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  1. [L2J] L2Pharos 30x

    Well...we had some good moments in Pharos back in the days. I wish you the best :)
  2. Βρισκεις το ID της αρμορ. Ανοιγεις τα stat της αρμορ (XML Files). Βρισκεις το ID απο το σκιλλ της αρμορ. Πας στα στατς του σκιλλ και κανεις οτι θες. data/stats/skills...
  3. Would You Join A Freya Server?

    depends the rates. Freya pvp servers were the best.
  4. I was glad to answer the poll :) Nice to see you are really tryin...Good luck
  5. Update protection currently is not available cause of client part damn it
  6. I can handle botters with proper economy system/gameplay. I am stucking in what Sweets sayin. This is my fear. I don't care for bot farm at all. I care for pvp scripts (like anti backstab) and for other kind of "hacks" that will make the server unstable. I want my server stable. Bot farmers dont affect that....
  7. Configurable Solo Zone System.

    Bump (i dont know how to bump it from phone :P)
  8. Well, im pretty confident i can make the difference. I had 2 servers in the past with a lot of people each that lasted a while(pvp servers). I know how to atract players with the right way. My main concern is this whole thing with antibot. Im low on budget. No matter how confident i am, we are talking about l2 community so i know that u can never be sure. Anyway can i ask what other programs @Sweets? Also will l2sguard do the job? This guy seems legit. P.s: i was never planning to buy smartguard.
  9. Do u any idea if they are being used a lot? For instance, if 1/20 people have it, i am ok with that.
  10. So there are scripts (let's say for adrenaline) that gives you the opportunity to farm pvps? I am referring to a PvP server. I don't care for bot farm...I just care for all the other stuff. Back in the days everyone was using l2tower with pvp suite anti-backstab and things like this. So, the main question is....are there still such scripts out there?
  11. Hi there. What would be the risks of opening a server without anti bot? What are the problems except bot-farming? I have been missing for some years now, and i see that adrenaline is used by a lot of people. What does a bot program do nowadays?