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  1. Profile: http://www.maxcheaters.com/user/148745-omnipotente/ Screens: http://imgur.com/a/J9s8f
  2. Main class: Yul Moonlight Sentinel 99,54% Dual Class: Aeore Cardinal 98,46% Subclass: 2x80lvl dagger+doomcryer Skill Enchant (worth 7b+ adena): +10: Pinpoint Shot, Tornado Shot, Multiple Arrow, Impact Shot, Final Ultimate Escape, Quick Fire, Bullseye, Superior Bow/Crossbow Mastery +8: Heavy Arrow Rain, Flare, Quick Charge, Superior Mental Attack Resistance +7: Mind's Eye, Quick Shot, Superior Light Armor Mastery, Superior M.Def Ability Points: 14 Dyes: +15 STR -3 DEX Many useful items, pots, accessories e.g.: active Refresh, Aria's Bracelet STR, XP Agathion, 2000 Warrior Q
  3. did another trade with the guy, everything fine, trusted