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  1. Up αγοραζω tate ear +10 x2 κσι tate ring +10 x2 . Aμεσα. Pm me.
  2. Up ! Only from greece! Am +10 Dc set +10 Tate set +6
  3. Up guys!!! Χρειαζομαι απο items. 1. Am +10/ +11 / +12 2. Dc set +10 3. Tate set +8 / +10 Χερι με χερι.
  4. Up!!! Κανενας ελληνας για itrms η char?
  5. sellthemfreakin stole me before one hour. I send him money in paypal and never answered me back. I hope admin block him and ban his account. He is a thief.
  6. Θα ηθελα να μαθω αν υπαρχει τροπος να μπορω να ψηφιζω με διαφορετικες ip συνεχεια ετσι ωστε να παιρνω συνεχεια vote points στον l2 warland με διαφορετικα accounts.
  7. I need Am +13 or +14 Dc set +10 or more Rb jewels +++ Iam from Greece. I prefer somebody to meet in greece (internet cafe) and make the trade . Pm me for offers. If you dont have these items i buy 500k gold.
  8. I need mage items in warland. Im from Greece. Am +13 or better dc set +10 rb jewels. Pm me if you know nobody that sell.