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  1. Hi everyone, I just need the textures and other files which are needed for this mob "Failed Creation" for Nursery Instance from GoD chronicle and above. Mob image: *** I'll need the mob textures for Freya CT 2.5 chronicle !! Thanks in advance.
  2. and most unbalanced (lack of element, only 1 line of attrib. element) or unfinished (uncompleted) if you use L2Jserver. L2Off it is way better. In my opinion all old chronicles are sh1t, unbalanced and uncompleted and boring because of lack of content, for example: Gracia continent without all Seeds, SoA without Istina and Nursery Instance.. and soo on. That why there is only max. 2 months servers, not enough content. It is 2019 not 2009-2011. Grand Crusade from L2JUnity is the best I think.
  3. Good server. I recommend this L2Mordor.
  4. This is .. hahahah, you're funny. You forgot about oceans and players latency... you'll have laag anyway. The idea is that you can't have players from both regions .. no matter what.
  5. wrong, there are 3.5k bots on their website.. but it is long-term hehe Playinera at summer is offline till october on next season, maybe they're afraid of bots too haha or they really want to save some electricity on home server?
  6. L2Toxic .. more than 8 years, same L2OFF files.. CT2.3 not Epilogue full of custom events starting as seasons from october till april every year, lol. But nvm good luck with your 2-3 months server.. Lineage2ertheia, GC chronicle at least 5 years, and I bet there are few more long-term servers.. . and L2shrine is good and pretty stable with same CT2.4, .. I don't want to mention here all of them but there are a lot of L2servers even on same chronicle, CT2.3 or CT2.4
  7. LoL custom mobs in Seed of Destruction... hahaha You know what?! Entire server is customised as Hell.. Enjoy it! If I remember .. this is that L2 server which is WIPED or shutting down every year for a new season.. !
  8. Check HopZone and TopZone .. max. 8 votes. There is L2Toxic with 3k bots online... Gracia Final servers are 90% dead chronicles. I recommend you to start with Interlude or High Five. See L2Alendria, there are ONLY dead L2 GF servers.. Your chances are 0 to get some players on such chronicle. ..and what's the point in having Gracia continent without Seed of Annihilation ? Again a big minus in that. Best chronicles are Interlude, High Five, Grand Crusade and Classic. Start with one of these chronicles if you want more than 20 online players :P <---- Just an advice..
  9. Interesting ... Few questions about your Freya server.. It is Freya CT2.5 right and not downgraded from High Five CT2.6? Do you have Freya Raid with all quests and stages? Do you have Seed of Infinity, Seed of Destruction (all stages) + Heart of Immortality with Ekimus Raid and Cohemenes Instances? Do you have all working quests in Seed of Annihilation available? Do you have full Hellbound with all levels, mobs, quests, towers and raids (Epidos, Beleth)? It is working with Java 1.8? ..and custom requests can you add Nursery Instance and Istina Raid on Freya chronicle? :) I need for a retail low-rate Freya server. Ty
  10. What you got? Windows or Linux as your OS? Take Linux Ubuntu ... FTW! And.. btw you don't need to install Eclipse on the server machine or any remote connection program. You'll need only: IP address SSH (use custom port for SSH and change the default one) ..and Terminal (if you have Linux on your PC or Putty if you have Windows). Don't forget to add your ports to their OVH Firewall. ..that's all you need. P.S. If you got Windows for your server then is ... crap, can't help you. :)
  11. LoL, tfck, read their release date Start date: 8:00 pm GMT+3 February 22, you recommend what?! :))) I give them 2-3 months.. max. .. another russian GF wannabe server.
  12. Connecting with Salvation on a crappy L2J H5 server.. ntz ntz .. wake up wankers...tfck is wrong with you ?! :))) .. and another phrase from this battleclub crap.. are occupied by separate people (there is no cereal in my head) Worked out the balance of classes (he himself is in shock, but it works) lolkidz.. :)) russians alert!
  13. lol question.. Retail L2Off from NCZoft .. want it too? xD