play L2 a lot, I don't see any minuses of having greek in believers team. But anyway, you can add me to skype to talk about team stuff. Thanks. ;]
  6. Hello MxC users. I'm glad to represent you my new project. Few words about me: I'm a hard working person, who just trying to involve into L2 private servers industry. What's new on this server? Why you should note it? Server gonna be stable and pretty different than other PvP servers, I want to attract players with some not usual gameplay server. I'm trying to make server, which could attract players not for 1-2 weeks. Server will be improving week by week. I'm willing to take it with responsibilities like a regural job. So just simple server information/features here: Rates -Instant 80 Level- Enchant Rates -Safe: +4- -Simple/Blessed: 5-7:95% 8-10:90% 11-12:80% 13:75% 14:70% 15:65% 16:60% 17:55% 18:50% 19:40% 20-25:30% </font>- -Augmentation rate no gr:1%, low gr: 2%, mid gr:3%, high gr:5%, top gr:7%- -Max Weapon: 20 -Max Armor/Jewel: 25 Server Npc's -Npc Buffer- -Scheme Buffer- -Gm Shop- -Special Shop- -Augmenter- -Olympiad Manager- -AIO Sub Manager- -Class Changer- -Dyes Maker- -Warehouse- Server Commands .enchant .repair .craft .stats .quiz Server Specials -Your equipment is auto enchanting, while killing mobs (3% chance)- -Your equipment is auto enchanting, while PvPing (25pvp/1+) - -PvP Boxes with random rewards - -Custom shift-click function with exact drop and rates - -Crafting system for L2 Believers armor,weapons- -Custom crafting percenteges, unique for every character, you can raise it, craft weapons yourselve or open store and sell for others!- -When you enchanting weapon with blessed scrolls if it fails, your item goes -2plusses, for example if it fails on +16, your item stays at +14 - -Random daily events (Kill more mobs per hour, collect more items per hour...) - -Improved hero weapons - -Any augments increases 10% of stats, for example might increases 10% P atk... - -Oath/Apella/Believers items, without cosmic stats - -Improvable Unlocker skill to unlock chest and get reward - Info will be updated. Screenshots are coming soon too. That's just a basic's to start advertising and my intentions, anyway you can see server idea right now. I accept any criticism, suggessions, comments here. By the way, I'm searching for designer and server supporter. Feel free to contact me. Server Website: http://l2believers.eu Skype: LineageBeliefer What's new? 1. Many small fixes with names and npc's on server have been made. 2. Invitation system has arrived. Check it out: http://l2believers.eu/invite/index.php 3. Design for all npcs windows has been made, using new design made by me. +4. Unnecessary stuff on EnterWorld deleted, so it loads character faster, also removed cuttings of unused scripts for pvp server bot, system, unlocker skill optimized, few clan level fixes made. What's next? 1. Scheme buffer finishing. ++ 2. Craft system developing. ++ 3. Website for smartphones. 4. Design for client stuff. 5. Advertising.
  7. Oops, intended to write something like 'I'm usually good and nice ideas generator'. But that 'generator' doesn't sound well, so I changed my mind, but didn't change "I'm".
  8. I don't care. New one, existing, both are acceptable. I'm interested on c6. Because this chronicle still attracts most of players.
  9. So I just want to know what do they want, which server would attract more players, pool it's just for these purposes. I have some good, new ideas for any of these servers. I have some good bugdet to start with. And I have have knowledge to create it. Why I should give up on it.
  10. Hello MxC users. I want to know these days players opinion about IT servers. So express your opinion, just vote for server which would you like the most. It's gonna be first our team project, I haven't played L2 for a long time and I don't really know tendences of nowadays Lineage world. So I just want to know what do you want. So let's vote guys. Replies/comments with your suggessions are acceptable. Thanks.
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