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  1. How much for bd character? Without items ?
  2. Hello, I will buy a proxy silder for l2jacis servers. When logging in to the server to be able to choose a proxy server. I read that there is such a possibility, even the possibility of a universal login server with the option of adding a proxy. If anyone can help offer at pm.
  3. I will buy complete files for the mid rate interlude server, or the second option high five pvp server, offers with a detailed description, and maybe send the price to pm. I am interested in purchasing the full server and source code
  4. New server team , New features in my opinion good. This Project its for long time.
  5. You're right, friend, it's a good idea. I could just develop files developed by aCis, but I will wait for the offers of our forum users, maybe someone has something interesting and saves some time.
  6. this is where the problem is, I've read about these files and they are pretty good.
  7. Hello all , wtb interlude server files like for mid rate server . Complete and work, economy etc. files based on acis or etc. Moderator please change topic prefix to WTB . I cant change bug :/ i send screen. Offer files please send to pm.