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  1. Added Dark Crystal set, Bellion Cestus +12 and +10 to the post.
  2. This guy is a great trader. Good value trades and everything went fast and smooth.
  3. Well, it just leveled up to almost 75, only 3% missing :)
  4. Warlord Level 74 and 96% exp. Server talking Island VIP 4, 15K points, Bracelet level 3 There is a 7 day exp rune in the warehouse, and there are many exp scrolls/buff scrolls/pirate fruits on the warehouse. Gear left on the WL is karmian set, Top C jewel set, short spear and 1kk adena. Exp farmed 100% cleanly Can give away email account belonging to the ncsoft account or change the email on it to yours. Looking for 125$ . PM for info/offers. Have other thread on maxcheaters showing past trades, click profile. Can use middleman of your choosing as well.
  5. WTS on Skelth, Lineage 2 Classic ADENA Adena in stock: 800kk Price: 0.5€ per 1kk Adena has been farmed 100% legitimately. ITEMS Bellion Cestus +12: 200€ Bellion Cestus +10: 100€ Lance +11: 100€ Dark Crystal set unsealed +4333 : 120€ All weapons have +Crit. Rate augments. Characters: Arcana Lord level 77 : 150€ If you're interested send me a DM on MXC or Skype: perrine.xox Destroyer lvl 60 SOLD Warcryer lvl 56 SOLD Bishop lvl 66 SOLD Elemental Summoner lvl 60 SOLD Prophet lvl 58 SOLD Dark Avenger lvl 60 SOLD