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  1. Changes to few mobs, item and class balance took place. Read the changelog here-> goo.gl/jBVRfY
  2. Check the album that shows few images of our today's Siege! -> Album <-
  3. Our Starting items are updated from one Dynasty weapon to a Dynasty weapon, Armor, Jewels and Standard Accessories. Visit our Newbie Helper and receive your rewards!
  4. Daily PvP of the server. JOIN US NOW: goo.gl/gTcFPD
  5. ⚔ The Russian Roulette of our server that took place tonight ⚔ JOIN US NOW
  6. We had great action yesterday. DemiGods, Rebelion and Paranormals fought for the Raid Bosses of our server! JOIN US NOW: goo.gl/gTcFPD
  7. Do you want to win a strong cape? We're currently running a Facebook giveaway. Head to this link and follow the instructions.
  8. Changes to events, balance, drops & more. Read our brand new changelog here: goo.gl/yHSYia
  9. Another event that took place on our server! JOIN US NOW A changelog will be announced later this week. It includes hotfixes to drops on Kamaloka, Solo & Party farming, Solo zone, Event fixes, Cave of Trials entrance requirements, Class balancing, Shop changes and more!
  10. Our fellow player, KaLiPzO, created a video showing some of our events, random PvP and general screenshots. Thank you for the support! > Video <
  11. ✅ NEWS: Our Solo zone will launch for the first time today at 18:00 GMT +3. What's Solo zone? It's a zone where you will be able to farm medium difficulty mobs that have a unique drop. What's so unique about it? When you're inside Solo zone, you cannot see other's people name. You cannot talk and their gender is sometimes changed as well. Does it have PvP? Yes. We have actually implemented a system where every PvP you get inside there, there is a 2% chance to receive an Event Medal. Everytime your spawn or enter there, your character will be cleansed and healed. The teleport to Solo zone can be found on the cubic. After you have teleported into the zone, you will find a gatekeeper. You will have to give her 1 Festival Adena in order to join. Since then, you will be reviving in there until you decide to port out. ❗ More information can be found on this link: goo.gl/wKp476
  12. The perspective of our player during Russian Roulette, PaliTavlaPiges. Join us -> https://goo.gl/rtpu8w
  13. Our latest Siege event. Join us and play the most balanced Gracia you have ever seen! How to connect
  14. Our server is running smoothly with 180 concurrent online players. If you're still struggling to join, send a message to our Page and we will try to fix your problem!
  15. Server is officially online! Download our files View the live countdown If you have any problem logging in, send a message to our Facebook Page Note: If you have our old updater, delete it and use our new one. Also, if you feel like your client might be out of date, reinstall it so you don't lose time!