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  1. L2Centos hosted on Windows 7 Home edition by Bill Gateway .. rofl. GI and HF. 500+ online? Mobs? hahah +6 max in Olympiad lol.. make it +4 max. D-grade for Olympiad ROFL .! Best server never! GL with your testing project! (How can you get 500+ online when there are 90% server owners and admins on Maxcheaters?! ) rofl.
  2. Best wipe romanian gaypsy created by ladies for ladies, badaboom dwarves clan, deleted and uninstalled wiped ever, ROFL AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SERVER! Grand Crusade on Windows 7 Home PC Ultimate skin. Good Job romansky people. Romania negrii mici si tuciurei.
  3. Lovely Aden (Created by ladies?!) WTF lol hahah. "14 year old skiddo Windoze 7 home PC uninstall delete latino fail servidore vaya con dios rofl". Best offline server ever 1 week max. wipe often by all. lol Good Job and Good luck with your server .. lol.
  4. "Olympiad Enchant +6 " ? Are you serious?! Much better if you remove weapons at all in Oly.. Hahahaha. Max +6 in Olympiad.. ROFL! GL lol
  5. Yes, go and play .. Non-stop playing till you... hahah
  6. L2jpdt compiled repack? hahah It is hosted on his Windows 7 PC. lol and GL.
  7. wtf?! malakas.. rofl. worst than ever.. typically latino server or russian nerds lol, rofl GL anyway .!.
  8. "Same system than on Classic. We using GF Client downgraded to interlude. L2OFF PTS Official files." LoL. Same system than on Classic but with GF client to Interlude.. tfck is this crap?! haha Soo I must install H5 to play on Interlude GF server or wtf, cause I can't understand hahaha. GL anyway.
  9. Max online: 5 For God's Sake.. Still playing Interlude with your i7 PCs in 2019?! .. the answer is: Probably not.. hahah .. but GL with your no #15.879.978 just another IL server.
  10. Rofl! ... you have spawned all the fckng NPCs in Giran town, game client textures changed in prop. of 99% .. totally mess.. Garbage in my opinion. btw.. imagine players p.atk at +50 enchant. Hahah New custom weapon - Virus! rofl! You can add more sh1t like Spiderman, Batman, Hulk and SubZero armors hahaha.. GL with your server !.
  11. **** There is and will be always differences between old chronicles like C4, Interlude, Gracia Final, Epilogue and new chronicles like Freya, High Five and all GoD chronicles.. and the biggest difference and most important one is that ..THE fuckin ENGINE and all effects from game, yeah.. the new ones are faster, way better and smoothly, bugless and well balanced !! Try and you'll see .. that difference exist. Good Luck with your project and your 20 year old chronicle. Haha
  12. Hi everyone, I just need the textures and other files which are needed for this mob "Failed Creation" for Nursery Instance from GoD chronicle and above. Mob image: *** I'll need the mob textures for Freya CT 2.5 chronicle !! Thanks in advance.
  13. and most unbalanced (lack of element, only 1 line of attrib. element) or unfinished (uncompleted) if you use L2Jserver. L2Off it is way better. In my opinion all old chronicles are sh1t, unbalanced and uncompleted and boring because of lack of content, for example: Gracia continent without all Seeds, SoA without Istina and Nursery Instance.. and soo on. That why there is only max. 2 months servers, not enough content. It is 2019 not 2009-2011. Grand Crusade from L2JUnity is the best I think.
  14. Good server. I recommend this L2Mordor.
  15. This is .. hahahah, you're funny. You forgot about oceans and players latency... you'll have laag anyway. The idea is that you can't have players from both regions .. no matter what.