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  1. Got over 30kk in stock for selling right now, contact me
  2. Hey! Pm me here or add me discord/skype, selling adena/leveling on :)
  3. Im not sure what this even is, site is ripped from valhalla age and the name is literally the name of the localization company
  4. Is the beta ongoing right now? Also you didn't include a link to site/forum in your post. It looks interesting for sure, how about subclass/noblesse/olympiad? Donation?
  5. Accepting requests for items/adena on L2 Dex x50 now. Feel free to pm me or add me on skype/discord
  6. Don't think his english comprehension is on that level
  7. Why is L2 Noobwars patch same as yours xD Both patches redirect to same server
  8. Looking for english speaking players/groups that are going to play on this server, pm me on forum here please On topic: beta hopefully tomorrow?
  9. Thank you for the reply. Got one question though Why isn't autoloot set the same for everyone ? I'm not saying you should change it, just wondering what's the idea behind having it available for donation instead of having it on or off for everyone.
  10. Interesting, could you tell us what is available for donation? Autoloot,exp runes,premium etc?
  11. DO NOT JOIN THIS SERVER ! The server crashed and instantly went down around 1 hour ago today. 90% of people lost their adena and donation currency, exp and other stuff. Admin's response taken from the discord: "That was a rare situation which i did to add the proxies! It won't happen again, anything lost won't be returned!" Edit: There aren't even proxies ingame :D He just removed thousands of euro donated Edit2: Would be a lot better if he wrote an explanation about what happened and apologize publicly, but none of this happened
  12. Selling gold on Dragonfang Horde Patchwerk Alliance Transcendence Horde Reply here or pm me if interested. You can also add me on skype or discord to talk. CURRENT STOCK: 37g Dragonfang Horde 5g Patchwerk Alliance 4g Transcendence Horde Price: 1G = 1.5€ Dragonfang Horde 1G = 3.5€ Patchwerk Alliance 1G = 3.5€ Transcendence HordeSkype: wnhweather Discord: Karmagedon#1870