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  1. wts greater ruby lvl5 opal5 red cat 5 obsi 6 dimanod 6 adena ~300b adena in stock pm here or add me on skype live:.cid.7b73ef05aadbb47d or discord behappydontworry#0509
  2. redcat lvl6 lvl3 obsi lvl6 opal lvl6 emerald lvl6 ruby lvl6 lvl2 dragon bow lvl2 with 3rd sa + full claw + 80%% of mats done for lvl3 or i can sell it when i make it lvl3 r110 light set 180/180/180 +10 wts yul 110 with all giant augment/attribute|attack|defense passive+30 brooch with augment for obsi 5% and skill power 5% sayha 10 radiant warrior circlet with 5% pvp dmg braclet +10 fallen ring +10 all important skill +20 tarus aghation lvl5 +oe aghation for p.skill and p.atk (most stacked archer on server) skype : nikeairforce98 Discord : Avatar#5903
  3. wts 50b 4.5e each pm here or add me on skype nikeairforce98
  4. not sure how stupid ppl are nowday to believe what hes saying about l2off :D
  5. retail too much pay to win most ppl will quit after a month, privat server selling epics and oe weapon its nothing compare to dragon weapon that cost 20k euro ++ or brooches ;)
  6. as the tittle say i wanna buy wc lvl 78 with cov skype : nikeairforce98
  7. wtb iss 101 pefer it to be 103 naked my skype nikeairforce98
  8. garnet 5 or 6 cat 5 or 6 blue cat 5 or 6 red card 5 or 6 opal 5 amayest 5 blessed antharas 7sign engery or full tasliman if u want to sell them add me on my skype : nikeairforce98
  9. wtb few billions in ramona 55e/1b my skype : nikeairforce98 P.s ill only go first if u are very trusted