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  1. How many excellent works and poems written about love? How many songs dedicated to this feeling that's beyond time and distance? It is terrible to imagine, as lovers sometimes able to do beautiful and terrible things. But even more insane they become when trying to return the love. The heart takes the mind under control and we can only hope that the lovers will rediscover each other. We offer our players to help in every way just such a pair, which is now experiencing not the best times. Great Magus Ahuron Raulian through faithful helpers trying to regain the recognition of his lover after a
  2. Hello, folks. New x7 will start very soon, so we going to launch action "Share with friends & receive Premium Account"? At first you have to be follower of our Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/Official.Averia/ Next you have to share this post: https://www.facebook.com/Official.Averia/posts/487789628237078 For more informations visit this link: >> Share with friends & receive Premium Account << Other pre-launch promotions: http://forum.averia.ws/threads/get-...ares-in-skype-let’s-go-on-x7-together.168255/
  3. Hello, Averians! Are you ready for low-rate x7? I am sure, you will not go to play alone! Call your friends! Why do you need it? Everyone should know, where they can find you at this summer time :) ​ Visit our event topic and join skype sharing! http://forum.averia.ws/threads/get-500-wmr-and-500-avers-shares-in-skype-let%E2%80%99s-go-on-x7-together.168255/
  4. Meet the last summer days in the warmth and care of our girls! August low-rate server x7 by Averia.ws project! We are guarantee high starting online, successful start and stable work of the project!​ ShadowsBad, enemydown, Irreale - this is only a small part of the clans that will go on Averia х7 We have really big advertising campaign, because its not a secret that we are investing heavily in an advertising campaign not only on Russian but also on international markets, collecting the best and huge online! Today we will begin active branding of resources, email newsletters, contextual ad
  5. We wanted to reward everyone who is creating video content from our server, therefore we decided to create an event that will reward every video posted and specially reward the one we vote as best video! Rewards: - Each approved video will be rewarded with 200 up to 500 Aver! - You wont need to wait until end of event to receive basic reward, we will be giving them out every 7 days - On 15th July we will announce winner and best video which will receive 1000 Aver as reward! - You will also have opportunity for your video to be shared on our community pages and get more views to your youtube
  6. Grand opening of х50 server thundered a little less than two weeks ago. High online and rates have surpassed all our expectations. But our team does not want to stop there, and therefore we continue to attract players to our servers. Today we made several mailings, so an influx of new players is expected in the near future. And in order for the start for the beginners to be more pleasant, we have prepared excellent bonuses that will help them to develop faster in the game in order to catch up with the rest. Today, June 6, after the morning restart at 05:00, all characters that was created on
  7. We are suggest you to get first in your class 85 lvl on Averia x50, increase 3 sub-class up to 75 lvl and get a good reward! So, now you have to: Get first in your class 85 lvl on Averia x50 Increase 3 sub-class up to 75 lvl First in their professions who fulfill the conditions will receive valuable prizes: Premium account for 1 Month! 1000 Avers on Master Account PA will works only for 1 server - Averia х50! Counting of 34 winners of each category will go into automatic mode, so no fraud and errors! I wish you good luck!
  8. We launched successfully with over 8000+ players, server is stable, no lags, no down time! Join us now and don't miss a chance to be part of epic battles!
  9. Hello, folks. I hope, you all ready to the start of x50 server! This time we launched the contest "Share with friends & receive money!" At first you have to be follower of our Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/Official.Averia/ Next you have to share this post: https://www.facebook.com/Official.Averia/posts/454736781542363 ​ 1. Just follow this URL: https://www.facebook.com/Official.Averia/posts/454736781542363 This post should stay on your Timeline until the announcement of the contest results. If you will remove it, then you will be disqualified. Once you've done this, you ha
  10. Dear Averians! In anticipation of the launch of our classic X50 server, we decided to hold an action, which you liked so much! Each player, who took hero in his class will receive 1000 Rubles(15$)!​ Action rules: The Olympiad is held 24/7; Limit is 1 window for 1 hwid; Limit for battles is 60; Using command .olypoints you can restore the initial amount of points (statistic and limits will be reset too) One player can get prize only for one character. If there will be visits from HWID which has already received a prize, then award will not be issued; Open Beta shop will be limited. There y
  11. We got a new event on our forum! As always we are rewarding our members for their effort in advertising server! For more details and information about visit http://forum.averia.ws/threads/shares-in-skype-let’s-go-on-x50-together.164884/