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  1. L2 LIONNA H5 50X Server will start on 6th of September 2017 - 20:00 GMT +2 http://www.l2lionna.com http://www.l2lionna.com/forum/ https://player.twitch.tv/?channel=lionnagaming BASIC RATES EXP/SP 50X ADENA 20X DROP 15X SPOIL 15X FEATURES quest rate -1-3x drop, 1x reward RB drop -3x safe enchant -+4 elem. stone -40% max enchant -+12 elem. crystals -30% free class transfer, GM shop up to S grade, ALT+B buffer expecting over 9000 Players Online - Massive PvP heroes every Saturday sieges/territory wars every weekend epics every week, window spawn time announced auto events every one hour sieges and TWs every weekend to promote more pvp and more fun! protection system - S-Guard help preventing cheater, botter and abusive players plus we have .report command ingame 24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance and songs slots olympiad max enchant +6
  2. None of these commenting trolls played or tested this server.
  3. L2 ERA best private server online O0
  4. Second time fail in 4 days ... :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: People demand a return of the euro
  5. Stop trolling Less than an hour to grand open !!
  6. L2 ERA changelog : All fixes that uploaded on our beta. New Geodata uploaded official retail with cast % included. Curse Fear Fixed Silence Fixed Bluff Fixed Stun Shot Fixed Pride of Kamael Fixed Claw of Destruction Fixed Medusa fixed Steal Divinity Fixed Vampiric Claw fixed Vampiric Mist Fixed .party feature fixed Hard Freya Drops Boosted a bit. ( now they are exactly how suppose to be on this rate of drop) Fear debuffs vs Pets (summons) fixed Fake Death skill fixed Mobs update like retail ( will be uploaded on next restart) Titans Balanced Duelist Balanced Aura Flash fixed Trance fixed Many class balances damages of archers/daggers. Hammer Crush Fixed (we would like to hear tests about it) Arenas teleports fixed Soultaker debuffs balanced Deadpool fixed Dressme system fixed Stepback geodata issue fixed too Statistic of Alt b Ranking Class fixed ( after next restart its just a visual change) Touch of Death fixed Weekly payment for clan hall added. Fixed problems with windows 10. Queen Ant every 16hours. Offline buffers fixed
  7. :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:
  8. tales 3 servers = 3 x spectacular fail