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  1. ADENA :I'm buying Adena At Skelth/giran at the prices listed below. Buying Price 0.45€ per million At Skelth Buying Price 1.40€ per million At Giran Buying Price 1.3$ Per million at Talking Island - Forum PM - Skype: raidfightitems Discord Name Pony#7611 Be Careful When You Add Me At Discord, there's 3 fake pony's with the same name/similiar number, pm me at maxcheaters first to verify you are talking with me on discord , or at skype. - Payments with: Paypal TO AVOID FAKE ACCOUNTS RISK, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO GIVE A KEYWORD THAT WILL BE ONLY GIVEN BY FORUM PM (send pm in forum and give me any keyword/number and i will answer it back to you once you have added me in skype, so we are 100% sure we are talking with the correct person).
  2. Topic Updated new characters added some prices lowered, some prices updated
  3. Okey, I've decided to make a Late- New Year Discount!! Giran Adena Price is now 6 EURO ! i have more than 70kk STOCK! buy to your heart content! Buy before i run out of adena! Happy late new year
  4. Got some adena in giran again, stock 60kk currently. added 78 sps in skelth lowered some prices.
  5. was a middleman in a trade involving him, no issues
  6. Bought a code and got it delivered in less than 2 minutes, Good seller/nice guy