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  1. Vercetti is nab! L2Tales H5 server is max. 2 -3 months and guess what? Server is closed! There are hundreds of L2J H5 servers ... 90% full of bots and L2Tales is one of them!
  2. Yes. Hahaha... Open your MySQL connection on private and not on public. You get too many connections to MySQL server.
  3. Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details. (27)
  4. L2Jmobius, L2jfrozen, l2 aCis, l2j Orion, etc.
  5. He wants to open a new server L2 TALES H5 SCARLET 15x similar to Lineage 2 SCARLET 15x Freya and Lineage 2 Essence SCARLET ... Owner of L2 TALES is money grabber and scammer... and who knows maybe tomorrow this Vercetti and Co. will try to open a new l2 server with your server name haha.
  6. What's wrong with SMF forum engine? It's one of the most stable and secure forum. Better SMF forum or PHPBB, MyBB than any crappy nulled forum software like XenForo, IPB or VBulletin. *** For example: As you have on LOL! I doubt that you have license for your IPB copy :) As you can see from your source where IPSfocus line is commented also :) It is not recommended to use NULLED forum software because of security and a lot of vulnerabilities... Well ... Trance consider updating your IPB because... <li class='ipsfocusCopyright'><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><!-- IPS Theme</a> by <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">IPSFocus</a>--></li> <p id='elCopyright'> <span id='elCopyright_userLine'></span> </p>
  7. Refused? Refused to play or what? lol
  8. 1. This > l3tenkai lol 2. Helios chronicle, really? 3. Good Luck
  9. Why no different chronicle? I mean having same chronicle PoW but different rates is like OMG 2 weeks/wipe or one will be closed... I bet that both are L2 Mobius free edition, right?
  10. 1. That's Ray from L2Flash? :) 2. I'm looking for a Mid-Rate GoD server ;) Ty anyway. 3. GL with your HB server! It looks too old but who knows maybe there you'll find some addicted HB players.
  11. You kidding right?! Keeping a server for about 4 months is ... Stop creating 2-4 months L2 servers for donations or whatever you get, you'll get only sh1t. Starting an L2 private server is not about getting donations .. it is about long-term fun but you and like many other rtrds from this community .. you just want to create 2-4 months L2 servers which is pointless, you just wasting your time and other players time. GL! :)
  12. In this thread is only Undergames and Doomus. How can you tell that crap with 1500+ online ?! Yeah.. probably the lot of bots in your history and offline shops. GL !..
  13. Make it x100 ... it will be enough for a max. 2 months server :)) GL!
  14. Still dead also.. Error 522 Ray ID: 5031b92aebaaac94 • 2019-08-08 13:09:11 UTC Connection timed out
  15. It looks dead .. :) This site can’t be reached! I think there's no chance to keep an L2 server without donations.. Hardware is too expensive even if you host it on your home PC Just stay dead and spend your money on ICE cream, It's summer time! :)