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  1. What donate.. You say in your features subclass does not need quest. Nobless with quest then or no?
  2. Sub-class is without quest? What about nobless then?
  3. https://www.facebook.com/lionnal2/ If you scroll down you can see l2destiny x50, now they open Classic with different name. Any thoughts?
  4. Really bad server.. Where do i start? drop/spoil/adena They didnt disable server for everyone when they are under ddos for 3 hours. Some people ingame are 50+, others can't log. Their excuse was literally "Well, we already let it run for 1-2h no point turning down server now. '' Donate for B from 1st day, for A from 5th( TOP A) Donate for sub/nobl from 3rd day?? Donate for SA 13 = WTF? Donate for extra buffs(resist/summoner) + teleport locations Donate for 50% to drop/spoil/adena/sealstones/exp 0 communication for people speaking english on forum, just ru replies They have donation currency, tradable for adena.. dead economy Didn't even bother checking more. In an Interlude server any donate on start is pure p2w, just imagine how ahead is someone who donates for top B wep/jewels/armor. Can't expect more from a russian server. TL;DR = Money milking trash server confirmed
  5. Will adena be x1or same as last night?
  6. What's the reason server decided to close and reopen next day? People were playing fine ingame then you just closed cause brazilian players can't install l2 or what
  7. Trash server, don't even bother logging. Paid ru clans for promotion, then cash grab for vip and autoloot. AUTOLOOT FOR DONATION??? who does that
  8. SERVER INFORMATION PRESIDENT [x3] OPEN BETA IS UP NOW! Site: http://www.rpg-club.com/president/en English Forum: http://forumen.rpg-club.com/ Start Date and Time 12 November 2018 17:00 UTC Chronicles Freya High Five (part5) Server rates Basic: EXP/SP: amount х3 Adena: amount х3 Drop: chance х3, amount х1 Spoil: chance х3, amount х1 Quests - items drop: amount х1* Quests - rewards: EXP х3, Adena х1 RB drop: chance х3, amount х1 Epic drop: chance х1, amount х1, Adena х3 PA VIP - Additional box + Special Proxy + Additional Bonuses (299 RUR/month). Additional Bonuses: At server start PA bonus is +100% EXP/SP PC Cafe Points Shop Includes premium consumables (as on off servers), server items (cloaks), decorative items (hats, agathions). No Vitality replenishing items at start. Cloaks enchantment bonuses Cloack of Flame Cloak of Greenery Class changes 1st and 2nd class changes can be purchased in the game shop at the following prices: 1st class change - 500 000 Adena or 50 RUR 2nd class change - 3 000 000 Adena or 300 RUR Buffer None. Standard Newbie Guide/Helper remains. Offline-trade Available as an item in Ingame Shop. We remind you that everyone will be able to use browser trade bot free of charge. Bot uses MS Silverlight technology, you need Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox version 46.0.1 internet browser to run it. Box limit 1-3 boxes at start. Additional boxes will be available for a fee through the CP on site (payment from the account). Restriction will be removed when server load is decreased. Donations before the server start Available. Funds are credited to your account, and then may be changed for coins in game shop. Characters pre-creation No. Start of major game events SSQ - 26 November 2018 Olympiad - 1 December 2018 Sieges – 23 December 2018 Clan Halls Auction – 10 December 2018 Items Broker – 31 Dec 2018 2,4 Jan 2019 Basic costs - х3 Hellbound - 1 level 26 November 2018 Autoloot None. Scheduled restart 1:30 AM (UTC) when it's needed (not every night). OBT 22 October 2018. ONGOING *** For the following quests item drop x2: The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 Alliance with Ketra Orcs Alliance with Varka Silenos