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  1. Make sure firewall is disabled (or add rules if you know how to). Add your IP into l2.ini Add your IP into IPConfig.xml All done. If you still having problems, let us know :)
  2. Instead of locking/deleting the topic, i have added the credits to @Tryskell. Please next time, before posting, read section's rules.
  3. Locked. Please read section rules before posting.
  4. Διοτι εδω και κατι χρονια (5+ νομιζω) εχουν σταματησει να χρησιμοποιουν SVN repositories. Χρησιμοποιουν git repositories πλεον. https://bitbucket.org/account/user/l2jserver/projects/L2J
  5. Δοκιμασε κατι πιο καινουργιο.
  6. Τι eclipse χρησιμοποιείς? Κατέβασε το τελευταίο eclipse και μετα απο το marketplace κανε εγκατάσταση το subclipse. Η τουλαχιστον δοκίμασε.
  7. Actually, you can not do that from server-side. It is a client thing.
  8. There are other mobs with heals for sure. Try to find one and copy the code/skill id.
  9. Actually not. It is free, as long as you check your e-mail and confirm that you use it.
  10. I will drop one question. How many new people (12y.o) do you think they start l2 worldwide daily? Maybe 2? 3?4? Not more. And whh would they? MMO games are not trending like they used to be, and if they were, who would pick a 00's game?
  11. My eyes have never faced l2j forzen, but i guess there is gotta be a client packet for skill enchant. You can search it and give a check to its functionality. As far as i remember, the packet is called RequestEnchantSkill.java or something. Search your client packets. I am pretty sure you will be guided.