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  1. Hello guys, I'm quitting the game so I have some Items and adena to sell in Core server. ADENA ---->. 18 eu for bilion ( for big amount we can talk about price) 80b in stock!!!! ITEMS : - Pvp light armor+8 ( just central piece rest sold) SOLD - Jewels: Tauti , Baium Soul, Blessed Zaken - Longing talisman I accept just euro from paypal. I'm totally trusted u can check some of my previos posts and I'm old member here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/192589-pvp-robe-set8-and-blessed-r99-shaper-core-server/ http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/191796-pvp-light-set6-in-core-server/ http://www.
  2. Like I said in object I'm selling Othell Wind Rider 101 with dual Yul Ghost Sentinel 101. Char is full of all broonches lvl 4 skill +10 All epic jewels, pvp set and weapon for archer and yul! Char is ready for play! I sell all in one package I don't sell by part. Just pm me here or on skype: brioschi91 for more info or with offers. Thanks.
  3. I'm selling Kelbim Bow in core server. pm me here or skype: brioschi91 if u are interested. Totally trusted check previous post.
  4. Like post say, I wanna buy R99 Bow +++++ PVE/Blessed/Normal just need that it is Over Enchanted in Core server! I can pay in Adena or Euro. Pm me here or add me on skype: brioschi91 Totally trusted, U can check my previous post. O0
  5. Like post said I wanna buy many adena on core. I can pay with paypal or skrill. pm me here or on skype: brioschi91.
  6. Like post said I buy ROBE SET R99+8 Normal / Blessed / pvp / pve in core server i can buy in adena or euro. I can buy also parts just pm me. WTB also Longing Talisman and QA soul ring. bought I'm really trusted here just check my previous post :) Contact me on skype : brioschi91
  7. Like post said I WTB ROBE SET R99 +8 and Blessed R99 Shaper!! Core Server! I can buy also parts just pm me. I'm really trusted here just check my previous post :) Contact me on skype : brioschi91