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  1. lol question.. Retail L2Off from NCZoft .. want it too? xD
  2. You kidding, right? .cz with 1500 online (1000 shops + 300 bots + 50 real players) .. maybe 150 online .. some user here in forum said that you have 5 online.. is that true? I can't see because website is not loading.. Is your website still available? GL.
  3. Same E-global server... over and over.. they're just trying hard.. you have on both websites same GF x7 server .. 80% russians and 20% romanians. Open 100000 servers but what for? For money? You can't get donations from bots but of course you can spend your money in buying votes on hopzone, topzone and other russian topsites. GL and HF! No, ty.
  4. This is a crappy L2 server which was opened by L2 eglobal and Lineage2dex.. what a fail... bots and fake online players, nothing new. They WIPE Gracia Final every year "once in a year" lol. What's the point in playing and losing items every year?..
  5. Really I want to help you, but what I can't understand is that you have your gameserver on your local machine with Windows, right? But why to connect as remote on your localhost? Anyway in case if you want to connect remotely then check your .cnf file there you'll see a localhost restriction .. just comment that restriction to allow remote connections and that's all.
  6. I bet that you're using it from Windows, yeah, that's explain everything. Windows, Putty and Navicat.. lol. I just tried to help you to switch back to Linux, HeidiSQL and Terminal, but nevermind go with Bill you deserve eachother. haha.. @Kara` < No comments! P.S. Don't be shitty programmer with a handicap, Windows is for users and all programs which are running on Windows, forget Windows and sh1t. Use Linux in everything. .. but nevermind you're free to use whatever you like. Is not my business. Sorry for my partially offtipic. I forgot to ask you smtg, your gamserver is hosted on Linux or Windows? Try to allow your IP address from server firewall.
  7. 1.Another Linux Ubuntu wannabe user :P 2. Still using Navicat FFS! Have you heard about HeidiSQL? 3. At for MySQL just keep the default 50 db connections otherwise with 200, 400 or even more you'll have big problems :)) ..there is a reason in that keeping the "default" values. 4. GL & HF! ;)
  8. Creating eCommerce, corporate, gaming or whatever website in max. 5 or even 7 days IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.. (except if he copy/paste some copyrighted designs already done or by using free web templates from internet :P ) ..another important thing is that this word "users" is not exist on this forum.. maybe "cheaters", yes. Even if you're a customer or whatever you are, you're just a "cheater". Keep in mind that this forum MxC is based on cheaters, scammers, hackers and trolls :) Live with that.. @Coolness Have you ever heard about Material Design or new web designs 2018 or even responsive? :) Your web designs are soo 1999 and mostly for russian clients :P Copy/paste same shiny buttons from one design to another will not make you smarter or different than any other amateur web designer.. ..just take these words to the heart and keep searching on google for new trends in web design. I'm a web designer too with more than 8 years of experience and I know what I'm talking about..
  9. @Blue305 Ty Raid Boss Drop Rates were increased from 3x to 5x until 15 january 2019! https://legendary.lineage2scarlet.com/ Your Best Lineage 2 GRACIA FINAL server! 3 oct. 2018 and 15 jan. 2019 CoL (Coin of Luck) are droppable from following Raid Bosses and Grand Bosses: Queen Ant, Baium, Antharas, Valakas and Frintezza. https://legendary.lineage2scarlet.com/
  10. True. Another good H5 server. Old and stable one. Keep up the good work!
  11. .. that's true, maybe the best one, I know when it was lineage2media from Gracia Final, Epilogue, High Five.. now Lineage2Ertheia.. Good server and stable from years...
  12. One of the most stable IL server from all those orher crappy IL servers.. Nice server and keep the good work!
  13. LOL! You're the only one hater here skiddie. Good luck with your server, but I doubt and I really don't care if you get any player on 6 oct. 2018 because you don't deserve to have players with such attitude... .!.
  14. That's true. Keep the Lineage 2 as it is. They want to play Lineage 2 and not some other shitty custom crap which it looks like Lineage 2 .. They want to farm, raiding (PvE), PvP, Olympiad games, TvT, .. and a lot of instances and open world bosses.. as an example just look at the dmn Lineage 2: Revolution.. Good Luck anyway !.