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  1. I'm ready to roll tonight, can't wait for the opening and seeing all the players. GL
  2. Admin barely speaks english :D And those ghost chars in town not moving 24/7
  3. Autoloot in donation on a x3 long-term oriented.. is that staying on live?If so, you didn't get that one right imo since it's the core feature of lowrate PVE in general, even though boring and repetitive I wonder what other people think about donate list Don't get me wrong, the donation is in no way overpowered and i understand there is a cost to develop a server, but if anyone wants to be competitive, some things are a must buy or you just auto lose, yet again i guess that's just what L2 has become
  4. Server starts tomorrow and there is still no client/patch for download? For live server i mean
  5. I forgot to ask, what are you planning to put as donations?
  6. On paper it looks more professional than ncsoft's servers, let's see actual ingame
  7. ! VERY CHEAP ! 49 SE - Basic gear --- 6€ Got all skills for the level 50 SPH - Basic gear --- 6€ Only shadow flare missing 36 Crafter --- 4€ with SSD/SSC/BSSD/BSSC/Mats ALL CHARS TOGETHER = 14€ !!! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact me Skype: wnhweather Discord: Karmagedon#1870
  8. Guys, everything looks great but i have some questions. Why 36 buffslots? In interlude noone needs more than 24 anyway even if you take full resists Why reward 2.5kk on 1st class change and 5kk on 2nd class change?
  9. L2 Frozen x25 ADENA PRICE: 50kk = 1€ (we can negotiate about price) Stock: 240kk LEVELING 1-76 20€ Karmagedon#1870 wnhweather Prefered payment method: Paypal I can also accept other ones, if Paypal doesn't work for you