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  1. Was a middleman in a trade involving him, all went fine
  2. Trusted seller! delivered in less than a minute, i can fully vouch for him
  3. ADENA :I'm buying Adena At Skelth/giran at the prices listed below. Buying Price 0.45€ per million At Skelth Buying Price 1.40€ per million At Giran Buying Price 1.3$ Per million at Talking Island - Forum PM - Skype: raidfightitems Discord Name Pony#7611 Be Careful When You Add Me At Discord, there's 3 fake pony's with the same name/similiar number, pm me at maxcheaters first to verify you are talking with me on discord , or at skype. - Payments with: Paypal TO AVOID FAKE ACCOUNTS RISK, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO GIVE A KEYWORD THAT WILL BE ONLY GIVEN BY FORUM PM (send pm in forum and give me any keyword/number and i will answer it back to you once you have added me in skype, so we are 100% sure we are talking with the correct person).
  4. Topic Updated Prices updated All GIran characters lowered!
  5. Topic Updated new characters added some prices lowered, some prices updated
  6. Okey, I've decided to make a Late- New Year Discount!! Giran Adena Price is now 6 EURO ! i have more than 70kk STOCK! buy to your heart content! Buy before i run out of adena! Happy late new year
  7. Got some adena in giran again, stock 60kk currently. added 78 sps in skelth lowered some prices.
  8. was a middleman in a trade involving him, no issues
  9. Bought a code and got it delivered in less than 2 minutes, Good seller/nice guy
  10. was a middleman in his trade, had no issues.
  11. Some Characters added on Giran NA classic server Shilen Knight - 55 (close to 56) Vip 4 for around 40 days 2K NC coin, (hex , phantom cubic, aegis, earned, lighting strike in inventory) Inventory - 6x Special fruit buffs, 2k+ silver coins and other stuff like exp scrols.Warcryer - 57(with exp scrol close to 58) VIP 4 active for next 20+ days (Fury, Movment, Rage, Vampire earned) - 170 EURO  Inventory - 100+ Special fruit buffs, 1k+ silver coins and other stuff like more then 50 exp 1kk xp scrols + Wizard Hat Destroyer - 56 VIP 4 active for next 6~ months. (Immortal life earned) - Inventory - 6x Special fruit buffs, 2k+ silver coins and other stuff like exp scrols.