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  1. 1. That's Ray from L2Flash? :) 2. I'm looking for a Mid-Rate GoD server ;) Ty anyway. 3. GL with your HB server! It looks too old but who knows maybe there you'll find some addicted HB players.
  2. You kidding right?! Keeping a server for about 4 months is ... Stop creating 2-4 months L2 servers for donations or whatever you get, you'll get only sh1t. Starting an L2 private server is not about getting donations .. it is about long-term fun but you and like many other rtrds from this community .. you just want to create 2-4 months L2 servers which is pointless, you just wasting your time and other players time. GL! :)
  3. In this thread is only Undergames and Doomus. How can you tell that crap with 1500+ online ?! Yeah.. probably the lot of bots in your history and offline shops. GL !..
  4. Make it x100 ... it will be enough for a max. 2 months server :)) GL!
  5. Still dead also.. Error 522 Ray ID: 5031b92aebaaac94 • 2019-08-08 13:09:11 UTC Connection timed out
  6. It looks dead .. :) This site can’t be reached! I think there's no chance to keep an L2 server without donations.. Hardware is too expensive even if you host it on your home PC Just stay dead and spend your money on ICE cream, It's summer time! :)
  7. L2Centos hosted on Windows 7 Home edition by Bill Gateway .. rofl. GI and HF. 500+ online? Mobs? hahah +6 max in Olympiad lol.. make it +4 max. D-grade for Olympiad ROFL .! Best server never! GL with your testing project! (How can you get 500+ online when there are 90% server owners and admins on Maxcheaters?! ) rofl.
  8. Best wipe romanian gaypsy created by ladies for ladies, badaboom dwarves clan, deleted and uninstalled wiped ever, ROFL AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SERVER! Grand Crusade on Windows 7 Home PC Ultimate skin. Good Job romansky people. Romania negrii mici si tuciurei.
  9. Lovely Aden (Created by ladies?!) WTF lol hahah. "14 year old skiddo Windoze 7 home PC uninstall delete latino fail servidore vaya con dios rofl". Best offline server ever 1 week max. wipe often by all. lol Good Job and Good luck with your server .. lol.
  10. "Olympiad Enchant +6 " ? Are you serious?! Much better if you remove weapons at all in Oly.. Hahahaha. Max +6 in Olympiad.. ROFL! GL lol
  11. Yes, go and play .. Non-stop playing till you... hahah
  12. L2jpdt compiled repack? hahah It is hosted on his Windows 7 PC. lol and GL.
  13. wtf?! malakas.. rofl. worst than ever.. typically latino server or russian nerds lol, rofl GL anyway .!.
  14. "Same system than on Classic. We using GF Client downgraded to interlude. L2OFF PTS Official files." LoL. Same system than on Classic but with GF client to Interlude.. tfck is this crap?! haha Soo I must install H5 to play on Interlude GF server or wtf, cause I can't understand hahaha. GL anyway.
  15. Max online: 5 For God's Sake.. Still playing Interlude with your i7 PCs in 2019?! .. the answer is: Probably not.. hahah .. but GL with your no #15.879.978 just another IL server.