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  1. Thanks for advice, have any recommended L2OFF "base" pack ?
  2. Yes ofc. i know i still need hard work, i don't want buy files and next day open srv. :) I just want files with working all general things like quest, sieges, olympiad etc.
  3. Like topic say, i want buy files for low/mid srv. First of all files must have source code not only compiled. People who interested please PM me with info about pack, and if you have test srv to check it, will be nice, and ofc with price.
  4. I think you only have a choice between aCis and Lucera, if you want have source access take aCis but i think this project still need a lot of work to be stable and rdy for live srv. Lucera, i think is more rdy to open, but you don't have source, ofc you can ask dev and he make what you want, but source is always source :)
  5. I think if you have good files and skills, players will play no matter it will be x15 or x50 ;)
  6. PS4 bcs of exclusive games
  7. When ppl have free time :P