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  1. Hello everyone. We are missing some active only players for our archer setup on [Classic2.9.5]Teon-World x3 server. Grand opening is 03/04/2020 at 19:00 Athens time and 20:00 Moscow time. For anyone whose whose interested let me know via: Discord: eDuck#9614 Recruitments will be through discord, but as main program we use Ts3. Requirments: High Activity,English,Humor level 9999.
  2. Selling account with cardinal inside 80 lvl -Salvation skill. -BW Light Set +0 -Sage Mid C grade Weapon -x3 Dyes Wint+4Men-4 -Earth Dragon Belt -Agathion Bracelet Stage 5 -Afro Hair Con+1 Men+1 -Brooch LvL 3 -Cloak Of Light -Water Pendant LvL 3 -Premium For 22 More Days -2.800 Gold Coins (Inventory) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra: Adventurer 76(Protection Char) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send Pms on MxC for more infos.
  3. Restrictions: Restriction on windows - Up to 10+ windows per computer Fishing - limit 10+ windows per computer The only reason i denie to join the server....
  4. Server which allows botting, is not a server actually. real and active community will be a ghost. And when botters will destroy everyone bcs of the top gear, all the retail gamers will leave. And you can tell me ofc that you allow bot so everyone can use it. BUT you totally loose the lineage point and the whole fun. I give one huge - for that server only because you thing by allowing bot programms you will get people in ur server.
  5. Server is not dead. If everyone would even try to play and help a bit would be more populated. But when you sit in ur chair and just flame wont bring any new people. With these statements you dont deserve to be l2 player.
  6. Server is running on official files, you can understand the differences. Thats the original lineage, not Java trashes you knew untill now.
  7. Price changes. Equipment 60 Euros and Account 80 Euros!!
  8. Whoever told you that a true antibot exists he is lier.
  9. Vorpal Robe Set +6 LvL 7 Attributes Mardils Fan +6 Acumen Foundation Blessed Freya Necklase +4 PvP Defense Belt +4 HP Shirt +6 x2 Vesper Earings Foundation x2 Vesper Rings Foundation x1 Vesper Necklase Foundation Vesper Caster Acumen +4 LvL 7 Water Duelist Cloak [special Cloak] - LvL 2 All Attributes + M.def/P.def (Price For All Is 60 Euros) ---------------------------------------------------- Price For The Whole Char Is 80 Euros (+All Active/Passive Skills +30/+15) Send me private message if your interested. Selling everything because i stop lineage for personal reasons. Accept Only E-Bank