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  1. Things are moving fast guys...just sayin' ^^
  2. Thank you all for ur nice words ^^. Hope we'll meet ingame soon and have some really good time
  3. uhm...What? Thanks for the kind words. Sieges take place for a whole week. Yes, a whole week of fighting for a castle. After all it is called a siege right? Not a lets-fight-for-a-couple-of-hours-over-some-useless-feature-of-the-game. Also during that one week of fighting, the defender clan (meaning mid siege defender clan, not the start siege defender) gets rewards for every minute of holding the castle. This way you have a reason to fight for a whole week and don't just make a rush on the last day. Because of the really long fight time I am thinking of systems like in-ga
  4. As the server-side developer of this server I'd also like to have a few words. This may seem like we were out of our minds when we completely remade sieges, town tax system and all that. In fact instead of adding tons of custom items, change the economy, have +24 full buffed characters everywhere around, we worked WITH actual l2 economy and balance instead of against it. You may find enchanting difficult, yep, that's how it should be. You may complain you are not full buffed all the time, yep, that's how it should be. Those are the things that lineage 2 was made in mind with. Once you go a
  5. tananana batman! I'm the new dev in the team, fear me!
  6. First post updated with contact info
  7. Not so glad to see that such game is dying and devs are not requested so much as before.
  8. Yap. H5 Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk 2
  9. Probably you know the town war event I made some time ago. Well it was written really bad and the link also expired. I am working on a new one and I need people to test my code on their own test servers. Whoever is interested pm me for the alpha code. I will share it when I get to a more complete version to avoid QQ