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  1. my set would have been completed already if i found one on this server.
  2. As what the title says... please pm me for price. Tnx a lot
  3. As what the title says... Genuine buyer here with excellent reputation. Thanks a lot.
  4. hi sir, can i ask for your skype info pls? tnx a lot

    i would like to buy adena if possible. tnx

  5. Hi Everyone, I would like sell all of my gears in skelth at a very affordable/reasonable prices. Refined Ant Queen Ring- Sold Refined Ring of Core - Refined Orfen Earring - Talisman of Insolence lvl 6 - Ghoul Staff +8 with Wild Magic lvl 2 Augmentation - BW Light Set +6 - Karmian Set +6 - Sold Characters: Heirophant lvl 77.25-78 with 2.2b Xp scrolls in use - 240eu SWS lvl 64.55 - 60 eu 2mos subs BD lvl 71 with 800kk Scrolls - 75 eu 2mos sub All characters have decent gears to withstand daily grind and light pvp. RFS: Server Transfer If u are interested, please leave your skype or other communication info. I have a flawless record/reputation in skelth, it's up to u if u want to use a middleman to proceed with the transaction.
  6. as what the title says... Please pm me your offer/price and i'l get in touch with u when i am back online. I pay well. Tnx
  7. Hi everyone, Arcana Lord Lvl 78 @ 5% with TOI 4 - 180 eu Hawkeye lvl 61 with lvl 47 Sorc on the same acct. - 30eu I am happy to trade these characters with other toons if the offer is decent... Thanks a lot
  8. Selling the remaining extra Characters. PlainsWalker lvl 72 with 52 TK - 60 EU Hawkeye lvl 61 with lvl 46 Sorc - 30 eu SOLD Lvl 77 TK Lvl 57 Prophet Lvl 54 SE
  9. Plains Walker Lvl 72.8 with lvl 54 Temple Knight on same acct (Lvl 4 Bracelet) - 75 eu Hawkeye Lvl 61.8 with lvl 46 sorc on same acct - 40 eu Prophet Lvl 57.7 - 65 eu Shillen Elder Lvl 54 - 30 eu Eva's Templar lvl 77 Sold All chars are naked but with good reputation... i am also open for any trade or adena offers if possible. RFS: Too many characters to maintain.. My reputation on this forum is top notch and it's up to u if u will use a middleman for any proceeding transactions. Thanks a lot. :)
  10. Pls pm me your skype info or the price of your toon I pay fairly. :)
  11. Hi, Please pm me the prices of the following toons... EE 74, BD 69 and WC 73. Tnx