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  1. i got some adena and items if u are interested
  2. Selling adena on Giran server 1k for 0,35$ current stock 400k adena
  3. hi,BD has been removed from the offer.im sorry
  4. Yeah.I agree its my BAD that it happens.I stop work with that guy. Also removed that CHARACTER from the offer.
  5. man,im middle man,i dont know what is going on with some characters,i post what they told me to post,but thanks for info,i will check if u are right and i will cancel partnership with that guy.As you can see,i sold already lot of characters and there was never a problem. Do you have any proof that can help me?
  6. 52 lvl BD with 10 € on account ready to activate sub.. 40e
  7. Prophet (male) lvl 57 (88%) all skills learned from 58 (25 days of sub. remaining) - Karmian set Warcryer (female) lvl 57 (27%) (24 days of sub. remaining) - Karmian set SOLD Bladedancer (female) lvl 52 (5%) (0 days active but 10 € on the account ready to activate sub.) - low C grade Shilien Knight (female) lvl 57 (15%) (91 days of sub remaining) -BW Heavy SET,Damascus+Othell 6 ,8kk Adena Tyrant (female) lvl 45 (60%) (23 days of sub remaining) - Full Plate Heavy set,Great Pata+4 with Othell 6 , 30kk Adena You can buy characters naked or with items,it depends on you :) We accept paypal