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  1. Feel free to contact me for adena on L2Mordor, already building up stock slowly :) Server just started so not much available yet
  2. Will be coming back with Adena stock on the new L2Mordor x4 server which is starting tomorrow :) Can also help you level chars, feel free to contact me if you need adena/items
  3. 1.5kk in stock on L2 Etina, message me on forum/skype/discord if interested to buy
  4. Looking for suppliers or stock on: L2 Etina Contact me with your price per 100k or per 1kk _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skype: wnhweather Discord: Karmagedon#1870 Or pm me here in forum. Prefered payment method: Paypal
  5. 800k again in stock, contact me, accepting just paypal right now (in euro)
  6. 1KK in stock currently, contact me also if you need leveling or driving on your char
  7. Offering stock on L2 Etina x3 now, stock is around 200k only currently, will have more soon :) Contact me if interested, because it gets sold quickly!
  8. Selling Adena on L2 Centos x50 now! Add me on skype/discord to talk about price
  9. Offering Adena on L2Supreme INTERLUDE x25 now, feel free to pm me
  10. Offering adena on L2Mid/L2TheGame new x25 Dynamic rates project. Contact me if interested :)