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  1. Hey! Sorry for my english, i use a translator 🤭 I am open for any orders in the field of design and graphics 😜 What can I do: - Create unique banner ads from scratch - Complete social media design (avatar, header, menu, etc.) - Design of contests, etc. - Redrawing banners - Design of posts for social networks and the forum - Graphic description of the server on the forum (see examples) - Correction of shortcomings of other designers - Change your banners, even if the template is lost - Any other design services If your service is not on the list, it doesn’t mean that I don’t do it. Feel free to write - we will discuss 🙂 I am always in touch and work without prepayment. The price is the best on the market, the terms are discussed personally (on average ~ no more than 24 hours) tg: aeroreoa click skype: live:.cid.8d2bdb0d23ea03d4 click discord: ke#5330 Some of my works: (cover for vk) (full vk design) (dynamic cover # 1) (dynamic cover # 2) (fun-redrawing other people's concepts) (server description from scratch) (various advertising banners for VK) (posts for forum and social networks + miscellaneous: p)