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  1. K so I have this goddess suits on my h5 server we manage to add them some stat like elegia armors but when we equip this suits we cant equip a weapon we have and .dressme on server but that option allow u to choose just from the existing armors from server any one can help us to fix this? 1) to fix equip weapon with suits 2)add this suits like aprearance on server I think the beter wey is to add this suits to .dressme command
  2. Hi guys I ned some server dev work on my server is about some goddess suits
  3. Trusted seller and very god person... lately is very hard to find members like MaGa on this forum I mean trusted and skilled and always there to give u a hand when you need...THX Again MaGa ...good luck with your sales
  4. I already do that so if I make some mestake I don't know where It is...I mean I do all what my knowledge allow that why I ask for help but thx anyways
  5. Hi guys some 1 can help me to add some dragon weapons on my homemade h5 test server pls?I already add them but when I spawn i cant see them in my inventory money can be involved to i think I ned a loot of dev work for my server and maybe for the web site to... my Skype is l2gladiator {maximus Toledo}
  6. Hi guys i am LF unlimited boxes for some one can help me pls?...thx