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  1. This server is unique and is not for every players but I enjoy it so far. The slow grind makes every gear and lvl upgrade very satisfying. The community is small for now, 20-30 online during peak, but it's growing and the players are very nice and helpful. The GM is actively fixing bugs and tweaking the server. RB lvl 10 event tomorrow. Our clan attempted a siege (with 5 low lvl players :P) last Saturday and we now have 30 members. Looking for other clans for some wars and pvp action. Come try it and see if you love the hardcore grind!
  2. People that play on Firebird love the 1x rates and the challenge it brings! Server is getting busier, we had 25 people online today :) There will be a 24h adena event on Dec 14th starting at 8:00 am UTC +1. Perfect time to join!
  3. Yes we do need more people. I started playing on Firebird 3 weeks ago and I see new players every day. We are a small community, slowly growing but there is no drama and people are friendly. x1 rates are not for everyone. It takes a lot of time to progress but it really feels like the old Lineage 2 and it's really rewarding :) We had an adena event this weekend and the admins are working on tools like database & stats for online players. Come join us for good old lineage 2 experience with no bots or pay to win!
  4. Thx for the bump SweeTs! Most people won't play at these rates but some people enjoy it. All the people who want to play at faster rates can join the hundreds of server offering them. Firebird is the only server offering chronicle 1 x1 rates lineage 2. This is a long term project and I'm sure we will grow a good player base over time :)
  5. L2 Firebird is a c1 lineage 2 private server. The server opened on Sep 25th 2015 and is currently growing: - 100% free. No donation. No pay to win - Retail rates (x1). - Quests are working - Bots/Exploiters are being banned - Active GMs/Admins - Great server uptime - Great community If you are a long time MMO player or a new player and want to play on a stable retail-like server that reminds you the old lineage 2, come join us! We need new players and people are really helpful and friendly. Visit l2-firebird.tk if you want to join :) In-game screenshot: