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  1. On sale by copy. Finished design 99$ for psd
  2. got a misunderstanding. I sent the money to the card to my friend, and he had to send the money back sotid. But he forgot to do it and it turned out such a story. We figured out sotid, I have no complaints about him and he has me too
  3. i maked for you few version, and after, you write here this message. You have earned money back, what do you want from me? All times i sent you changes. All times i answer you. Why you think about me what i scammer? I have some diffucult period in my life but every time i sent you new changes you sent me new. Moderator, please delete this message. This guy have files and he got money back. I don't scammer.
  4. New design! Copies cost 99$ Copies cost 89$
  5. New design for world of warcraft server, cost 159$
  6. Hi everyone, new template to sell - copies cost 119$
  7. Hi everyone, in this topic i posting all designes on sale. skype - telegram - @coolnessweb email - 1st design - copies cost 99$ 2nd design - copies cost 135$ 3rd design - copies cost 80$
  8. This guy is child. I did not break the terms of the deal. I was have 2 days from 5 to finish work