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  1. Anyone know any server + datapack of the first Chronicles c1
  2. All armors God + 2 other + Shields ... skills.. change for all weapons God...
  3. need a Buffer Scheme for Hi5 last Beta, the npc buffer that has no work here, thank you if you can help ... send a message or write down
  4. I have armor Chaos, Death Core, and all armor goddess of destruction with all spells working 100% without bugs for Hi5 (2014 L2J) business to respond below
  5. I need the God of Destruction Armor for Hi5 latest version, someone please help ...
  6. I can not put weapons and armor because the SQL, use L2J Hi5 BETA, if anyone can help, is giving many errors in SQL statements, I'm not managing to adapt to by the navicat
  7. I can not deploy SQL Custons weapons and armor in l2j-server Hi5 BETA nao consigo implantar SQL de custons armas e armaduras no L2J-server Hi5 BETA
  8. Dont work on L2J BETA Hi5 2 erros : actionhandlers, bypasshandlers