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  1. I am not capable to modify binary data . . . Can you post it ready so I can add it plz?
  2. Is there a solution about it? Cause copy to usb doesn't work for me.
  3. Is there anything worth playing bot allowed atm? Summer is here so bot is the only option.
  4. For real 600-700 online you have to use a time machine and travel some years back . . . ROFLMAO!
  5. We are looking also for a 100% retail bot allowed server but l2 is dead nowdays . . . or they try to "lure" ppl by giving them free full buffs - mana pots - etc etc!
  6. Nothing good . . . ! Let's hope for something good after summer.
  7. Winter is here so we are looking for botting server to have some relaxed fun.
  8. Same bad owners of crap l2cosmos with bad files and bad setup,thats why already failed :) Looking for something new.
  9. Just for the sake of arguement who doesnt bot from start? Who is playing l2 in 2017 without bots in server's community since start? Till you find this kind of server you have no arguement :D So stop posting crap and off topic spam like a smarta.s.s just to raise your posts number :P
  10. I tried this server and except annoying russian has many other problems. 1st: no community 2nd: very bad files (some bugs I never saw before) 3rd: inactive GM team So there is no reason to play there, even if there is no other server available with bot allowed. The search is on :)
  11. Thx but full russian aint helping . . !
  12. Corrupted GMteam and kinda empty already ofc. Pathetic ppl opening another fail
  13. I dont see any info for new server except 1 announcement . . . homepage same? rates? time opening?