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  1. Hello there, today i have decided that i would like to sell a fully configurable solo zone system. Code is written to L2J High Five, but it is very easy to be adapted in order to work in rest High Five packs (Sunrise, etc...), or even for Interlude packs (Frozen, aCis, etc...). In case you have no idea what a solo zone refers to, it's an auto-flag zone where players may enter without a party and fight other players alone. Code uses an independent .properties(solozone.properties) file for its configs to prevent the mess in your configs. This code gives you the option to have either the solo zone always opened, either in specific hours of the day for specific duration in case you wanna restrict players from being there 24/7. Making your own solo zone will take you about 5 minutes or less and everyone can do it. Take a look at this: <!-- Catacomb of dark Omens --> <zone name="Solo Zone" id="655" type="SoloZone" shape="NPoly" minZ="-5694" maxZ="-4194"> <node X="-23679" Y="12072" /> <node X="-7704" Y="12732" /> <node X="-7726" Y="24753" /> <node X="-23128" Y="24344" /> </zone> Voila! Dark omens will be a solo zone now. Now let's take a look closer to the configs i have added to this code. Config #1(On enter message): Config #2(PvP Score): Config #3(Rewards): Config #4(Restrict Rewards): Config #5(Spawn Options): Config #6(Schedule): Config #7(Restrict classes): Config #8(Buffs): Config #9(General Restricts): Config #10(Anonymity): That's all. In case you want to add something, you can just let me know. In case you have problems installing the code, i am here to provide you support (via Skype). Paypal Price: 10€ Paysafe Price: 10€ Customers untill now: L2SPLINTER, AnotherPerson , L2Vehiron (Adapted to Gracia Final in less than an hour), Sinister Smile Servers used this system: L2Aeron, L2Crimson, L2Craze, L2Sonic. Contact me via (Click the icon): Available for: High Five, Interlude. Can Be Adapted To: Everything. Skype: knip.ex