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  1. Nαι φιλε μου. ΑΘΗΝΑ. κανε με pm.
  2. Wtb baium - tezza Am 14/15 Or 400k gold Only trusted seller with good comments. Only paypal or hand by hand( αν ειναι ελληνες)
  3. Today i made one more trade with one of the sellers we have in our foroum and im so dissapointed ... i send him 40 euro with paypal and never went back in game to give me the items... im so sorry i a weak i loose more money from scammers... His profile I put pics to see this scammer.... admin help. Thanks
  4. Wtb am +15 or tezza or baium. Only good prices and with paypal. If somebody is greek i can trade hand by hand. Pm me here. No scammers. Only reccomended players.
  5. Today i send 100 euro in skrill to Alinboss for an am+15 for l2 warland server. He said that he saw the money in his account and he told me log in game and wait in giran gk. He never came to give me the am ... Unfortunately he seems to be a scammer although he had very good reputation in his profile and in his topic.... I dont want what to say.... its an old member and he is not good at all... please speak with him to give the am or ban him....
  6. Never send me nothing man.... so you scammed me?
  7. I send you the money for am +15 man.. i wait in game to trade me.
  8. Tell me your skrillex to send you. Im ready
  9. New prices for the iems. Dc set +12/11/11/11 price 40 euro Tate set +11/10/10/10/10 60 euro Only reccomeded buyers.
  10. 100 euroa for valakas or 150 for valakas and baium
  11. Wts in l2 warland : dc set : +12 (main) +11 +11 +11 tate set : +11 ( neck) +10 +10 +10 +10 price 70 for dc set and 90 for tate set paypal only. pm here. If anybody is greece i can make trade hand by hand .
  12. Up αγοραζω tate ear +10 x2 κσι tate ring +10 x2 . Aμεσα. Pm me.