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  1. Server will be started TODAY!
  2. XavaX is meant to be midrate craft/pvp server! Fresh Start: 16/03/2019 www.l2xavax.eu Xavax Rates: Exp / SP = 70x Adena = 50x Drop = 15x Spoil = 20x Quest = 8x Manor = 3x Raidboss drop = 5x Grandboss drop = 1x Xavax Features: Convertible Adena / Seal Stones from your inventory 2x click on Adena to convert 500 000 000 to 1 Gold bar 2x click on Seal Stones to convert them to Ancient Adena Every Epic boss drops some amount of Special / Donate coins Every Raids 71+ / Epic boss drops Champion medals Special reward Chests buyable for Champion medals: Special chest (LS, Bogs, other chests, special coin) A - grade Armor chest - random A grade weapons recipe (Tallum / DC) A - grade Weapon chest - random Interlude weapons recipe S - grade Armor chest - random S grade armor recipe S - grade Weapon chest - random S grade weapons recipe (for most used weps) Special (donate) coins buyable for Olympiad passes / Champion medals 3 special bird Pets - provides you with Malaria, Flu, Cholera buff Vote Mark - 10 % Exp , Adena, Drop rate bonus Golden rebuff Mark - refresh a bufftime of your current buffs Unlimited Mana potion - no more taking care about mana pots Lucker Item - provides you with bonus while crafting / augmenting / enchatning TvT event with 20 Champion medals as a reward (Hwid/Ip protected againts dualboxes) Custom commands: .reportbot (reported players will be listed in Captcha protection system) .buffmenu (you can delete specific buff from currently buffed buffs) .droplist <mobID> Basic Features: GM-Shop (N - B grade) A/S craftable Basic mats / recipes in shop Mat crafter (requires more mats and adena to craft desired mat) NPC Buffer + VIP Buffer Scheme buffer Bufftime: 2 Hrs (pets 5 min) Buffslots: 24+4 Autolearn skills (except divine inspiration) Spellbook drop deleted NPC Castle manager NPC Weeding manager Subclass free Nobless - Caradine letter 65lvl buyable for Adena and MSS OR Champion medals Low grade keys drops deleted Olympiad 2 weeks period loosers get small reward heroes can buy special rewards Clan warehouse accessible for clan members clan leader can set access via .menu Champion system champion medals tradeable for recipes / special reward chests Buffsell system Increased slots and weightlimit Transformation items (visual effect only) Specific quests boosted: Zero hour (+no prequest needed) TOI Giant cave