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  1. I really don't give a sh1t about you and your retarded answers lol... Rest in pieces .. ..and about your grand opening ... Nobody will come... I doubt that someone will play on your crappy server.
  2. WOW! I said that you're an idiot.., let me search my posts ... well .. guess what? NO! But you ... you said that more than two times... and now you're acting like one :) I didn't say anything bad about you (like you're an idiot, go fuck yourself, middle finger, asshole) but you couldn't resist to say all that words LOL! :) What kind of people/users are here on MAXCHEATERS website?! *** With such attitude YES.. you'll never get real players and what you'll get will be more WIPES. Have a nice fckin' day.
  3. 2 years of wipes... every month? "NEW GRAND OPENING 15/08/2020." Ok, enjoy your "crap" ... 19 votes from 22k followers on FB :) 123 L2RAPTORxp: 15 sp: 15 drop: 10 Interlude BEST 15X INTERLUDE SERVER EVER!<br /> CRAFT~FARM~PVP<br /> NO BUGS~NO BOTS~NO PAY TO WIN<br /> SERVER IS MADE FOR SOLO + CLAN PLAYERS 2018-05-02 06:34 PM19
  4. You mad bro?! :)) lol. DO you really have players on this crap? "Starting player location is in Primeval" ... Read this: "SMARTGUARD + IN GAME CAPTCHA + BOT CHECKS BY ADMIN:IMMEDIATE IP BAN FOR BOTTING, CHEATINGDELETE ALL CHARACTERS ASSOCIATED WITH IP"
  5. website isn't loading... just another scam and no SSL. Forever dead... :) Opening for 1 week and saying that it was online for 10 years... c'mon GET A FCKN' JOB!
  6. lol with this dev ... he works hard for adena :) Get a real job if you're skilled with JAVA, C#, C++ instead of wasting your time with L2 servers and skiddies ... srsly!
  7. Yes. Hahaha... Open your MySQL connection on private and not on public. You get too many connections to MySQL server.
  8. l2tenkai.com Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details. (27)
  9. L2Jmobius, L2jfrozen, l2 aCis, l2j Orion, etc.
  10. He wants to open a new server L2 TALES H5 SCARLET 15x similar to Lineage 2 SCARLET 15x Freya and Lineage 2 Essence SCARLET ... Owner of L2 TALES is money grabber and scammer... and who knows maybe tomorrow this Vercetti and Co. will try to open a new l2 server with your server name haha.
  11. What's wrong with SMF forum engine? It's one of the most stable and secure forum. Better SMF forum or PHPBB, MyBB than any crappy nulled forum software like XenForo, IPB or VBulletin. *** For example: As you have on lineage2.gold LOL! I doubt that you have license for your IPB copy :) As you can see from your source where IPSfocus line is commented also :) It is not recommended to use NULLED forum software because of security and a lot of vulnerabilities... Well ... Trance consider updating your IPB because... https://invisioncommunity.com/legal/piracy/ <li class='ipsfocusCop
  12. 1. This > l3tenkai lol 2. Helios chronicle, really? 3. Good Luck